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Full name: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Area of interest: Society and politics (esp. race, multiculturalism and human rights)

Journals/Organisation: The Independent | Evening Standard

Email: yasmin@alibhai-brown.com

Personal website: http://www.alibhai-brown.com

Website: The Independent | Evening Standard


Representation: AP Watt

Networks: https://twitter.com/y_alibhai


About: http://www.alibhai-brown.com/about.php

Education: Kololo Senior Secondary School, Kampala, Uganda; Makerere University, Kampala; Linacre College, Oxford: Literature (M.Phil)

Career: Began by teaching adults, particularly immigrants and refugees, before becoming a journalist. Worked for New Society and then on the New Statesman magazine in the early 1980s...

Current position/role: Columnist, political commentator

  • also writes/written for: The Guardian, The Observer, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Daily Mail

Other roles/Main role: Author

Other activities:



Broadcast media: Regular broadcaster and a producer of documentaries for Channel 4 and the BBC; regular panel member of BBC's Question Time




  • Columnist of the Year, Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards 2011
  • BBC ASIA Award for achievement in writing, 1999
  • Commission for Racial Equality special award for outstanding contribution to journalism, 2000
  • EMMA Media Personality of the Year, 2000
  • Windrush Outstanding Merit award, 2000
  • Awarded an MBE for services to journalism, 2001
  • Final shortlist for the Rio Tinto prize for journalism, 2001
  • GG2 Leadership and Diversity award Media Personality of the Year, 2001
  • George Orwell Prize for political journalism, 2002
  • EMMA award for journalism, 2004


Other: Aunt of Farah Damji, controversial ex-publisher of British Asian magazine 'Another Generation'

Books & Debate:

  • Equal opportunities at work: race: a handbook for racial equality (with Kaushika Amin, Europe Singh) (1991) OCLC 27144455
  • Racism (with Colin Brown, 1992) OCLC 24754847
  • The new Europeans and the olde world order (with Paul Gordon) (1992) OCLC 27378694
From outside in Yasmin Aliibhai-brown.jpg
  • The Colour of Love: Mixed Race Relationships (with Anne Montague) (1992) OCLC 26353626
  • No Place Like Home (1995) OCLC 33476015
  • Black people and the criminal justice system (1995) OCLC 59474920
  • Working with ethnic minority elders: a guide for care workers (1996) OCLC 60285448
  • Hate Thy Neighbour (1998) OCLC 40746196
  • True Colours (1999) OCLC 49029846
  • After Multiculturalism (2000) OCLC 45496495
  • Who Do We Think We Are? Imagining the New Britain (2000) OCLC 46456259
  • Mixed Feelings: The Complex Lives of Mixed Race Britons (2001) OCLC 46847283
  • Some of My Best Friends Are... (2004) OCLC 56449023
  • From outside in: an anthology of writings by refugees on Britain and britishness (with Nushin Arbabzadah) (2007) OCLC 122953135

Latest work: The settler's cookbook: tales of love, migration and food OCLC467772698 New Ed. 2010




  • No regular column

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Evening Standard:

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Remit/Info: Society and politics - especially race, multiculturalism and human rights


Role: Columnist



Personal website:

Website: Standard.co / Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Commissioning editor:

Day published: Thursday

Regularity: Weekly

Column format:

Average length:

Articles: 2009

  • London needs to speak every language - or over half a million schoolchildren in Britain - one in seven - English is a second language. Middle England has reacted with shock to the new figures. Calm down, guys. Languages are a gift, not a disease - 19th March 2009
  • Stay calm and face down these Islamist boors - Trust me when I say that most of us British Muslims detest the fanatics who screamed at British soldiers parading in Luton this week even more than outraged non-Muslims do. We want the ground beneath them to open up - 12th March 2009
  • Pity poor mothers: the nanny always wins - Tory frontbencher Caroline Spelman must return the £10,000 she claimed from the public purse to pay her nanny in the late 1990s, who, apparently, also did secretarial work - 5th March 2009
  • Ivan’s lesson: look the disabled in the face - Ivan Cameron died yesterday, aged only six. He had cerebral palsy and epilepsy and couldn't move much or communicate, except I imagine his parents did... - 26th February 2009
  • Sisters are doing it to themselves - Stamping her well-heeled little feet, Sienna Miller whinges about the "sisterhood", more vicious to her than the universal brotherhood of sweetiepie men - "It is women who are holding us back. It is women who are doing the judging." - 19th February 2009
  • The reality TV show every parent must see - I flopped down on Tuesday night and turned on the telly. Channel 4 was broadcasting Girls and Boys Alone, a series I knew I would detest, as many have - 12th February 2009
  • Sorry, Carol – Auntie had to dump you - Carol Thatcher says she is baffled that a remark made by her in jest has caused such upset. The top brass at the BBC have decided that her services... - 5th February 2009
  • I’m over 50 but you ain’t seen nothing yet - The future is scary, especially for working women, who are losing jobs faster than men in the recession - 29th January 2009
  • Let's savour this moment while we can - Britons of colour were ecstatic on Tuesday. Some let rivers of joy run down their faces, some screamed out as if the hills and oceans needed to know... - 22nd January 2009
  • It's OK to play the colour card if you're posh - Quieten down, I say to those building up fresh outrage over Prince Charles and his polo buddy, Kolin Dhillon, aka "Sooty" - 15th January 2009
  • Tame London's 4x4 parking road hogs - Beautiful, countrified Richmond is home to many Londoners with huge, showy cars, slowly killing the place they love - 8th January 2009

Articles: 2008

News & updates:

  • How I exposed Stuart Hall's sex abuse. I have been waiting anxiously for this moment, the moment when Stuart Hall would either be found guilty or innocent of the sexual abuse of young girls, 3rd May 2013