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Full name: Will Hutton

Area of interest: British, European and international politics

Journals/Organisation: The Observer | The Guardian

Email: whutton@theworkfoundation.com

Personal website:

Website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/willhutton



Networks: https://twitter.com/#!/williamnhutton


About: "Will Hutton is the Principal of Hertford College, Oxford University. He is also the Chair of the Big Innovation Centre at The Work Foundation – the most influential voice on work, employment and organisation issues in the UK. Regularly called on to advise senior political and business figures and comment in the national and international media, Will is today one of the pre-eminent economics commentators in the country" - http://www.theworkfoundation.com/Aboutus/Our-People/58/Will-Hutton

Education: Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School; Bristol University: Sociology and Economics; INSEAD: MBA

Career: Began his career as a stockbroker and investment analyst, before working in BBC TV and radio as a producer and reporter. BBC Newsnight: economics editor, 1983/88; European Business Channel: editor in chief, 1988/90; The Guardian: economics editor, 1990/1996; The Observer: editor then editor-in-chief, 1996/2000

Current position/role: Columnist

Other roles/Main role:

Other activities:



Broadcast media:

Video: Crash - How the Banks Went Bust & How Long Will It Last?, Dispatches, Channel 4, April 2009


Awards/Honours: The Dispatches documentaries, Crash (see above), on the inside story of the financial crash and its aftershocks won a prestigious Wincott award for the best television coverage in 2009 of a topical business issue (The Wincott Foundation)


Other: Political Journalist of the Year award in 1993

Books & Debate:

  • The revolution that never was: an assessment of Keynesian economics OCLC12286197, 1986
  • The state we're in: why Britain is in crisis and how to overcome it OCLC32187827, 1995
  • The state to come OCLC59628076, 1997
  • The stakeholding society: writings on politics and economics OCLC40061241, 1998
  • Salvos and skirmishes: The state of our community OCLC60183340, 1998
  • On the edge: living with global capitalism OCLC42792489, (ed. with Anthony Giddens), 2000
  • Global capitalism OCLC , (ed. with Anthony Giddens), 2000
  • The world we're in OCLC48837254, 2002
  • A declaration of interdependence: why America should join the world OCLC51163494, 2003
  • The writing on the wall: China and the west in the 21st century OCLC 71807957, 2006
  • Creative apprenticeship OCLC155676580, 2007

Latest work: Them and Us - Why We Need a Fair Society OCLC458732613, October 2010. See: Can Britain ever be a fair society? - In his new book, Them and Us, the economist Will Hutton argues that it can – but only if the state reins in capitalism, Julian Glover, The Guardian


Current debate:Responses to Public sector senior pay plan unveiled by Will Hutton, 16th March 2011

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Remit/Info: British, European and international politics


Role: Columnist



Website: Guardian.co / Will Hutton

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Day published: Sunday

Regularity: Weekly

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