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Full name: Vivian Groskop

Area of interest: Society, culture, politics; Russia

Journals/Organisation: Evening Standard | The Observer


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Website: / Viv Groskop | / Viv Groskop



Networks:!/VivGroskop |





Current position/role: columnist

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Viewpoints/Insight: Why Peter's still the greatest: Viv Groskop fell for St Petersburg's eccentric ways when she lived there 10 years ago. As the city gears up for its 300th birthday celebrations she returns to find that some things never change - The Observer, 25th May 2003

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Video: regular appearances on TV and radio as a cultural and political commentator





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Remit/Info: Society, culture, gender and women's issues


Role: commentator



Website: / Viv Groskop

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Day published: Thursday

Regularity: Weekly

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  • We need a woman at the top – bring - Until this week I ignored Harriet Harman's existence. Because every time I saw her, I found something out about her that made me like her less. But desperate times call for desperate measures. And after years of steering clear of Harman, I'm coming round to thinking she should be our leader - 5th March 2009
  • Really, how can being out of a job be 'liberating'? - When men started appearing at the school gate in increasing numbers, I thought I was imagining things. Then I realised: it's the recession, stupid - 19th February 2009
  • We smug marrieds are ahead of the game - Maybe I'm just feeling sentimental because it's my wedding anniversary on Saturday (nine years). But has there ever been a better time to be married? There certainly couldn't be a worse time to break up - 12th February 2009
  • Don’t blame middle class for Britain’s learning gap - Should I feel posh — and guilty — just because I went to university? This week it emerged that universities have been told to ignore the new A* grade at A-level on application forms, to avoid bulking up numbers with pesky middle-class over-achievers - 5th February 2009
  • My tip for the crunch: just don’t mention it - For weeks I have been wondering just how widespread the recession can be if I don't actually know anyone who has been made redundant. Then suddenly this week, in the space of a few hours, I heard of three economic casualties. Including one rather too close to home - 29th January 2009
  • Glamour lite is my new way to beat the big chill - The editor of a fashion glossy tells me she is torn between two extremes in the current climate: escapism and realism. "Should a magazine acknowledge the recession? Or should we be a place where people can get away from it?" my friend asked me the other day. "And what if," she whispered, "people stop wanting designer labels?" - 22nd January 2009
  • I owe it to my grandfather not to join the rush to Aldi - Thanks to my grandad, a proud Thatcherite grocer from Amersham, I have always been something of an expert on price comparison. I'm also a food snob. I was taught always to buy the best you can afford. But how do you define that in a recession? - 15th January 2009
  • These maps of offences in your area are a real crime - They say community spirit is dead. But on my street in Teddington people really do look out for each other. One of my neighbours, for example, recently reported me to the police for parking five centimetres over their driveway. People are big on vigilance around here - 8th January 2009

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