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Full name: Victor Mallet

Area of interest: Spain; Sailing

Journals/Organisation: Financial Times


Personal website:

Website: FT.Com / Victor Mallet


Representation: The Insight Bureau

Networks:!/vjmallet |



Education: Oxford University: English language and literature

Career: Twenty years at the FT, covering Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Escaped from Kuwait in 1990, being one of the few foreign correspondents present as Iraq invaded

Current position/role: Madrid bureau chief

  • also writes/has written for:

Other roles/Main role: Has written editorials, columns and feature articles. Also wrote a regular column on sailing and yachting.

Other activities:



Broadcast media:



Awards/Honours: Society of Publishers in Asia award for opinion writing, 2005, also 2006



Books & Debate:

The Trouble With Tigers Victor Mallet.jpg
  • The Trouble with Tigers: the rise and fall of South-East Asia OCLC40755272, 1999

(read a review by Philip Bowring, International Herald Tribune)

Latest work:


Current debate:

Financial Times:

Column name:

Remit/Info: Asia-Pacific: Business, economics, politics, security

Section: Comment

Role: Commentator, Asia Editor - editorial, features, comment



Website: FT.Com / Victor Mallet

Commissioning editor:

Day published: Thursday

Regularity: Varies

Column format:

Average length: 850 words

Articles: 2016

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Articles: 2008

  • Outside Edge: Sex, drink and Benidorm’s heritage - An application by the mass-market Spanish seaside resort to get on to Unesco’s world heritage list is not as daft as it seem - 29th November 2008
  • Mutually assured destruction in cyberspace - The crisis in Georgia reminds us that a new style of warfare – potentially as devastating as earlier forms – is almost upon us: cyberwar - 21st August 2008
  • Free the Olympic spirit, detained in China - Provision of the hard infrastructure has been exemplary, but on the ‘soft’ side Beijing has been a disappointment - 23rd July 2008
  • American candidates ignore Asia at their peril - As home to over half the world’s people and many of its conflicts, Asia has a habit of mugging unwary US presidents - 11th July 2008
  • American candidates ignore Asia at their peril - Barack Obama and John McCain, the US presidential candidates, should understand better than most why Asia is important to any incumbent of the White House - 11th June 2008
  • The downside of joining the superpower club - China is feeling some of the political heat that has been directed exclusively at the US since the end of the Soviet Union - 14th May 2008
  • A modest proposal for preventing world famine - You do not need to be a neo-Malthusian to worry about the demands of a global population rising by 80m a year - 16th April 2008
  • The rebalance of power - The west is approaching Asia’s return to economic pre-eminence with cautious optimism - 31st May 2008
  • Malaysian lessons for authoritarians - Eventually, the impact of this month’s election will reach beyond business and the narrow issue of racial preferences - 19th May 2008
  • Malaysian lessons for authoritarians - Two very different uprisings, one in Tibet and one in Malaysia, have exposed the ethnic and political tensions that often seethe beneath the calm surface of Asia’s successful economies - 19th March 2008
  • FT Interview: Nguyen Tan Dung - Amy Kazmin, the FT’s South-East Asia Correspondent, and Victor Mallet, Asia Editor, interviewed Nguyen Tan Dung, Vietnam’s Prime minister. Below is an edited transcript of their interview - 2nd March 2008
  • Why China should not fear open debate - There is a more vibrant discussion of Chinese topics – whether Darfur, democracy or dirty air – in London or Paris than there is in Beijing or Shanghai - 21st February 2008
  • Intransigent face of the Chinese superpower - It is remarkable how China the selfish superpower is fading from public view. In its place comes China the peacemaker and potential saviour of the faltering world economy - 23rd January 2008

Financial Times: on Sailing

Column name:

Remit/Info: Sailing and yachting

Section: FT Weekend / Pursuits

Role: Columnist



Personal website:

Website: FT.Com / Victor Mallet

Commissioning editor:

Day published: Saturday

Regularity: Monthly

Column format:

Average length:

Articles: 2008

  • Sex, drink and Benidorm’s heritage - An application by the mass-market Spanish seaside resort to get on to Unesco’s world heritage list is not as daft as it seems - 29th November 2008
  • Yachting: Base of choice for big-budget sailing events - On a sunny Saturday morning in October – with a limpid sea, a crisp breeze and a clear blue sky above the ancient fortress towering over Alicante – it is easy to see the attractions of Spain as a base for international yacht-racing events - 14th October 2008
  • Seas look to stay calm for floating real estate - For the past decade, the thriving market for superyachts – usually defined as those over 100 feet or 30 metres in length – has tracked the sharp rise in the number of the world’s super-rich and the value of their assets - 22nd September 2008
  • Healthy image is the golden ticket - Mike Slade, the London-based property developer and Helical Bar chief executive, finds it hard to contain his enthusiasm either for the sport of sailing or the commercial benefits of owning and chartering an instantly recognisable superyacht such as his 100ft ICAP Leopard - 22nd September 2008
  • Fished out - Even by the standards of Hong Kong’s depleted waters, this has been a poor start to the day for trawlerman Wong Ah-Sheng and his wife Zheng Ah-Mei - 30th August 2008
  • British Star sailors cap off golden games - Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson, who started sailing at the ages of four and six respectively, rounded off a golden fortnight for British sailors by taking the top spot in the Star keelboat class after a nail-biting finish in the final race of the Olympic regatta in Qingdao on Thursday - 21st August 2008
  • Setting a new course - After more than four years, my monthly yachting column is sailing into the sunset. This will be the last one I write in its present form - 19th April 2008
  • Sailing yachts v stinkpots - This is confession time for a family of sailors: not only do we have friends who own a huge powerboat but, yes, we have even been out with them at weekends. We have dined in comfort on the spacious balcony at the stern - 29th March 2008
  • A sea change we must all fear - “The time has come,” the Walrus said,/ “To talk of many things:/ Of shoes – and ships – and sealing wax –/ Of cabbages – and kings –/And why the sea is boiling hot...” - 1st March 2008
  • When disaster strikes - It was the moment every sailor dreads. Paul Bayfield, an experienced crew member aboard Purple X, a 49ft Oyster yacht on passage from the Philippines to Hong Kong, had just settled into his berth after a spell on watch when there was a horrible noise above followed by a sharp change in the boat’s motion - 2nd February 2008
  • Sailors harbour a taste for a good yarn - If you live in the chillier latitudes of the northern hemisphere and spent the holidays by the fire with a book and not at the wheel of a yacht, I have a question: was it a sea book or a land book? - 5th January 2008

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