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Full name: Timothy Stephen Kenneth Yeo (M.P.)

Area of interest: Green politics, Golf

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian | Financial Times

Email: timyeo@parliament; contact page | tim.yeo@ft.com

Personal website: TimYeo.Org http://www.timyeo.org.uk TimYeo.Org

Website: http://www.ft.com/arts/columnists/timyeo | http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/timyeo






Education: Charterhouse; Emmanuel College, Cambridge: MA History

Career: City investment banker for thirteen years, serving on the board of four quoted companies involved in engineering, manufacturing and cosmetics; Chief Executive of Scope from 1980/1983; elected to Parliament in 1983, representing his constituency of South Suffolk since then; from 1995, non-executive Chairman of Univent PLC, private nursing home operator

  • MP for South Suffolk since 1983, serving under Margaret Thatcher and John Major (Minister for the Environment and Countyside 1992/1994). Member of the Shadow Cabinet 1998 until 2005, when he resigned, wishing to be able to play a free role in the rethinking the Conservative party's future

Current position/role: Occasional comment writer on Environment; FT Golf columnist

  • also writes/written for:

Other roles/Main role: MP

Other activities: current Chairman of the Environmental Audit Select Committee

Disclosures: http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/tim_yeo/south_suffolk#register


Broadcast media:



  • Resigned as Minister for the Environment and Countyside in January 1994, following scandal involving a so-called 'love child' with Conservative councillor Julia Stent - this at the time when the Tory government were promoting family values with their 'back to basics' campaign
  • Just why is Tory MP Tim Yeo so passionate about green issues? - James Delingpole, The Telegraph, 18th March 2012




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Remit/Info: Environment issues, Green politics


Role: Columnist



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Day published: Varies


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  • A home run for green housing - The government can turn the housing market crisis into a golden opportunity to build a new generation of sustainable dwellings - 4th November 2008
  • Doing our duty - The government is under political pressure to cut car tax. But it must hold its nerve and show leadership on climate change - Guardian.co - Wednesday, 2nd July 2008
  • A Stern rebuke - Budget 08: The government must announce more green taxes tomorrow. Time is running out - Guardian.co - Tuesday, 11th March 2008
  • Let there be light - Bringing the clocks forward an hour throughout the year would not just save daylight but also fuel, emissions and 100 lives - Guardian.co - Monday, 14th January 2008
  • UK must stop ducking action on green issues - The speed at which climate change has risen up the agenda of both business and government reflects a growing recognition of the threat it poses - Financial Times - 13th January 2008
  • Change on climate change - The British government's plans to combat global warming are groundbreaking, but they still don't go far enough - Guardian.co - Thursday, 16th August 2007
  • Rightwards is not a route to power - I doubt whether even the gloomiest Conservative would have feared in 1997 that eight years and two general elections later the party would still have fewer than 200 MPs - Tuesday, 10th May 2005
  • It's time for Tories to stop saying sorry - The door is wide open for us; we must make an impact soon - Thursday, 2nd January 2003
  • It's time to deregulate - Globalisation and the speed of technological change are making our media ownership rules look archaic - Monday, 26th November 2001
  • Let's seize the centre ground - A senior Conservative sets out what his party must do to survive - Monday, 11th June 2001

Financial Times:

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Remit/Info: Golf

Section: FT Weekend

Role: Columnist


Email: tim.yeo@ft.com

Personal website:

Website: FT.Com / Tim Yeo

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Day published: Saturday

Regularity: Fortnightly

Column format:

Average length: 750 words


  • Don’t bet on it, partners - Like most weekend golfers I prefer not to play the game for high stakes - 21st April 2008
  • Player power - As the first of golf’s major championships gets under way at Augusta National on Thursday, speculation about whether Tiger Woods can do the Grand Slam will reach fever pitch - 7th April 2008
  • Cuba's dictator-in-waiting - The most important, though so far largely overlooked, consequence of Fidel Castro's long-awaited retirement is its significance for golf - 8th March 2008

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