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Full name: 'The Spoon'

Area of interest: Business and Finance - trading and the stock market

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian - Comment is free


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Career: City trader - 'The Spoon' is the nom de guerre of a City trader who deals futures on all of the major exchanges

Current position/role: Commentator

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Column name: The Spoon

Remit/Info: City markets and trading

Section: Comment is free blog

Role: Insider




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  • Jérôme Kerviel – fall guy - When it comes to corrupt banking practices, the buck does not stop with one French rogue trader - 6th October 2010
  • How Gordon Brown's bet on the banks paid off - The profitable results of Lloyds are good for the taxpayer – but should the government be gambling on the stock market? - 5th August 2010
  • Obama's battle of the banks - Barack Obama's proposal to curb Wall Street's big banks could end up damaging the US economy – and the presidency - 22nd January 2010
  • The tax factor - The rich have always tried to move away from higher taxes, but a lower rate isn't the only consideration when moving abroad - 16th December 2009
  • Banks will dodge bonus tax - Alistair Darling's supertax on banking bonuses, announced in the pre-budget report, will fall victim to clever accounting - 9th December 2009
  • The archbishop doesn't get it - Rowan Williams has asked for repentance for the sins of the financial crisis. But who should be doing the repenting? - 17th September 2009
  • Stop blaming men for the recession - Instead of attacking men for ruining women's economic progress, give them a pat on the back for overseeing that progress thus far - 14th February 2009
  • The return of short-selling - The FSA is right to lift the ban on short-selling. A look at the markets since the ban was introduced shows it didn't work - 7th January 2009
  • Alan Greenspan: a martyr for the cause - People say the former Federal Reserve chair is just trying to save his own skin – I think he's trying to save ours - 24th October 2008
  • The Buffett menu - Should Alistair Darling emulate Warren Buffett and prop up failing banks by buying their stock? Only if he feels really lucky - Tuesday, 7th October 2008
  • No sympathy for the devils - Greed made Lehman Brothers' bankers richer than Croesus. And now we're meant to feel sorry for them? - Tuesday, 16th September 2008
  • Omerta in the City - Making it easier for whistle-blowers to come forward isn't the answer: no one's going to rat on the system if they're making money because of it - Friday, 28th March 2008
  • City whispers - Following the drop in HBOS share prices the FSA accused traders of spreading rumours to profit from fear - but what good will that do? - Thursday, 20th March 2008

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