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Full name: Terence Blacker

Area of interest: Society, culture, politics, environment

Journals/Organisation: The Independent

Email: terblacker@aol.com

Personal website:

Website: Terenceblacker.com | Independent.co

Blog: Blacker Blog

Representation: Terenceblacker.com / contacts | The Agency

Networks: https://twitter.com/#!/terenceblacker


About: http://terenceblacker.com/profile.html

Education: Wellington College, Berkshire; Trinity College, Cambridge

Career: After university, spent time working in horseracing and riding as an amateur jockey; then became a bookseller at Parks for eighteen months; then worked in the publishing industry in London for ten years until 1983, leaving his job to become a professional writer and also developing a career as a journalist: wrote the 'Harvey Porlock' (book critic) column in The Sunday Times and also a column for Publishing News

see: Terenceblacker.com / profile

Current position/role: The Independent: columnist

  • also writes/has written for: regular column for The Author

Other roles/Main role: author (adults and children), journalist, critic

Other activities: active member of PEN (Poets, Essayists and Novelists) and of EAW (East Anglian Writers)



Broadcast media:


Controversy/Criticism: Doctor of Journalism blog: Is Terence Blacker Italian?, 21st February 2008


Other: Son of General Sir Cecil Hugh Blacker (Daily Telegraph obituary), and brother of sculptor, Philip Blacker

Books & Debate:

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The Independent:

Column name:

Remit/Info: Society, culture, politics, environment


Role: Columnist


Email: terblacker@aol.com

Website: Independent.co / Terence Blacker

Commissioning editor:

Day published: Friday and (usually) Tuesday

Regularity: Twice weekly

Column format: Friday: Lead item plus two more; Tuesday: Single item

Average length: Fiday: 850 words (typically: 580,120,150); Tuesday: 800 words

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