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Full name: Sunder Katwala

Area of interest: British and international politics (esp. citizenship and British identity, the European Union, foreign policy and globalisation, the future of Labour and progressive politics)

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian


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Blogs: The World After Bush


Networks: Linked in |!/sundersays | Facebook



Education: Oxford University: Politics, Philosophy and Economics (joined the Fabian Society at Oxford)

Career: McMillan Publishers: commissioning editor, 1995/1999; The Foreign Policy Centre: (founding) Research Director, 1999/2001); The Observer: internet editor and leader writer, editor of The Observer's 2001 election guide, 2001/2003; Fabian Society - political think tank: general secretary, 2003/2007-

Current position/role: Fabian Society, General Secretary

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Books & Debate:

  • Reinventing the Commonwealth (Foreign Policy Centre / The Royal Commonwealth Society, 1999) OCLC 43518191
  • Democratising global sport (Foreign Policy Centre, 2000) OCLC 49631939
  • Family fortunes: the new politics of childhood (Fabian Society, 2004) OCLC 57420135

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Column name: no print column - Comment is free... blogger

Remit/Info: British and international politics


Role: Commentator



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  • When is inequality unfair? - The gap between rich and poor in Britain has increased sharply, so why do most people believe that 'deserved inequality' is fair? - 23rd June 2009
  • Behind the headlines - Phil Woolas has criticised the Office for National Statistics after recent immigration figures only made the debate more toxic - 4th March 2009
  • The poor law is always with us - We think the workhouse is ancient history, but today's arguments about unemployment and poverty still echo battles of the past - 18th February 2009
  • A year for fresh ideas - In an anniversary-packed 2009 we can't recreate the past, but it can help fuel political imagination - 15th January 2009
  • Old, New ... it was always Labour - The 'end of New Labour' is a lazy cliche: it was New Labour that won the case for funding more public spending by higher taxation - 26th November 2008
  • Careless talk costs votes - Speculation about a snap election is nonsense, even if the momentum has shifted back to Labour - 20th November 2008
  • When will we see a British Obama? - Skin colour should be less of an issue for budding politicians but non-white candidates will still face class barriers - 6th November 2008
  • A challenge to Cameron - The legislation on child poverty announced in Brown's speech will test the Tories' commitment to its leader's progressive ideas - 24th September 2008
  • Shame on Setanta - There's no excuse for blocking highlights of World Cup qualifiers. Plenty of fans can't afford to take out yet another subscription - - 9th September 2008
  • A stay of execution for Brown - Charles Clarke's revival of Labour party debate about the prime minister's future is designed to wound, not to kill - - 5th September 2008
  • The Olympics: non-transferable assets - Politicians will be falling over themselves to capitalise on Team GB's feelgood factor, but it's a marathon stretch - 21st August 2008
  • Now for a real new Labour - Beyond the calls for a post-Blair, or post-Brown party, Labour must redefine what it stands for – and fulfil that mandate - 5th August 2008
  • Democratic lessons for Labour - The Obama campaign can teach us how to bring some energy back into British politics and revive the progressive movement - 24th July 2008
  • The Fabian tradition is a source of fresh ideas, not a poisoned well - Political parties from left and right have taken inspiration from us - 29th May 2008
  • After Crewe - No question, the Conservatives are electable after their first byelection gain for 30 years. But Labour's mission is not yet impossible - 16th May 2008
  • Top class - Playing the class card with humour is in the best tradition of British byelections. But why can't we talk seriously about the issue? - 16th May 2008
  • A draft to bank on - In the outline Queen's speech we glimpse how Brown might regain the political initiative, championing fairness and testing Tory rhetoric - 16th May 2008
  • Call time on boozy ads - Tobacco advertising in sports is history, so why is the drinks industry still allowed to sponsor the heroes of millions of children? - 7th May 2008
  • The time for caution has passed - Whatever happens at the polls today, Gordon can win the next election. But he needs to get back to his true Brownite self and a bold agenda of fairness - 1st May 2008
  • The Enoch myth - Powell did not cause 40 years of silence and lack of immigration controls. But Trevor Phillips is right to want to bury his legacy - 23rd April 2008
  • Semi-detached Digby - Digby Jones's decision to step down seals the fate of Gordon Brown's 'big tent' experiment. Inclusivity is all very well, but it doesn't make for discipline - 15th April 2008
  • Nurturing reform - The new Commonwealth secretary general should show solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe in their democratic aspirations - 1st April 2008
  • Neocon tricks - The internationalist left should not react to Bush's adoption of the language of human rights and democracy by ditching its own principles and values - 20th March 2008
  • Gently does it - Gordon Brown's personal commitment to an Iraq inquiry signals a quiet shift away from the Blair foreign policy agenda - 19th March 2008
  • Going backwards - Trevor Phillips has long championed a new politics of race, which makes his ill-judged attack on Barack Obama hard to understand - 28th February 2008
  • Iraq's lesson for Britain - A full public inquiry into Britain's involvement in Iraq would help us to find a new way forward in foreign policy - 12th February 2008
  • A very British subversive - The bugging of Sadiq Khan suggests some regard any British Muslim as a potential conspirator, but he is in the best tradition of British dissent - 5th February 2008
  • Long march of the Tory tortoises - The Tory modernisers seem to be in hibernation and David Cameron is being pushed to the right by his party's hares - 30th January 2008
  • Familiar challenges, fresh ideas - Change the world: At the weekend's Fabian Society conference, we tried to answer some of the big questions facing the international community - 21st January 2008
  • The West Wing comes to Westminster - The drama of the US primaries has the British political classes enthralled and the inevitable transatlantic comparisons are fruitful - 11th Janaury 2008
  • Give us a break - We need a new bank holiday, but the government should ask the public to decide when it should fall and what it should celebrate - 8th January 2008
  • If Kenya's government refuses to negotiate a political settlement with its opponents, it must face suspension from the Commonwealth - 3rd January 2008
  • Britain and Europe need to be more than spectators in 2008, and resolve to make this a year of new ideas in international politics - 1st January 2008
  • How Brown can fight back - For the first time in a decade there is a real choice of governments. This could be the key to Labour's political recovery - 24th December 2007
  • Brown must not stick to his winning formula - Labour's electoral coalition is at risk of fracture on three fronts - 6th November 2007 , The Independent
  • The toxic Powell legacy - David Cameron must know that a party caught up in an internal debate over whether 'Enoch was right' cannot be fit to govern this country - 5th November 2007
  • Trouble at the top - Most of us, Conservatives included, believe the pay gap between rich and poor should be narrower - 3rd November 2007
  • Let Gordon be Gordon - There may not be an election today, but when it finally comes around Labour will not win by using the 1997 script - 1st November 2007
  • Sticking with Dave: Conservatives 07 - The Tory leader knows his party must change. If they lose again they should deepen the Cameron project, not abandon it - 4th October 2007
  • Two sides of the same coin: Labour 07 - Gordon Brown's speech argued that prosperity and social justice are not mutually exclusive but must be equally important - 26th September 2007
  • Forget the date: Labour 07 - The election date frenzy is getting in the way of ensuring that Gordon Brown wins not on a 'bounce' but a clear agenda for social change - 24th September 2007
  • Bring back social Europe - The trade unions helped to convert Labour to the pro-European cause. Now it looks as if the sceptics are winning the argument - 12th September 2007
  • Signs of change - As Labour prepares to choose its new leader, a different agenda is emerging on inequality, democracy and foreign policy - 15th May 2007
  • My left - There has always been an oppositionist left and a constructive left. Nick Cohen hasn't written about the left that most of us belong t - 2nd February 2007
  • Mixed up - The idea that mixed race Britons should be a powerful new ethnic minority won't work - 26th January 2007
  • The education of Jade Goody - Gordon Brown wants to reform British education, but students like Jade Goody are going to be a difficult problem to fix - 19th January 2007
  • Change... or no change? - This decade-old government has run out of steam. It needs new ideas and energy to get back on track - 8th January 2007
  • I'm an optimist about multi-ethnic Britain - As a signatory to the new manifesto for race and faith, I believe we need to reassert core, progressive, principles - 20th November 2006
  • Breaking with the past - The new generation of Labour MPs might not have been centre-stage this week, but their enthusiasm is just what the party needs - 29th Septemer 2006
  • Fighting inequality could be the policy Britain needs - 27th March 2006 , The Independent
  • Royalty for grown-ups - An open debate on reforming the monarchy is vital for a modern Britain - 5th January 2004

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