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  • closed circles and influence, women can be as bad as men, as the Blair-Clinton emails show - 5th July ''What price artistic freedom when the bullies turn up?''] - The cl
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  • '''Full name:''' Charles Hilary Moore ...ror-and-anarchy.html ''A sense of the nearness of horror and anarchy''] - Hilary Mantel (at the British Library) - 24th February
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  • *[ ''Whoever wins the U *[
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  • ...oices/donald-trump-locker-room-talk-kumbuka-the-gorilla-london-zoo-hillary-clinton-a7361081.html ''Kumbuka the gorilla may have been recaptured – but Donal ...ho would you want to drive you through a blizzard, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? - 30th June
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  • ...esn’t make you a bad president''] - The intelligent, experienced Hillary Clinton is allegedly not appealing enough. That’s what they said about Thatcher - ...ticle3440367.ece ''Barry Unsworth opened the pages of history for me''] - Hilary Mantel’s choice of Losing Nelson among her top five modern historical nov
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  • ...kable thinkable? What Donald Trump needs to do to win the election''] - If Clinton can't reverse Trump's momentum she faces peril on election day - 3rd Novemb ...delivers the presidency to Donald Trump?''] - The cabin pressure soared in Clinton's campaign plane, but it's too soon to know what's next - 29th October 2016
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  • ''Don’t call Donald Trump a liar – even if he ...html ''The challenge to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership gathers pace''] - With Hilary Benn's 1am sacking, the coup against the Labour leader is under way - 26th
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  • ...ts/article4085850.ece ''Lewinsky was wronged. By the sisterhood''] - Bill Clinton wasn’t exactly boss of the year but the sneering feminists of the 1990s o ...rison. But you’d think Chris Huhne would have found time between reading Hilary Mantel and imagining himself as noble, faithful, martyred Thomas Cromwell t
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  • ...topazes and the spring term''] - what did the man who gave his name to the Hilary term do to be remembered 1,700 years after his birth? - 17th January 2015 ...html''An embarrassing poem for Chelsea Clinton's wedding''] - Poor Chelsea Clinton, at last escaping from her parents to the happy hunting ground of marriage,
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  • ...or-monica-lewinsky-9349646.html ''Almost two decades on, it's OK for Bill Clinton, but there's no peace for Monica Lewinsky''] - Her account of her affair wi ...478442.html ''There's only one Clinton now. She's been great''] - Hillary Clinton's memoirs end in 2001, just after she was elected to the Senate - 3rd Febru
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  • ...te ''Imagine if Donald Trump was a woman. You simply can’t''] - Hillary Clinton triumphed in the first presidential debate, but she faces an opponent far m ...on in charge is OK, but Elizabeth Warren, too? That’s pushing it''] - If Clinton chooses Warren as her number two, would that break the oestrogen limit at t
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  • ...rebuild-right-to-work-states-a7159776.html ''The row over whether Hillary Clinton's running mate is a liberal and how it could help the UK rebuild after Brex ...ople shout “hell yeah” or maybe “amen”, where preachers opine that Hilary is worse than Satan without recognising the irony of that statement. They d
    243 KB (33,742 words) - 19:19, 29 June 2017
  • ...ton, I’d rather Cherie Blair just left me alone''] - Blair’s emails to Clinton betray Blair’s unerring belief that she and her rich, powerful friends ar ...illary-clinton-perfect-us-president-squander-talent-ovaries ''Why Hillary Clinton would make the perfect US president''] - Not because she’s flawless – s
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  • ...t will she be?''] - Even with a comfortable victory on the cards, it seems Clinton’s time in the White House could be as tough as Obama’s - 28th October ''Hilary Benn’s speech on Syria could transform Labour''] - The shadow foreign sec
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  • '''Latest work:''' Madam President: is America ready to send Hillary Clinton to the White House? (2007) [ OCLC 183 ...Goldenberg talks about [ Hilary Clinton's views on Iraq and Iran], moderated by Jonathan Rugman (Channel 4 News), 1
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  • ...tfits-costume-native-american-red-indian-pilgrim-cultural-a7389191.html ''Hilary Duff’s Halloween costume faux pas wasn’t malicious – but it should ne ...veals just how bizarre the US election has become''] - It’s weird to ask Clinton and Trump to bicker viciously on Wednesday over who needs to be jailed and
    89 KB (12,077 words) - 14:48, 3 July 2017
  • ''Bush vs Clinton: The Sequel is not what America needs''] - Let’s hope US politics can see ...ry and a Swiss ski slope, Prince Philip and a nurse, or Kate Middleton and Hilary Mantel, our monarchy doesn't bear much scrutiny''] - How a silly remark to
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  • ''Kate Middleton may actually agree with Hilary Mantel''] - Like many women, I wouldn’t much like being called a “vagin Bill I fancied''] - I watched all a-flutter in a Birmingham pub as Bill Clinton polished off a pint and a plate of chips and garlic bread in minutes - 5th
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