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*[[Boris Johnson]]: [ ''Don't be taken in by Project Fear – staying in the European Union is the risky choice''] - The Remain campaign, including HM Treasury, is actively talking down Britain’s prospects - 29th February
*[ Charlotte Leslie MP]: [ ''In or Out of the EU? I’m proud that I don’t know yet''] - On such a big and complex question, be wary of those who claim certainty about the best way to vote in the referendum - 28th February
*[[Charles Moore]]: [ ''Don’t bother God with the EU referendum''] - The Almighty endowed us with minds so that we could choose freely. The truth is that there are respectable Christian arguments on both sides - 28th February
*[[Janet Daley]]: [ ''All this sound and fury over Europe will do nothing to sway rational voters''] - Westminster theatrics should play no part in the referendum on the most important question we have faced in a generation - 28th February
*[[Liam Halligan]]: [ ''Power-hungry EU is doomed to pursue its anti-democratic path''] - 28th February
*[[Christopher Booker]]: [ ''Nine deceptions in our history with the EU''] - The strange pseudo-deal stitched up between David Cameron and his 27 EU colleagues is yet another example of the EU's smoke and mirrors - 28th February
*[[Simon Heffer]]: [ ''Shame on the academic EU scaremongers''] - Brainwashing has already started at our universities. The pro-EU forces will stop at nothing - 28th February
*[[Charles Moore]]: [ ''Safety first, says the PM, but the EU puts money and people at risk''] - 27th February
*[[Dan Hodges]]: [ ''Those saying we should leave Europe are infected with madness''] - The out campaign is stark raving mad – come June, the majority of rational Britons will vote to stay in Europe - 27th February
*[ Richard Walton]: [ ''Being in the EU doesn't keep us safe from terrorists''] - Maintaining close links with our neighbours is the key to security, whether we are in or out of the EU - 27th February
*[ Nicholas Soames]: [ ''Churchill, my grandfather, always loved Europe''] - Today, as in the Forties, it would be madness not to play our part in saving the continent from disaster - 27th February
*[ Andrew Lilico]: [ ''How the EU would dominate us if we stayed inside]'' - We hear a lot about the risks of Brexit, but here's a dispassionate look at what could happen if we remain in the EU - 27th February
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*[ Chris Parry]: [ ''Don’t count on the EU to protect us. Nato will do that''] - European countries lack a collective will - 29th February
*[[Adam Boulton]]: [ ''Win and Cameron still faces a neverendum''] - 28th February
*[[Dominic Lawson]]: [ ''Pass the bourbon and I’ll pour you a hard shot of truth about the EU''] - It’s good to see the chancellor doing his bit for British exports by talking down the pound - 28th February
*[[David Smith]]: [ ''Britain whistled a happier tune after joining the EU''] - 28th February
*[[Janice Turner]]: [ ''Confessions of a lonely, left-wing Brexiteer''] - Dinner party liberals are appalled that I’m in bed with Galloway, Farage and white-van racists. They need to get out more - 27th February
*[[Melanie Phillips]]: [ ''Project Fear looks more like mafia blackmail''] - Military leaders strong-armed, civil service hobbled . . . this is blatant government manipulation - 26th February
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*[[Wolfgang Munchau]]: [ ''Europe enters the age of disintegration''] - There will not necessarily be a formal break-up of the EU, but it will become less effective - 29th February
*[[Robert Shrimsley]]: [ ''Gimme a Brexit break''] - ‘I’ve already heard every argument there is to hear on British membership of the European Union at least a dozen times’ - 26th February
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*Nicola Sturgeon: [ ''The EU isn’t just about business. That’s why I think Scotland will vote to stay''] - My hope is that the rest of the UK will agree that solidarity, social protection and mutual support are just as important as the economic arguments - 29th February
*[[Matthew d'Ancona]]: [ ''Voting Brexit to punish the PM would be self-defeating''] - Cameron’s big challenge is to persuade people that the 23 June should not be a referendum on his job - 28th February
*[[David Mitchell]]: [ ''Gut instinct not heartache made Boris back Brexit''] - No one knows if we will be better off inside or outside the EU. The liars are those who claim to be certain - 28th February
*[[Andrew Rawnsley]]: [ ''Why swapping partisan nastiness for olive branches would be smart''] - David Cameron needs support across the opposition for his In campaign. The problem is, he’s royally riled them all - 28th February
*[[Kevin McKenna]]: [ ''Referendum tale of two Tories leaves me cold''] - There are the barking ones. And then there are the other lot - 27th February
*[[Jonathan Freedland]]: [ ''The Brexit campaign is wrong: the UK is already a sovereign nation''] - The out campaign claims our membership of the EU prevents us from being masters of our own destiny. In fact we already have that power - 27th February
*[[Natalie Nougayrède]]: [ ''Europe’s growing tensions show us exactly why we need the EU''] - From Austria to Greece, Poland and Germany, the ancient grievances behind current disputes remind us that conflict was once the most likely result - 27th February
*[[Deborah Orr]]: [ ''We cheered Europe on as freedom swept across it – so why give up on it now?''] - My first visit to Germany has set me thinking about all the strides Europe has taken since the second world war, and how Britain celebrated them – and no petty political argument persuades me that we were wrong to do so - 26th February
*[[Sarah Helm]]: [ ''Boris Johnson has just launched his latest Euro-myth''] - In Brussels I saw how he dealt in half-truths. With his latest political move as a Brexit campaigner, it seems we now have another - 26th February
*[ Ruth Wishart]: [ ''The EU referendum is already following the Scottish playbook, Project Fear 2.0''] - In 2014 the government set about frightening voters about the apocalypse that would follow an end to the union – and now it’s doing the same for Europe - 26th February
*[ Bridget Christie]: [ ''David Cameron is under pressure. Could that be sympathy I’m feeling?''] - I’m not saying that, in a fleeting moment of something resembling humanity, he has cured my Tory phobia, or made me like him more than a dying rat. No - 27th February
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*[[Ian Burrell]]: [ ''Brexit is causing an identity crisis for the British media''] - The media will take into account the views of their powerful owners. But they will also weigh the instincts of their audience – and that’s where some intriguing dichotomies arise - 29th February
*[[Mark Steel]]: [ ''Is there some way we can make both sides lose the EU referendum?''] - The debate has become about which side will manage to be more horrible to immigrants – what an advert for humanity - 29th February
*[ Liam Booth-Smith]: [ ''Here’s how London could stay in the EU – even if the rest of Britain votes to leave''] - A new ‘city state’ tier of membership would be a novel extension of George Osborne's devolution revolution - 28th February
*[[Jim Armitage]]: [ ''EU Referendum: Why did British bosses lose their bottle on Brexit while Boris jumped the gun?''] - 27th February
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*[[Dominic Lawson]]: [ ''Operation Fear? It's more like Operation Pull The Other One''] - 29th February
*[[Peter Hitchens]]: [ ''The EU is our own Hotel California: We can check out, but we'll never leave''] - I’m sorry to break this to you but it looks as if we’ll have to endure not one but two EU referendum campaigns - 28th February
*[[Black Dog]]: [ ''Michael plays the fall guy...''] - Brexit-backing Michael Gove’s nimble manoeuvrings in favour of quitting the EU contrast with the Justice Secretary’s reputation for being about as physically co-ordinated as a day-old giraffe on ice - 28th February
*[[Rachel Johnson]]: [ ''How Boris went for Brexit over tennis''] - Mayor's sister... tells the inside story of how he agonised over decision and texted PM after sharing a bottle of wine''] - 27th February
*[[Quentin Letts]]: [ ''Plop, plop, plop came the cliches from Philip's dull mind: Hammond's monotonous case to stay in the EU''] - 26th February
*[[Sarah Vine]]: [ ''The torture of watching my husband choose between his beliefs and his old friend the PM: Daily Mail columnist SARAH VINE's intensely personal account of a momentous decision''] - 24th February
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*[[Nick Ferrari]]: [ Stop the bullying, Dave''] - So much for the good clean fight promised by the Prime Minister, then - 28th February
*[ John Whittingdale]: [ ''I have nothing but respect and admiration for the Prime Minister and consider it a privilege to serve in his Government''] - 28th February
*[[Crossbencher]]: [ ''Bets on Boris to back Brexit may have come from insider knowledge''] - It has been suggested that there may have been some insider knowledge among those who placed bets on Boris to back Brexit - 28th February
*[ Richard Kemp]: [ ''Brexit would strengthen national security''] - All the arguments in favour of leaving the EU, defence and security are the most clear cut - 28th February
*[ Stuart Winter]: [ ''Birds of a feather will stick together whatever happens with the EU vote''] - HOSE iconic birds we regard as traditionally British will continue to need their European “passports” whatever the outcome of a certain referendum this summer - 28th February
*[[Macer Hall]]: [ ''Tories heading for a civil war''] - David Cameron is fast learning the lesson from history that civil wars are often the most brutal of conflicts - 27th February
*[[Frederick Forsyth]]: [ Let’s judge the EU by past experience''] - So, the Cameronian camel has duly gone into labour and produced the utterly foreseeable gnat - 26th February
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====THE SUN====
*[[Trevor Kavanagh]]: [ ''Cameron’s EU scare scam is blown apart in one week''] - European Union is chaos with member states exposed as criminally incompetent - 29th February
*[ David Owen]: [ ''David Cameron is to blame for leadership battle''] - Former Labour Minister David Owen says PM has to abandon Project Fear if he wants to keep holding the reins of power - 28th February
*[[Tony Parsons]]: [ ''Staying in EU is no guarantee of safety... ask Paris''] - Sun on Sunday columnist reckons only reason the Govt wants to stay in Eurozone is fear - 28th February
*[ ''David Cameron needs a clean fight or any victory party will be lonely''] - The PM is stung by the number of Tories who have come out for Out - 27th February
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*[ Carole Malone]: [ ''Britain is a dictatorship under Cameron after EU referendum 'bullying campaign'''] - The Prime Minister promised the public that there would an honest debate on the EU, but has let us down - 27th February
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