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/* George Monbiot: Home Ground */
When you lend rooms to the homeless, expect cheers of approbation. When you explain why they are homeless, expect howls of execration.
This is not to diss [what Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs have done Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs have done] – far from it. Allowing homeless squatters to stay in the building they are turning into a luxury hotel is a true act of kindness, in a sector characterised by cruelty.
So extreme has the housing crisis become that scarcely anyone would claim to be unmoved by the condition of those at the bottom. The [ 40% rise in homelessness] over the past five years, the 2,500 families [ trapped in bed and breakfast lodgings], the slim chances for most of those who are young today of ever buying a home, and the ridiculous rents they must pay – these outcomes are lamented almost everywhere. But when you start to discuss the underlying reasons, sympathy soon gives way to anger and denial.