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Mark Weisbrot

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'''Area of interest:''' Economic growth, trade, Social Security, Latin America, international financial institutions, development
'''Journals/Organisation:''' [[Centre Center for Economic and Policy Research]] | [[The Guardian]]
'''Email:''' tel[mailto:]
'''Personal website:'''
'''About:''' []
'''Education:''' University of Michigan :Ph.D. in Economics
'''Career:''' Mark Weisbrot is co-director of the [ Centre for Economic and Policy Research], in Washington, DC. He is also co-writer of [ Oliver Stone]'s documentary [ South of the Border]
'''Current position/role:''' He writes a weekly column for The Guardian Unlimited (U.K.), and a regular column on economic and policy issues that is distributed to over 550 newspapers by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. He also writes a column for Brazil’s largest newspaper, Folha de Sao Paulo. His opinion pieces have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and almost every major U.S. newspaper. He appears regularly on national and local television and radio programs <ref></ref>
*also writes/written for:
'''Other roles/Main role:''' Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research ( CEPR); President of [ Just Foreign Policy]
'''Other activities:'''Co-writer of [ Oliver Stone]'s documentary [ South of the Border]
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===Journal #1The Guardian:===
'''Column name:'''
*[ ''The world has nothing to fear from the US losing power''] - As China looks set to overtake the US as the world's largest economy, a multipolar world can only be good for democracy - 4th May 2014
*[ ''The truth about Venezuela: a revolt of the well-off, not a 'terror campaign'''] - John Kerry’s rhetoric is divorced from the reality on the ground, where life goes on – even at the barricades - 21st March 2014
*[ ''Venezuela is not Ukraine''] - Venezuela's struggle is widely misrepresented in western media. This is a classic conflict between right and left, rich and poor - 5th March 2014
*[ ''US support for regime change in Venezuela is a mistake''] - The US push to topple the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro once again pits Washington against South America - 19th February 2014
*[ ''NAFTA: 20 years of regret for Mexico''] - Mexico's growth has been weak since the 'free trade' deal was signed, and it missed out on the region's poverty reduction - 4th January 2014
*[ ''US budget deal: the good, bad and stupid''] - It's encouraging we have a budget, but the economic ignorance continues in Washington, especially among Republicans - 19th December 2013
*[ ''Why the world should care about Honduras' recent election''] - Hondurans are revolting against the US-backed outcome. There are too many reports of rampant vote-buying, fraud and violence - 4th December 2013
*[ ''The Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty is the complete opposite of 'free trade'''] - The TPP would strip our constitutional rights, while offering no gains for the majority of Americans. It's a win for corporations - 19th November 2013
*[ ''Sorry, Venezuela haters: this economy is not the Greece of Latin America''] - Predicting a Venezuelan apocalypse won't make it happen – in this oil-rich country the only thing imploding is poverty - 7th November 2013
*[ ''South American leaders should help Hondurans fighting for democracy''] - November's presidential vote is a key test of whether Honduras can return to democracy after the US-supported 2009 coup - 29th October 2013
*[ ''Shutdown takeaway: the US wants a fair society, not 'defund Obamacare' crazy''] - As Obama looks for a budget deal to forestall another shutdown, he should know a majority of Americans backs economic justice - 19th October 2013
*[ ''On Syria and Summers, the Obama '08 voters have finally found their voice''] - Looking past the shutdown and budget battle, the big picture is that America's four decade-long drift to the right is decisively over - 4th October 2013
*[ ''The US needs to take the hint from Dilma Rousseff's snub''] - The Brazilian president's cancelled visit, over NSA spying, ought to jolt the US out of its arrogant disrespect for Latin America - 19th September 2013
*[ ''Syria: thank Congress's resistance to war for the chance of a diplomatic deal''] - The military intervention party has powerful advocates, including President Obama, but Congress has heard the American public - 11th September 2013
*[ ''Miranda's rights: how Europe can learn from Latin America's independence''] - Brazil's action over the detention of [[Glenn Greenwald]]'s partner shows South American nations no longer toe Washington's line - 21st August 2013
*[ ''The more nefarious US foreign policy, the more it relies on media complicity''] - Americans are shielded from the ugly consequences of US military power by our journalists' self-censorship - 6th August 2013
*[ ''The world must hear from Edward Snowden again''] - The White House and its media allies are gradually undermining the NSA whistleblower. The cause of liberty needs his advocacy - 8th July 2013
*[ ''The 'Edward Snowden Aviation Club' and other ways to beat US persecution''] - Some countries have offered asylum but the NSA whistleblower will need transport. How about concerned citizens raising money for a private plane? - 1st July
*[ ''Why Ecuador would be an ideal refuge for Edward Snowden''] - This country has already been dragged through the mud for sheltering Julian Assange, and it is willing to stand up to the US - 27th June
*[ ''Domestic dissent can change US foreign policy for the better''] - From the Vietnam era to the Iraq war, it's clear that the moral authority of protest has altered US government behaviour - 17th June 2013
*[ ''IMF and World Bank are losing clout in developing countries''] - Developing nations are organising within the IMF and World Bank to counter their neoliberal policies - 31st May 2013
*[ ''The United States shows its contempt for Venezuelan democracy''] - Washington's clumsy efforts to de-legitimise Venezuela's election mark a escalation of its push for regime change - 23rd April 2013
*[ ''Will Congress act to stop US support for Honduras' death squad regime?''] - In Honduras, Reagan-era atrocities are back as the Obama administration funds a state implicated in murdering opponents - 30th March 2013
*[ ''Disinformation still clouds the US debate on Chávez's legacy in Venezuela''] - Despite 14 years of catastrophist predictions for Venezuela, oil wealth has been successfully turned to social purposes - 7th March 2013
*[ ''Venezuela's devaluation doom-mongers''] - Venezuela's recent devaluation has excited predictions of an economic collapse. Luckily, such wishful thinking is ill-informed - 4th March 2013
*[ ''Why Ecuador loves Rafael Correa''] - It's not luck but good financial judgment that has set the president on the path to victory in forthcoming elections - 15th February 2013
*[ ''Shinzo Abe's quantitative easing: Japan can have a 'free lunch' and eat it too''] - Economist Adam Posen is wrong: Japan can fund a stimulus without risk to its economy. The US and eurozone, take note - 23rd January 2013
*[ ''Disinformation still clouds the US debate on Chávez's legacy in Venezuela''] - Despite 14 years of catastrophist predictions for Venezuela, oil wealth has been successfully turned to social purposes - 9th january 2013
*[ ''Why Paul Krugman should be President Obama's pick for US treasury secretary''] - Not only is he the world's best-known economist, Krugman has the intellect and integrity to resist Wall Street's calls for austerity - 6th January 2013
*[ ''The United Nations must cure Haiti of the cholera epidemic it caused''] - Unlike earthquake or hurricane, Haiti's cholera outbreak is a manmade disaster – by the very agency supposed to protect it - 12th November 2012
*[ ''Barack Obama's carefully crafted economic populism carries the day''] - To take swing states, Obama had to win blue-collar votes. He did it by painting his opponent a remote rich guy – Romney helped - 7th November 2012
*[ ''Venezuela election: why the voting is more trustworthy than the polling''] - Ahead of Sunday's presidential election, past experience with abuse of polls should make the media more careful - 6th October 2012
*[ ''Why the US demonises Venezuala's democracy''] - Venezuela is about to hold impeccably free and fair elections. Yet the US treats it as a dictatorship - 4th October 2012
*[ ''Ecuador is right to stand up to the US''] - The United States would paint itself as a promoter of human rights, but any right to make that claim is long gone - 16th August 2012
*[ ''How the ECB came to control the fate of the world economy''] - The ECB has the power to end the eurozone crisis. But it refuses to do so – in order to push a regressive political agenda - 31st July 2012
*[ ''The rights groups that lost the plot on Ecuador and Julian Assange''] - Free speech advocates should defend WikiLeaks' founder from US spying charges, not invent a media crackdown in Ecuador - 21st July 2012
*[ ''Irregularities reveal Mexico's election far from fair''] - With Peña Nieto's election marred by media bias and voter fraud, Mexico's ailing economy is hobbled by democratic deficit - 9th July 2012
*[ ''Latin America: how the US has allied with the forces of reaction''] - Honduras three years ago created a new template of the US backing coups to compensate for lost influence on the continent - 29th June 2012
*[ ''Why Jeffrey Sachs would make a better World Bank president''] - Sachs understands how conditions imposed by the World Bank have harmed developing countries' economies. He'd reform that - 8th March
*[ ''Venezuela's Opec stand is a win for climate change campaigners''] - Environmentalists who support developing countries' fight against polluters should also back their struggle for control of oil - 2nd March
*[ ''Obama's budget and deficit reductionism''] - Good but limited measures on tax reform are sacrificed, once again, to Obama's eagerness to compromise on budget cuts - 13th February*[ ''Why American 'democracy promotion' rings hollow in the Middle East''] - Egypt's crackdown on Republican and Democratic organisations is hardly surprising: they're widely seen as stooges of US empire - 31st January*[ ''President Obama's state of the union speech: panel verdict''] - Measuring their hopes and expectations against what the president actually said, our commentators give their views - 25th January*[ ''State of the union: what President Obama should say''] - Our panel of opinion-formers and experts give their take on what the president's message should be, this crucial election year - 24th January*[ ''The economic idiocy of economists''] - The American Economic Association's annual meeting is red-letter day for 'the dismal science'. And dismal it proved - 10th January 2012
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===Journal #2Other:===
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===News & updates:===
*[ UK made a huge mistake threatening Ecuador.] British threats to storm Ecuador's embassy in order to arrest Julian Assange, in violation of international law, set a dangerous precedent, analyst Mark Weisbrot told [ RT News.] 17th August 2012
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