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David Green

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'''Area of interest:''' Civil society, (especially) welfare state, health, education
'''Journals/Organisation:''' [[The Guardian]] | [[The Sunday Times]] | [[The Times]] | [[The Sunday Telegraph]] | [[The Daily Telegraph]] | [[Daily Mail]]
'''Email:''' []
*also writes/written for:
'''Other roles/Main role:''' Was a member of the Home Secretary's Crime Statistics Review Group, which in 2006 recommended improvements in the collection of the crime figures
'''Other activities:'''
'''TV/RadioBroadcast media:''' Ocassional broadcasts on programmes such as Newsnight, the Moral Maze and BBC Radio 4's Today programme
*Newsnight discussion [ Sentencing Policy] (transcript and video) September 2003
*BBC4 Radio Today programme discussion: [ Public policy should reflect the rise in Eastern European migrants], (audio) May 2007
'''Current debateDebate:'''
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===JournalsThe Telegraph:===*no regular column
'''Column name:'''
*[ ''Our liberty is not safe in the hands of judges''] - It's time for Parliament to remind judges that we as a free people make the laws we live by and that we do so through MPs - 23rd July 2015
*[ ''A One Nation boom for the whole of Britain''] - Everyone can share in our growing prosperity – and scrapping HS2 would be a good start - 20th May 2015
*[ ''The European Union and the demise of a free state''] - The EU battleground has shifted from economic issues to fundamental questions about liberty - 6th April 2014
*[ ''Local banks for local people''] - The way to get the economy restarted isn't a taxpayer-funded lender - it's German-style local banks - 29th May 2013
*[ ''Michael Gove's critics are afraid of change''] - The "academics" complaining about Michael Gove's reforms are out of step with modern science - 22nd March 2013
*[ ''Time for the Government to put its own house in order, Lord Heseltine''] - Lord Heseltine's proposals included some good ideas, but the Government is still shooting itself in the foot - 3rd November 2012
*[ ''Cable's industrial plan must tackle the energy crisis''] - Misguided energy policies are driving our most important industries overseas - 12th September 2012
*[ ''The 'bonfire of red tape' must go further''] - The Government's attempt to deregulate employment is only a modest beginning - 11th September 2012
*[ ''We need dramatic policies, as well as effective ones, to boost British growth''] - It's time to make the whole country a business-friendly "enterprise zone", and pick a fight with the European Commission - 30th August 2012
*[ ''The Government’s attitude to the police is criminal''] - Conservartives risk losing ground to Labour on law and order - 18th March 2012
*[ ''On marriage, Nick Clegg is hopelessly out of date''] - A tax system that acknowledges marriage makes sense economically and morally - 21st December 2011
*[ ''There's a whiff of Weimar about Cameron’s austerity''] - The British Government has mistakenly convinced itself that there is virtue in austerity - 26th November 2011
*[ ''Economic growth: a lesson from Germany and the US''] - The Government must establish an industry bank charged with making investment decisions on commercial grounds - 15th November 2011
*[ ''To save the economy, stop collecting taxes''] - The squeezed middle: An income tax holiday would be the best way to ease the strain and get Britain spending - 27th October 2011
*[ ''Rebranding the Tory Party has come at a high price''] - Policies adopted as part of the Tory’s rebranding strategy are among the main obstacles to increasing GDP - 10th October 2011
*[''As public pay rises, Britain’s fortunes sink''] - Britain will never cut its deficit unless the state learns to save money as well as spend it - 23rd August 2011
*[''London riots: why did the police lose control?''] - The police have become so sensitive to the issue of race that it is impairing their ability to do the job - 9th August 2011
*[''Lesson one, children – failure stops right here''] - It is right to have a curriculum that schools can teach everyone in preparation for work, a richer life and for democratic citizenship - 7th August 2011
*[''If you don't speak English you can't belong in Britain''] - The inability to speak a host country’s language reinforces dangerous divisions in society – and it is a very reasonable requirement of any immigrant - 27th July 2011
*[''Britain’s borders are still wide open to abuse by migrants''] - It seems that we still don’t know who is entering or leaving the UK - 3rd June 2011
*[''Why the NHS needs competition''] - The case for competition is as strong as it was when Tony Blair urged a reluctant Labour party to embrace 'contestability' - 11th May 2011
*[''Five policies that would lead to growth''] - David Cameron really must do everything to encourage businesses to grow - 8th March 2011
*[''We’re at the muddled mercy of European judges''] - A bill of rights is vital to protect UK sovereignty which finds itself under severe threat from the people in the European halls of power - 27th February 2011
*[''Votes for prisoners: Will MPs have the courage to vote for liberty?''] - The government's decision is not just about whether convicted criminals should be able to vote; it is a defining moment in the history of freedom - 8th February 2011
*[''Yes, the NHS needs reform but not if it's going to lead to more patients on trolleys in hospital corridors''] - 19th January 2011
*[''Adam Smith would stand by Vince Cable''] - Vince Cable is obviously in favour of a free market economy. So why is he in hot water - 23rd September 2010
*[''The Liberal Democrats are wrong about free schools''] - Those who wish to prevent free schools are education monopolists who know that they will not look good when comparisons start to be made - 20th September 2010
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===news News & updates:===
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