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David Green

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*[''The Equality Bill will hinder, not help''] - Not only does the Equality Bill justify preferential treatment for groups, it also undermines one of the bedrock principles of British justice: the presumption of innocence until proven guilty - 12th May 2009
*[''Failed public policies are to blame for the decline in manufacturing''] - An industrial policy is a good thing - if it is a strategy for creating the best possible conditions for free enterprise - 22nd April 2009
*[''Have a go? Not when you could be arrested''] - 2nd September 2008
*[''Prison works. So why won't we admit it?''] - If the crime rate really is falling, there's a simple explanation. We are locking up more criminals - 18th July 2008
*[''Unreasonable suspicions beyond 28 days''] - 1st April 2008
*[''The big lesson for 2008? We owe each other''] - 30th December 2007
*[''Schools have to change if society is to change''] - 26th August 2007
*[ ''Alcohol ban is no answer; proper policing is''] - Policing / Causes of crime - 16th August 2007
*[ ''Spinning the official statistics''] - Open government - 10th August 2007
*[ ''Fighting freedom''] - Terrorism / Civil liberties - 3rd July 2007