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A message to the Tories: beware triumphalism, stormy waters lie ahead + , Andrea Leadsom delights the Tory right. But she may cost them power + , Angela Merkel’s visit is a small step in the long march to reform + , As the vote looms, the reptilian core of the Tory brain is asserting itself + , Boris Johnson and David Cameron have created a Tory opportunity + , Boris Johnson has pressed the big red button marked ‘Hitler’. Watch out + , Boris Johnson must work fast to stop Brexit being seen as an act of treachery + , Cameron has freed his ministers on the EU vote. Now his problems begin + , Cameron needs stamina and will for the battle ahead + , Cameron won’t purge his Brexit rebels, but there will be a reckoning + , Can David Cameron pull off being a Brexit quick-change artist? + , Can we at least try talking to young people about sex? + , Carswell has just made a Labour victory more likely + , Cavaliers v Roundheads is great telly but bad politics + , Corbyn may not be antisemitic. But is he a real leader? + , David Cameron and Steve Hilton – where do these close friends go from here? + , David Cameron is already plotting for 2020 – and his own legacy + , David Cameron must balance head and heart in this refugee crisis + , Debate-gate? This could be a fatal miscalculation for David Cameron + , Does Gove’s passion still burn bright? Former Education Secretary Michael Gove + Commentator name


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