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Full name: Sathnam Sanghera

Area of interest: Society and culture; Business culture; Media industry; Asian culture

Journals/Organisation: The Times

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About: Previously chief feature writer at the Financial Times

Education: Wolverhampton Grammar School; Christ’s College, Cambridge University: English Language and Literature (1st), 1998 See Alumni - Christ's College, University of Cambridge

Career: First jobs were at a burger chain, hospital laundry, market research firm, sewing factory and a literacy project in New York. Financial Times: graduate trainee, news reporter in UK and US - specialised in the media industries; Chief Feature Writer; joined The Times in 2007

Current position/role: Commentator

  • also writes/has written for: Management Today magazine - car reviewer Motor Mouth column

Other roles/Main role: Author

Other activities:



Broadcast media: Interview on BBC Radio 4, Midweek - March 12th 2008



Awards/Honours: Young Journalist of the Year: British Press Awards, 2002; HR Journalist of the Year: watson Wyatt Awards for Excellence; Newspaper Feature of the Year: Workworld Media Awards, 2005; Article of the Year: Management Today Writing Awards, 2005



Books & Debate:

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Latest work: If you don't know me by now: a memoir of love, secrets and lies in Wolverhampton OCLC182663543 , 2008 (paperback title - The Boy With The Topknot, released April 2009) - shortlisted for the 2008 Costa Biography Award, the 2009 PEN/Ackerley Prize and named 2009 Mind Book of the Year

(see: Sathnam Sanghera learns first hand what readers think of If You Don't Know Me by Now - The author went in disguise to hear his book being ripped to shreds by a Wolverhampton Book Group for BBC Two's Culture Show - The Times, 22nd March 2008) -


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Column name: Business Life

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Average length: 950 words

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  • Let us mourn the demise of the mustard-coloured sin bin - Some people make smoking look easy, slipping cigarettes out of boxes, lighting them and enjoying them in cool, seamless movements, but I've never got the hang of it. The first time I tried a cigarette, I threw up. The second time - trying to look cool at a bar - I put a Marlboro Light into my mouth backwards and tried to light the filter. So when, this time last week, I walked into the staff smoking room for my first ever ciggy break, I did so with trepidation - final column of Inside Business (FT) - 4th August 2006