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Full name: Roy Greenslade

Area of interest: The Media, Society and Ethics

Journals/Organisation: Evening Standard | The Guardian


Personal website:

Website: |

Blog: MediaGuardian/Greenslade Blog


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Career: Began at the Barking Advertiser; The Sun: assistant editor 1981/86; The Sunday Times: managing editor of news 1987/90; Daily Mirror: Editor 1990/91; The Daily Telegraph: 2005/2006; media commentator since 1992, predominantly at The Guardian

Current position/role: Evening Standard columnist, Guardian blogger

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Other roles/Main role:

Other activities: Professor of Journalism at City University, London; Trustee of media ethics charity, MediaWise; Board member of the British Journalism Review



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Other: Married to Noreen Taylor (former Daily Mirror journalist) and stepfather to actress Natascha McElhone

Books & Debate:

Roy Greenslade Press Gang how newspapers make money from propaganda.jpg
  • Goodbye to the working class OCLC2464322 , 1976
  • Maxwell: the rise and fall of Robert Maxwell and his empire OCLC26160301 , 1992

Latest work: Press gang: how newspapers make profits from propaganda OCLC52696065 , 2003

Speaking/Appearances: Regular talks and lectures


Evening Standard:

Column name: Media Analysis

Remit/Info: The Media, Society and Ethics


Role: Commentator



Website: Media

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Day published: Wednesday

Regularity: Weekly

Column format: Single or multiple topics

Average length: 800 words

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The Guardian:

Column name: no regular column, daily media blog at / Greenslade Blog

Remit/Info: The Media, Society and Ethics

Section: Media Guardian

Role: Columnist



Website: / Roy Greenslade

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  • That's Asda price - The retailer might have backed down from its demand for editorial space in return for shelf space, but the episode highlights publishers' fears about the power of the supermarkets - 4th August 2008
  • You couldn't make it up - David Davis wants to run on principle, but with Kelvin MacKenzie as rival it's bound to be a circus - 14th June 2008
  • Why Martin Kelly has three obituaries - 25th May 2008
  • The Prod squad - The latest royal wedding has brought up questions from the sartorial to the photographic, but the key issue is the bride's renunciation of faith - 20th May 2008
  • Is Coleen McLoughlin a journalist? - 24th April 2008
  • Utter oath - Lord Goldsmith's notion of children pledging allegiance to the Crown would be a grotesque step back into Britain's pre-democratic past - 11th March 2008
  • Black days for the 'Gray Lady' - The family-owned New York Times is facing challenges to its independence - 10th March 2008
  • West side story - How did the LA Times lose three editors in three years? - 28th January 2008
  • The digital challenge - The future of newspapers is online - but how are they responding to the demands of different platforms and round-the-clock reporting? - 7th January 2008
  • Fighting talk - Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch's conversations in the run-up to the Iraq invasion must be significant, but what did they discuss? - 19th July 2007
  • A fallen mogul - It is not to excuse his crimes to say that Conrad Black should be seen as flawed, rather than all bad - 13th July 2007
  • A voice from the other side - Extracts of Robert Maxwell's telephone calls, revealed by the BBC today, are a chilling reminder of the man I sparred with at the Daily Mirror - 25th April 2008

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