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Full name: Robert Shrimsley

Area of interest: News, Current Affairs, Politics

Journals/Organisation: Financial Times


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Networks:!/robertshrimsley |



Education: London School of Economics

Career: The Sunday Telegraph: reporter; The Daily Telegraph: lobby correspondent, chief political correspondent, 1989/2000; Financial Times: chief political correspondent, UK news editor, notebook editor (ongoing)

Current position/role: managing editor (see Robert Shrimsley appointed managing editor, The Guardian, 15th January 2009)

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Column name: Robert Shrimsley's Notebook

Remit/Info: "A satirical look at the week’s news which seems to delight in taking on the most powerful people in the land."






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Regularity: weekly

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  • You just can’t get the staff … - Most of us cannot afford live-in staff. Consequently we are at the mercy of unreliable decorators, idle cleaners, overcharging plumbers and cowboy builders - 18th December 2010
  • Stuck in the middle with who? - It’s clear now that the squeezed middle is the place to be. Everyone likes you and sympathises with the pressures you face - 4th December 2010
  • All the wrong notes - Show me a modern recorder soloist and I’ll show you a chap who couldn’t master the clarinet - 27th November 2010
  • Dr Dave and Dr George consult - Cameron and Osborne are taking the expectation management game to new levels - 10th June 2010
  • Adversarial cultures obstruct real change - A combative parliament and a feisty media may dash hopes for a new era - 15th May 2010
  • A Papal bear hug for the AnglicansA Papal bear hug for the Anglicans - The Catholic Church this week went public with an audacious bid to acquire the Anglican community – and to swallow up its smaller rival - 22nd October 2009
  • Time to reclaim that 70s feeling - As RBS toys with recreating a famous old banking brand Robert Shrimsley looks back to the seventies and wonders if this is a good thing - 15th October 2009
  • Notebook: By George, Osborne will make us hate him - The shadow chancellor has predicted he will become the most unpopular man in Britain. Robert Shrimsley has some pointers to help him achieve his ambition -8th October 2009
  • Off the record: Westminster’s Got Talent - The much vaunted live prime ministerial debate could soon be upon us but Robert Shrimsley wonders if it might be better off the record - 30th September 2009
  • Obama talks the walk in the foreign policy minefield - It’s 3am in the White House and Robert Shrimsley listens in to the call Barack Obama would prefer was taken by Hillary Clinton - 24th October 2009
  • Place product here for biggest impact - The news that the ban on product placement on commercial television companies might be lifted has been greeted with excitement - 16th September 2009
  • After the remastered Beatles: the remastered Tories - It is not just the Beatles enjoying the marketing opportunity; Robert Shrimsley sees a similar trend among David Cameron’s conservatives - 9th September 2009
  • Social usefulness and banking bosh - Lord Turner’s remarks that bankers may perhaps have been engaged in ‘socially useless’ economic activity have clearly stung some in the City - 2nd September 2009
  • Tweeters of the world unite - After Twitter comes Twittiquette. Businesses and PR companies are flooding the world with guides on the do’s and don’t’s of micro-blogging (Number 7 – Don’t Tweet and drive) - 29th July 2009
  • Making the moon landings sexy again - The biggest threat to a new US lunar landing programme may not be the cost but problems with stimulating viewer interest - 22nd July 2009
  • Wisdom out of the mouth of babes - Robert Shrimsley asks FT intern Darren to offer readers some valuable teenage perspectives on bank regulation and the tripartite system, which is ‘like, Duh, not working’ - 15th July 2009
  • California in not such a golden state - Is California too big to fail? If so might the federal government be forced to nationalise it? Lawmakers would certainly demand a change at the top. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced, possibly by Vin Diesel - 8th July 2009
  • Jail beckons for the Westminster gang - MPs who defraud the taxpayer now face a prison sentence, says Robert Shrimsley. But why should this crackdown be limited merely to the patently criminal? - 24th June 2009
  • For thine is the Kingdom... - Mervyn King used his Mansion House speech to demand more power for the Bank of England, likening it to a church able to warn but unable to compel people to listen to its sermons - 18th June 2009
  • Cabinet quakes as a tsar is born - The transformation from tellypreneur to government guru could have unseen repercussions for Gordon Brown’s cabinet as Robert Shrimsley envisages - 10th June 2009
  • The new order is dead; welcome to the past - Gordon Brown may be days from departure. Or - like the twitching body at the end of a hangman's noose - he may sputter on - 5th June 2009
  • And the band played on - The ship has struck an iceberg and on the bridge Captain Brown is talking to senior officers - 3rd June 2009
  • An appeal for our hard-pressed MPs ...surrounded by shabbily dressed MPs, brandishing an empty pad of receipts. At worst we should be able to win them Nepalese citizenship - 13th May 2009

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