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Full name: Richard McGregor

Area of interest: China

Journals/Organisation: Financial Times


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Networks:!/mcgregorrichard |




Career: Began career with Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: senior journalist in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra; since 1990 has worked mainly in north Asia - Taiwan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and in Beijing (establishing offices for The Australian newspaper); joined the Financial Times in 2000: Shanghai correspondent, appointed China bureau chief in 2005, Deputy news editor in 2009, Washington bureau chief 2011

Current position/role: Washington bureau chief

  • also writes/written for: contributed articles and reports to the BBC, International Herald Tribune, Far Eastern Economic Review

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Controversy/Criticism: China bans Richard McGregor's book on the Communist Party - A new book about the Chinese Communist Party by a leading Australian journalist appears to have been banned in China - The Australian, 19th July 2010




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  • Japan Swings: Politics, Culture and Sex in the new Japan

Latest work: The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers



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Website: / Richard McGregor

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Articles: 2014

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  • The party organiser - In spite of China’s economic reforms, six decades of Communist rule have only reinforced the vast clout of a secretive personnel department that controls the fate of myriad officials - 1st October 2009
  • So Clinton was right about Beijing and jello - The internet in China has reinforced anti-western sentiment in ways that have proved all but impossible to counteract - 7th May 2008
  • Good days: Australia prospers from China’s resource needs - As the charter aircraft sweeps low over the desolate Pilbara mining district of Western Australia, home to one of the world’s most valuable iron ore deposits, Sam Walsh casts his eye over the rich red dirt below - 2nd April 2008 (with Peter Smith)
  • Tibet untamed: why growth is not enough at China’s restive frontier - When China inaugurated the first rail link to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa in 2006, officials were justifiably thrilled at the engineering achievement - 31st March 2008
  • Holding the line: Burma’s junta subdues its people – and the world - After violently suppressing anti-government marches last year, Burma’s ruling generals are hunt­ing a new enemy in the dilapidated city of Rangoon, zeroing in on street vendors who sell pirated DVDs. The object of the junta’s wrath is the latest Rambo film, in which the Vietnam veteran played by Sylvester Stallone battles Burmese soldiers to rescue missionaries held for assisting persecuted ethnic minorities (with Amy Kazmin) - 26th March 2008
  • China’s champions: Why state ownership is no longer proving a dead hand - When the Aluminium Corporation of China acquired a 9 per cent stake in Rio Tinto last month, the Chinese state-owned company pulled off a number of firsts (with Geoff Dyer) - 16th March 2008
  • China’s grandfather has to find his balance - On Monday, “Grandfather Wen”, as Wen Jiabao is known, holds his annual press conference at the close of the National People’s Congress. With a captive audience running to hundreds of millions, China’s premier will be in command of a bully pulpit of awesome dimensions - 12th March 2008
  • China wishes its manufacturing masses a happy new year at work - In Guangdong, the southern Chinese manufacturing heartland that is home to about 19m migrant workers, radio talk show hosts this week began broadcasting a surprising commentary - 31st january 2008
  • A relationship that is broad but too shallow - After meeting the incoming Chinese commerce minister in a series of encounters in and around Beijing last week, Carlos Gutierrez mused out loud about his new counterpart and the system that had produced him - 20th Deceember 2007
  • More powerful than ever: How China’s Communist party is firming its grip - On their first day of class at the Communist party’s management school in Shanghai, students make a pilgrimage to a small museum commemorating the 1921 meeting of 13 activists who founded what has become the world’s largest political organisation - 11th October 2007

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