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A British Exit From the EU Would Have Global Consequences +European economy  +, UK economy  +, EU economy  +,
A punitive approach to refugees will lead Europe to unrest and corruption +EU and World Affairs  +, Australia  +, Refugee policies  +,
A respectable Ukip would be pointless +Political parties  +, Ukip  +
A4 wordt verbreed +Aim market  +, Anticorporate activism  +, Globalisation  +,
Afghanistan should leave its copper in the ground to avoid further strife +Mining  +, Mining issues  +, Afghanistan  +
After Nigel Farage resigns, Ukip's future is in the North +Ukip  +
All this speculation about the identity of the 'new Jihadi John' is missing the point entirely +Islamist terrorism  +, ISIS  +
Amateurs are handing victory to the Remain camp +European Union  +, Brexit  +
Andrea Leadsom gives Right-wing Tories a chance to take their party back +Conservative Party  +, Andrea Leadsom  +
Angela Merkel has a red and a yellow button. One ends the crisis. Which does she push? +Economists  +, EU constitution  +, EU economy  +,
Are we heading for a crash? +Economics  +, Financial economics  +, Financial markets  +
Are you opposed to fracking? Then you might just be a terrorist +Environment and Resources  +, Fracking  +
As Greece fractures, old wounds are reopening +Greece  +
As Greece stares into the abyss, Europe must choose +Greece  +
As the CofE's top man, Justin Welby must cope with our infantile projections +Religion  +, Church of England  +, Justin Welby  +
Australia against Isis: how much do we actually know? +Islamist terrorism  +, ISIS  +
Australia's refugee policies: a global inspiration for all the wrong reasons +Australia  +, Immigration  +, Refugee policies  +


Banks 'destroying small firms': Cable report accuses RBS and Lloyds of 'unscrupulous' practices +Banking  +, RBS Global Restructuring Group controversy  +
Blackfriar: RBS bosses must finally get a grip +Banking  +, RBS Global Restructuring Group controversy  +
Boris Johnson has just launched his latest Euro-myth +European Union  +, Brexit  +, Boris Johnson  +
Brexit Would Make U.K. Trade Less Free +European Union  +, Brexit  +, EU referendum  +
Brexit crisis offers an opportunity to reshape the economy for benefit of all +Economics  +, Brexit  +
Brexit has exposed an establishment unfit to govern. Time to rebuild politics +Brexit  +
Brexit hasn't defunded Britain. So why is Project Fear willing us to fail? +European Union  +, Brexit  +
Brexit would not bring an apocalypse to City interests +City of London  +, European Union  +, Brexit  +
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