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Antony Loewenstein +My Israel question  +, The blogging revolution  +, Left turn  +,


Ben Brown +Sandstealers  +
Bruce Anderson +John Major: the making of the Prime Minister  +


Christopher Booker +The Neophiliacs: Revolution in English Life in the Fifties and Sixties  +, Goodbye London: an illustrated guide to threatened buildings  +, The seventies: portrait of a decade  +,


Daisy Buchanan +The Wickedly Unofficial Guide To Made In Chelsea  +
David Bolchover +The 90-Minute Manager: Lessons from the Sharp End of Management  +, The Living Dead: Switched Off, Zoned Out - The Shocking Truth About Office Life  +, Pay check : are top earners really worth it?  +
David Graeber +Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value: The False Coin of Our Own Dreams. New York  +, Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology  +, Lost People: Magic and the Legacy of Slavery in Madagascar  +,


Glenn Greenwald1 +How Would a Patriot Act? - defending American values from a president run amok  +, A tragic legacy - how a good versus evil mentality destroyed the Bush presidency  +, Great American hypocrites - toppling the big myths of Republican politics  +


Joan Bakewell +The new priesthood: British television today  +, The centre of the bed  +, Belief  +,


Matthew d'Ancona +The ties that bind us: a study of civic society in an English town  +, The Jesus papyrus  +, The quest for the true cross  +,


Nafeez Ahmed +A user's guide to the crisis of civilization and how to save it  +, The London bombings : an independent inquiry  +, The war on truth : 9/11, disinformation, and the anatomy of terrorism  +,


Patrick Bishop +The winter war: the Falklands  +, The Provisional IRA (with [ Eamonn Mallie])  +, Famous victory: the Gulf War  +,


Roger Bootle +Theory of Money  +, Index-Linked Gilts  +, Death of Inflation: Surviving and Thriving in the Zero Era  +,


Selina Todd +Young Women, Work, and Family in England, 1918-1950  +
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