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'It’s not patients’ fault if antibiotics have lost their power to save lives +Doctors have been dishing them out far too much, and now we're paying for it  +
'UK could become fourth largest economy within decades' +In 20 years time, the chances are that the UK will still be a large economy and a major force in world affairs  +


2014: A grim year for politics, but a worse one for our children +Few issues in public life today are more disturbing than the criminally dysfunctional state of our “child protection” system  +
236p a share? Peppa Pigs might fly +Who says being a financial journo is a doss? You try it. The research you have to do: such as five hours watching Peppa Pig on YouTube. And all because ITV boss Adam Crozier fancies buying the prima donna porker  +


700 years on, they broke through the oak ceiling +Notebook  +


A 'Grexit' may not be too harmful +Greece is going to default. Its debt position is unsustainable. The key questions are: when will it default; and what will the default be called?  +
A British Exit From the EU Would Have Global Consequences +There are powerful reasons to believe Britons will ultimately vote to stay in the EU, but the alternative can’t be dismissed as a minor risk  +
A Greek lesson for Britain’s chancellor +After six years of painful austerity, better times are finally coming for the bailout nation  +
A Rosetta to unlock the greatest mystery +Beyond the unprecedented technical trickery lies a wealth of scientific promise  +
A Trump win need not be as bad as markets fear +For all his bluster, Mr Trump is not bound to be a disaster  +
A baby must never become a ‘faulty product’ if surrogacy doesn’t go to plan +There may be problems with the UK law but its emphasis on the protection of the surrogate mother remains the correct approach  +
A coincidence, or a conspiracy? +Today’s airports puzzler: what do you call a government that cuts Heathrow’s business rates and jacks up Gatwick’s only weeks before the great runway decision?  +
A computer has passed the Turing test for humanity – should we be worried? +In essence, being human is fundamentally a moral category not a biometric one – it is unlikely that artificial intelligence will ever surpass us on this score  +
A disturbing case of child removal that you can’t read about +One of the most bizarre examples of over-reacting social workers imaginable in Scotland has finally come to court but now I can't report any further details  +
A fitting end for Alan Yentob? +This absurdly overpaid, relentlessly self-promoting corporate bureaucrat should resign from the BBC  +
A frocky horror show on the web +So, how is your portfolio of dotcom retailers? Bit threadbare after the [ Asos] frock horror?  +
A gadget between sorcery and science +Polygraphs are capable of exonerating the guilty and framing the innocent  +
A great city has to be a gay-friendly city too +A celebration of Manchester; Boris language; a lovely slow month  +
A great novel gives us access to a world outside ourselves +Reading is a passport to freedom from the all-about-me culture we now inhabit  +
A liberal sigh of disdain could see Britain tumble out of Europe +Brexiters’ biggest asset is anti-elite resentment. And pro-Europeans misunderstand that at their peril  +
A lingering bouquet that does Paris no favours +I love Paris in the springtime when it sizzles, but I don’t love Paris in the springtime when it smells of pee  +
A little help from m’learned friends +MPs have a right to express their opinion over who was responsible for BHS being sold, with its underfunded pension, for £1 to the thrice-bankrupt Dominic Chappell, especially when the business has since collapsed and left 20,000 pensioners in the lurch  +
A match made in heaven or hell? +Is Warren East going into the matchmaking business? The Rolls-Royce boss has just rounded up investors to tell them one of his key goals is “improving customer intimacy”, not least among defence clients  +
A message to the Tories: beware triumphalism, stormy waters lie ahead +An EU referendum, a self-federalising UK – profound challenges lie ahead for David Cameron in what could be a gruelling second term  +
A million shoppers can’t be wrong . . . +Let’s get things into perspective. Tesco has just been named “champion supermarket” - at the British Cheese Awards  +
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