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Full name: Philippa Davenport

Area of interest: Food and cookery

Journals/Organisation: Financial Times


Personal website:

Website: FT.Com / Philippa Davenport







Career: Food and cookery writer for FT for more than twenty years

Current position/role:

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Latest work: The apple source book OCLC 148294898, 2007 (by Sue Clifford and Angela King with Philippa Davenport)


Financial Times:

Column name: Philippa Davenport

Column name:

Remit/Info: Cookery

Section: FT Weekend

Role: Columnist



Website: FT.Com / Philippa Davenport

Commissioning Editor:

Day published: Saturday

Regularity: Varies

Column format:

Average length: 1350

Articles: 2006 / 2007

no recent articles

  • When a cheese is born - Somerset is no stranger to tourism. Long before hippies trailed to Glastonbury’s festival of music and mud, Victorian romantics flocked to the sites of Arthurian legend - 14th December 2007
  • Apple day comes of age - I am eating an apple as I write: juicy, crisp, acid yet sweet. A truly English taste - 26th October 2007
  • Mutton dressed as... goose? - Carefully chosen, carefully cooked mutton is a princely dish - 2nd December 2006
  • Page-turners for pan-stirrers - The year 2006 started with little to excite the appetite of food and cookery bookworms - 17th November 2006
  • The apples of our eyes - In 1974 London’s famous fruit and vegetable wholesale market was swept out of Covent Garden to south of the Thames. But the ghost of Eliza Doolittle refused to move - 20th October 2006
  • The flower that mustn't go to seed - Travelling, as I did recently, with a tiny packet of dried fennel flowers from Monti Sibillini in my pocket, ensured I had fellow passengers on the plane buzzing round me like bees - 16th September 2006
  • What your choice of water says about you - Though most Britons are ignorant about what constitutes quality in water, and are unable to decode the labels on bottled waters, water quality seems to have become a national obsession - 5th August 2006
  • America's golden state enjoys its salad daze - When recently I visited northern California for the first time, I was struck, of course, by the sheer beauty of the place and, less obviously, by its vegetables - 1st July 2006
  • The seed of a good idea - Acouple of months ago, a feast of Irish food and drinks producers came to Covent Garden - 17th June 2006
  • Jersey's cash cow - Blackpool may aspire to become a British Las Vegas. The Channel Island of Jersey does not. It is blessedly devoid of one-armed bandits, kiss-me-quick hats and candyfloss culture - 20th May 2006
  • Skeletons in the kitchen cupboards - If you live in the same place for many years, possessions accumulate and eventually lead to clutter - 29th April 2006
  • Green and very, very pleasant - Easter in England marks the end of hibernation. It's time to get out and about - 15th April 2006
  • Baker & Spice andall things nice - Gail Mejia's flair for food presentation was evident the moment I met her, 10 years ago, when she was setting up Baker & Spice in Knightsbridge - 8th April 2006
  • Remember the taste of 'celebration chicken'? - My childhood birthdays were special, not least because they were the one day of the year when I got to choose the menu - 1st April 2006
  • Rising to a challenge - It was the words "organic" and "pure butter" that led me to buy it - and the small-print legend "luxury luxury luxury" running round the edge of the distinctive black and white box - 25th March 2006
  • Fishy tales and recipes for religious abstinence - Until a century ago the Christian calendar was dotted with days when meat and dairy foods might not pass the lips of the faithful but fish could - 11th March 2006
  • An orange byany other name - Oranges are the cheerleaders of the fruit world, capable of swinging our mood from black to bright. They are theperfect winter tonic - 4th March 2006
  • Everything is used but the squeak - This is the story of a transformation from bristly pig on the hoof to fresh and cured meats of unsurpassed excellence - 25th February 2006
  • Stay well preserved - Fresh, seasonal and local. The buzz of those buzzwords in the food world is growing louder. But the message is getting fuzzier as it spreads - 18th February 2006
  • Skill and magic: the art of butter-making - Much butter on sale today is a denatured factory product, almost as unpalatable as margarine. But real butter is, literally, la crème de la crème: the carrier of the aromas and flavours of the cream from which it is made - 11th February 2006
  • Put a bit of artisanal butteronyourbread - January may be over, but it is never too late to make a new year's resolution. So I would like to propose that thinking cooks join me in making 2006 a year in which to seek out and enjoy better butter - 4th February 2006

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