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Full name: Philip Coggan

Area of interest: Economic and Financial markets

Journals/Organisation: The Economist | Financial Times (until 2006)

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Education: Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

Career: Assistant Editor at Euromoney Currency Report and Corporate Finance. With the Financial Times from 1986 as economics correspondent, markets editor, personal finance editor and Lex columnist. Moved to the Economist in 2006

Current position/role: The Economist: Buttonwood columnist and Capital Markets Editor

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Awards/Honours: Investment Journalist of the Year in the State Street 2006 Institutional Press Awards (Award made for articles written while at the Financial Times)



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Latest work: Guide to hedge funds: what they are, what they do, their risks, their advantages OCLC 185021549, 2008



The Economist:

Column name: Buttonwood

Remit/Info: Economic and financial markets: Fund management, Investment, Markets

(derives its name from the 1792 Buttonwood Agreement (signed under a buttonwood tree) regulating brokers on Wall Street)

Section: Finance & Economics

Role: Capital markets editor / Buttonwood columnist


Email: Philip Coggan: contact form


Commissioning Editor:

Day published: Thursday

Regularity: Weekly

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Articles: 2015

  • Fifteen years of hurt - Tech stocks were a bubble in 2000 but they are not this time—yet - 1st May
  • A zeal for deals - Corporate takeovers are booming once again - 17th April
  • Mayday - Financial markets have not priced in Britain’s shaky politics - 28th March
  • The curse of the top dog - Apple’s low price-earnings ratio reflects understandable scepticism - 6th March
  • False hope - Most trading strategies are not tested rigorously enough - 20th February
  • The sky’s the limit - Commercial property has been delivering excellent returns - 13th February
  • A peg in a poke - Currency markets have suddenly become a lot more volatile - 30th January
  • Accentuate the negative - Why investors would opt to lose money - 23rd January

Articles: 2014

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Articles: 2008

  • Ready for a rally? - Markets could decouple from the economy in 2009—in a pleasant way for equity investors - 30th December 2008
  • Locked away - The hedge-fund industry imprisons its clients and weakens its appeal - 11th December 2008
  • Star struck - A cautionary tale from within the fund-management industry - 4th December 2008
  • The issuance issue - It will not be easy to find a market for all that government debt - 27th November 2008
  • The big mo - Why do share prices move relentlessly in one direction? - 20th November 2008
  • An appetising spread - The corporate-bond market is discounting very bad news - 13th November 2008
  • Clare and present danger - Is this the time to make a long-term bet on equities? - 6th November 2008
  • All bets are off - Spreading the risk has spread the losses - 30th October 2008
  • Margin for error - Banking profits have already suffered. Now it is the rest of the market’s turn - 23rd October 2008
  • The big bear - History has to be rewritten after the market’s recent falls - 16th October 2008
  • Carry on screaming - Have markets got what they wanted at last? - 9th October 2008
  • Weaken the sinews - Why it is risky to speak so plainly of impending doom - 2nd October 2008
  • A cautionary tale from the future - This newspaper story has just come to light after falling through a gap in the space-time continuum - 26th September 2008
  • Looking for the bright side - Are there any signs that this could be a buying opportunity? - 18th September 2008
  • Credit and blame.. - A must-read on the origins of the crisis - 11th September 2008
  • Fuel for thought - Despite lower commodity prices, there is still a lot to worry about - 7th August 2008
  • Profits of doom - The rise of the bearish analyst - 31st July 2008
  • A time for pruning - Signs that the hedge-fund industry is growing more slowly - 24th July 2008
  • Turning panic into opportunity - How to tell when markets may have hit bottom - 17th July 2008
  • A fate worse than debt - Banking-industry woes once again disrupt the credit markets - 10th July 2008
  • A gap in the hedge - Owning shares is no shield against the scourge of inflation - 3rd July 2008
  • Losing their halo - Emerging markets start to falter - 26th June 2008
  • From buy-backs to sell-backs - Shareholders beware. Companies are clinging on to their cash - 19th June 2008
  • Let them heat coke - How green taxes hurt the poor - 12th June 2008
  • Recovery? What recovery? - The credit crunch looks far from over - 5th June 2008
  • Not so vigilant - The puzzle of low Treasury-bond yields - 29th May 2008
  • Catch two-and-twenty - The paradox of investing in alternative assets - 22nd May 2008
  • Crude threat - High oil prices may yet damage the global economy - 15th May 2008
  • Backing greens with greenbacks - It takes patience and guts to invest in the environment - 8th May 2008
  • The fragility of perfection - When supply chains go wrong - 1st May 2 2008
  • Swap shop - Why one part of the credit markets just keeps on growing - 24th April 2008
  • Still vulnerable - It looks too early to be buying financial stocks - 17th April 2008
  • Hung, drawn and first-quartered - After a painful period, investors face a stark choice - 3rd April 2008
  • Requiem for a prudent man - A fund manager's career has lessons for today's investors - 27th March 2008
  • Apocalypse - Investment havens in a time of panic - 19th March 2008
  • Privates on parade - Public markets and private equity have not mixed - 13th March 2008
  • Bling fling - Gold is enjoying a speculative surge. Beware - 6th March 2008
  • Structural fault - Why debt markets and shares have parted company - 28th February 2008
  • Beyond reason - The strange existence of market anomalies - 21st February 2008
  • Hedge podge - Despite mixed results, hedge funds earn a little respect - 14th February 2008
  • Bear necessities - When will the stockmarket become a buying opportunity? - 7th February 2008
  • Heart of Glass - Existing regulation seems to encourage banks to get into trouble - 31st January 2008
  • Finding default - What isn't known about bad debts - 17th January 2008
  • Riding the cycle - Why volatility will never go away - 10th January 2008
  • And God created alpha - A looming challenge for the fund-management industry - 3rd January 2008

Financial Times:

Column name: 'Short view / Long view / Last Word columns' - (ceased Sept 2006)

Remit/Info: Investment

Section: Money

Role: Investment editor



Website: FT.Com / Philip Coggan (archive)

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