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Full name: Paul Taylor

Area of interest: Personal technology

Journals/Organisation: Financial Times


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Blog/Forum: Tech Blog | beyondbrics





Education: Oxford University: Politics, Philosophy and Economics BA; Cardiff University: PG dip Journalism

Career: FT's: local government correspondent, assistant news editor, Americas page editor, New York correspondent, foreign news editor, SE Asia business correspondent and management writer - for most of the 1990's was FT's IT correspondent. Briefly left FT in 2000 to help found a web-based technology analysis start-up (he is now based in New York)

Current position/role: Personal technology columnist and editor of FT's connected-business

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Remit/Info: New developments in software, hardware and IT services

Section: Business life

Role: Columnist



Personal website:

Website: FT.Com / Paul Taylor (see also Gadget Guru blog/forum)

Commissioning editor:

Day published: Friday

Regularity: Weekly

Column format:

Average length: 950/1250 words

Articles: 2013

Articles: 2010

  • Sprint’s subscriber gains fail to impress - Sprint, the third-largest US mobile network operator, recorded a third-quarter loss in spite of strong post-paid subscriber growth - 29th October
  • Look how far we have come - Paul Taylor traces the development of smartphone and marvels at its pace of change and inventiveness - 3rd September
  • Drop it, drench it, stamp on it - Able to absorb shocks and a spilt cup of coffee, Panasonic’s Toughbook F9 is a rugged laptop with a softer price tag - 27th August
  • Your home network, anywhere - The new home server from Dane-Elec offers security and ease of use without bother and technobabble - 20th August
  • A simpler way to keep watch - Logitech’s latest range of security video systems for use in homes is easy to set up and capable of high-quality images - 13th August
  • BlackBerry’s new torchbearer - With a new operating system, RIM’s Torch handset puts the company back in the smartphone race - 6th August
  • Text that is as good as your word - Dragon’s latest version of NaturallySpeaking is an impressive advance in voice recognition and control for PCs - 30th July
  • Taking the lug out of luggage - Toshiba’s latest Portégé ultraportables are more affordable than their rivals, while remaining light, slim and stylish - 23rd July
  • All for one and one for all - Sony’s Vaio J-Series offers an affordable introduction to the style and convenience of all-in-one desktops - 16th July
  • Best of the internet on your TV - Set-top box makers are vying to stream high-definition and multimedia content direct to your television - 9th July
  • Switch on to holiday mode - Handy electronic devices are a delight to take on vacation – but how well do they cope with sun, sea and sand? - 2nd July
  • Microsoft Office 2010 gets connected - Web Apps, an overhaul of Outlook and other features combine to help Microsoft’s flagship suite take on its rivals - 11th June
  • Should you take another tablet? - The Archos 7 Home Tablet is cheaper and offers features the iPad lacks, but it is up against a device that has redefined the market - 4th June
  • An insight into the 4G future - Not only is the HTC EVO bristling with features, but it shows how future high-speed mobile data services might operate - 28th May
  • Headsets for easy listening - Whatever your budget and whether you are an audiophile or a casual listener, there is a pair of headphones for you - 21st May
  • Battle of the smartphones - HTC’s Droid Incredible mobile phone is the latest Google Android-based handset to take on Apple’s iPhone - 14th May
  • Future-proof your data storage -Seagate’s new modular external hard drive enables users to back up their data and upgrade their systems easily - 7th May
  • Online all the time, anywhere - The WebConnect Rocket is the latest device that is claimed to provide fast, wireless access to the internet - 30th April
  • Good value in black and white - The high cost of colour print cartridges means monochrome printers are an option worth considering - 23rd April
  • Home movie-making at full tilt - The Flip SlideHD’s clever and fun slide-out screen makes it simple to record, watch and share video clips - 16th April
  • A compact camera for grown-ups - Olympus’s latest device has all the features of a DSLR but is far less bulky - 9th April
  • For those who want first bite - Should you buy Apples’s latest ‘must-have’ offering? The answer may well depend on what hardware you already own - 6th April
  • Smartphones for all - Nokia’s Nuron 5230 provides an affordable taste of the kind of features offered by more sophisticated mobiles - 26th March
  • Hybrid machine that stands out - The Lenovo x100e’s size, weight and good-enough performance are more important than whether it is a netbook or laptop - 19th March
  • More than just a home network - The extra features on Iomega’s new storage device add several new media functions as well as general flexibility - 12th March
  • More power to the written word - The sleek and handy DocuPen Xtreme X05 can transfer copies of printed matter to a PC or smartphone - 5th March
  • Browsers joust for position - As European consumers are reminded of their choices, speed and add-ons are becoming the focus of attention to win market share - 26th February
  • Ultra-light, but not lightweight - The latest in Sony’s Vaio Z Series is a powerhouse of a laptop, but, is its premium performance worth a premium price? - 19th February
  • Let’s hear it for Bluetooth headsets - The Aliph Jawbone Icon is comfortable and easy to use – but many consumers might still prefer a speakerphone - 12th February
  • Free and easy computer security - The Avast anti-virus program is the latest no-cost or low-cost software to guard against internet attack. But, how does it match up against its rivals? - 5th February
  • A worthy standard bearer - The launch of Google’s Nexus One smartphone created a buzz not seen since the introduction of the iPhone. Paul Taylor gives it a thorough examination to see if it lives up to the hype - 29th January
  • Its competitors still cannot touch the iPod - Ten years since MP3 players revolutionised how we listen to music, Apple’s latest music players are keeping the company ahead of its many rivals - 22nd January
  • Tune in to TV on the move - Mobile television services have come a long way since the first pocket handsets with huge aerials – and they look set for further change - 15th January
  • BlackBerry still tatier than Apple - RIM’s offering remains the best smartphone, but challengers such as Apple’s iPhone or the Nexus One have what consumers want - 8th January

Articles: 2009

  • Nokia casts its net further - The Booklet 3G is a stylish portable PC that shows the mobile phone maker can merge communications and computing technology - 18th December
  • Behold the broader picture - The latest digital photo frames are more than that – they can play music, keep you in touch with friends online and show the weather forecast - 11th December
  • Holiday shopping wrapped up - The final part of Paul Taylor’s gift guide rates this year’s e-book readers, laptops and netbooks, GPS navigation systems, all-in-ones – and some socking stocking stuffers - 4th December
  • Let the shopping begin - In the first part of our holiday gift guide, smartphones, digital music devices and cameras are the gadgets that make the grade - 27th November
  • Sound solution for music fans - Olive’s latest digital home audio system marries the convenience of the electronic format with playback of audiophile quality. It can also stream tracks to any part of the house - 20th November
  • The Droid joins the battle - Motorola’s most recent smartphone is the best Android handset so far, with a big touchscreen and slide-out keyboard that make it is a serious challenger to its rivals - 13th November
  • Your eyes away from home - Video security systems for monitoring your home when you are not there do not need to be a nightmare to set up - 6th November
  • Plaything with a purpose - A useful alternative to lugging around a laptop, the MPro120 may help pico-projectors shed their image as mere gimmicky gadgets - 30th October
  • Just relax and recharge - Keeping track of the chargers is a major headache. Wireless charging systems are still in development, but offer some help - 23rd October
  • The route to migration - With Microsoft Windows 7 to be launched next week, Paul Taylor offers some tips on how to minimise the pain of upgrading your operating system - 16th October
  • Microsoft aims for a mobile rebirth - The launch of Windows Mobile 6.5, the newest version of the veteran mobile phone operating system, is Microsoft’s latest attempt to take on its smartphone rivals - 9th October
  • Garmin offering looks a little dated - US-based satellite navigation market leader puts its Nuvifone G60, the first Linux-powered combination 3G mobile phone and full-feature GPS navigator, on the market - 9th October
  • Digital cameras in focus - The latest models range from DSLRs with interchangeable lens systems to the less ambitious, but often better value, ‘point-and-shoot’ devices - 2nd October
  • The sound of silence - Wearing headphones or earbuds is an excellent way to block tiresome background din when travelling – and the latest from Bose are some of the best - 25th September
  • Zune squares up to iPod - Microsoft’s latest portable media player, with its focus on video functionality and a nifty web browser, hopes to challenge Apple’s dominant position - 17th September
  • Tools for small business - For anyone planning to start a small business, getting the right technology solution – a low-cost, efficient and reliable IT system – can be tricky. Microsoft’s Windows Small Business Server provides the essential technology any such venture needs - 11th September
  • A fast and easy upgrade - Apple’s new operating system – the OS X 10.6 or Snow Leopard – does not look vastly different to existing packages, but improvements behind the scenes make it a worthy investment - 4th September
  • Sony turns e-reader page - Having lost an early lead in the market, the Japanese company is fighting back against Amazon with three Kindle-rivalling devices - 28th August
  • Tech tips for term time - School and college students have a raft of electronic devices to choose from, ranging from laptops and printers to smartphones and hand-held scanners - 21st August
  • Plugged in and up to date - Unlike many remote access products, Pogoplug is cheap, and quick and easy to set up and use. If only it was smaller and prettier - 14th August
  • Browser battler fights back - The speed, usability and sophistication of its add-ons mean the latest version of Firefox is still more than a match for its better financed rivals - 7th August
  • More than a simple phone - The latest smartphones come with plenty of interesting new options - 31st July
  • Tidy your iTunes library - Two new software packages – TuneUp Media and Cloudbrain’s TidySongs – aim to make sorting and navigating an extensive but messy music collection easier and more enjoyable - 24th July
  • Freedom to call the shots - Too many phones and numbers? Help is at hand to regain control of complex personal communications thanks to two free new services - 17th July
  • Netbooks hit the big time - Many of the distinctions between netbooks and low-end laptops are disappearing, with ever more low-cost options that offer better processing power, graphics capabilities and performance - 10th July
  • Smarter ways to talk - The latest mobile models from Apple, Palm and Nokia address the shortcomings of their predecessors and make significant advances - 3rd July
  • Capture that web page - Like many information workers, I rely to a large extent on the internet, and the web in particular, for research. But it can be like navigating a labyrinth – even with a search engine – and the challenges do not stop there - 26th June
  • Gadget kit for the beach - Sun, sand and water can wreck sensitive personal electronics equipment – but some makers of phones, cameras and protective casings have responded to the challenge - 19th June
  • Apple’s new lease of iLife - The latest edition of the multimedia suite is better than earlier versions and features innovations, particularly in the iPhoto application, that are fun and easy to use - 15th June
  • The search continues - Microsoft’s new Bing search engine will challenge rivals such as Google and Yahoo and step up the competition thanks to a host of important features that help define it - 5th June
  • Dell takes on laptop elite - The new Adamo laptop – which rivals Apple’s MacBook Air in the design stakes – gives the computer maker bragging rights as the world’s thinnest - 29th May
  • A hotspot to call your own - Two devices are setting new standards in wireless networking and image uploading - 22nd May
  • Defining moments for TV - Samsung’s ultra-slim high definition televisions set new benchmarks for quality - 15th May
  • The theory of simplicity - The latest data back-up, storage and distribution products would delight Albert Einstein - 8th May
  • Ready-mixed listening - SanDisk’s Sansa slotRadio offers users the no-fuss option of prepackaged tunes - 1st April
  • Seats at the virtual table - Meetings can be held online with ease and security using the latest services and software - 24th April
  • Calls from the wild - With its impressive features, the Iridium 9555 is a leap forward for satellite phones - 17th April
  • A password to the wise - Forgotten log-on details are a thing of the past if you find the right software package - 3rd April
  • Surge of interest in universal chargers - Moves to introduce a single device for mobile phones would benefit travellers - 2nd April
  • How to be mindful of memory - Flagging laptops are expensive to replace, but it is relatively easy to upgrade the hard drive - 27th March
  • A lightweight contender - Sony’s Vaio P offers elegance and high resolution, but could do with a little more punch - 20th March
  • The pick of the free apps - From maps to music, new applications are transforming the mobile software market - 13th March
  • Switch on for a good read - Amazon’s vast archive of books, and wireless connectivity, make the Kindle 2 attractive - 6th March
  • The power to roam freely - Skuku’s roaming service lets travellers make savings and keep their mobile numbers - 26th February
  • Catch every spoken word - Even an untidy scrawl can be read back accurately, thanks to the Pulse smartpen - 20th February
  • Complete control at home - Control4 is a single system for controlling your music, lights and heating, even remotely - 13th February
  • Printers that take the load - All-in-one devices make it easy to connect to a wireless network to print, fax, scan or copy - 6th February
  • Thrills, spills and low bills - You pay for toughness in a ‘business-rugged’ laptop, but the extra protection may be worth it - 30th January
  • Freebies for the taking - From web browsers to firewalls, outstanding software packages can be had at zero cost - 23rd January
  • Newish Vistas open up - The trial version of Microsoft’s Windows 7 is a slicker package than its predecessors - 15th January
  • Higher tech, lower prices - More innovation for less money looks like the trump card at the industry’s showcase - 8th January

Articles: 2008

  • Fast work for slow PCs - Sluggish computers can get a new burst of speed with specialist software utilities - 19th December 2008
  • Hot gifts with cool prices - Part two of my guide looks at cameras, HDTVs, video games and GPS systems - 12th December 2008
  • A gadget lover’s gift guide - a round-up of hot new products that could well catch Santa’s eye - 5th December 2008
  • Get the bigger picture - The new SlingCatcher looks the most elegant of an exciting range of TV set-top devices - 28th November 2008
  • BlackBerry’s new squeeze - The Storm smartphone introduces a responsive ‘virtual’ keyboard that is likely to appeal to heavy e-mail users - 21st November 2008
  • DSLRs get in the picture - Several digital SLRs with a host of exciting features have been launched recently - 14th November 2008
  • Pint-sized laptops grow up - Netbooks combining good performance and cute styling are a surprise success - 7th November 2008
  • A bunch of fresh Berrys - The latest BlackBerrys address very different markets. All have a sleek interface - 31st October 2008
  • Google’s iPhone challenger - The G1 is a step up for smartphones in general and a potential challenger to Apple’s iPhone. But its shortcomings must be addressed - 23rd October 2008
  • Video made nice and easy - The new Flip Mino camcorder ticks several boxes – small, light and cheap, it has many neat features that make it easy to use - 17th October 2008
  • Make a new connection - The latest range of 3G wireless routers extend the usefulness of datacards and offer alternatives if WiFi fails - 9th October 2008
  • Get plenty of back-up - A hard-disk recovery service saved the day after a disastrous episode involving copies - 2nd October 2008
  • Keep an electronic eye out - Tracking devices that were once the stuff of spy movies are now available to commuters - 25th September 2008
  • Get ahead in the clouds - Demands on hard drives make cloud computing’s online services attractive - 18th September 2008
  • Reader turns a new page - An electronic book reader has some welcome advantages - 11th September 2008
  • Smart moves by phone - New features on the latest smartphones will appeal to sophisticated consumers and business professionals - 4th September 2008
  • Software gets the picture - Images and video clips need to be edited, sorted, tagged and stored – a daunting task unless you have the right software - 28th August 2008
  • A live trial speaks volumes - In the choice of speakers sound quality is highly objective – so try before you buy - 21st August 2008
  • Stay fast, but keep safe - Big names in internet security are rolling out suites with a minimal effect on performance - 14th August 2008
  • PCs that take you at your word - With an absence of any viable alternatives, the keyboard has long been the favoured input device. That may be about to change - 7th August 2008
  • Spying eyes keep guard - Video surveillance cameras and home security systems offer useful protection at relatively low cost - 31st July 2008
  • Memories are made of bits - While I access most of my music, photographs and movies in digital form, I also have many precious memories locked up in analogue in the shape of vinyl LPs, family photographs and film - 24th July 2008
  • Apple fails BlackBerry test - Like one million other eager beavers around the globe, I have now been playing with Apple’s new third-generation iPhone for a week - 17th July 2008
  • Elixirs of life for tired PCs - For weeks my wife complained her desktop PC was getting slower - 10th July 2008
  • Gadgets find new ways forward - Portable navigation devices, or GPS-based satellite navigation systems, have become one of the hottest consumer electronic gadgets for drivers - 3rd July 2008

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