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Full name: Niall Ferguson

Area of interest: Politics and Economics - expert on the origins of conflict in the 20th century

Journals/Organisation: Financial Times | Los Angeles Times


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Networks:!/nfergus |



Education: The Glasgow Academy | Magdalen College, Oxford (Demy): 1st-class honours degree

Career: biography

Current position/role: weekly columnist for Newsweek

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Other roles/Main role: Professor of History at Harvard University; senior research fellow at Jesus College, Oxford University: senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University

  • Laurence Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University - teaches in the History Department and the Harvard Business School as the William Ziegler Professor of Business Administration. Also holds fellowships at Jesus College, University of Oxford, and at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. (Previously John Herzog Chair of Financial History at New York University (NYU), Professor of Modern History at University of Oxford)

Other activities: Hired as a consultant by GLG Partners, Hedge Fund, September 2007 (source: City AM 28/09/07); contributing editor for Bloomberg TV



Broadcast media:

Video: Regularly contributes to television and radio

  • Channel 4: China: Triumph and Turmoil, examines China's ascendancy, and asks what the future holds for the world's most populous country and its relationship with the rest of the world, March 2012
  • Channel 4: Civilization: Is the West History?, March 2011
  • Channel 4: The War of the World: A new history of the 20th century (2006)
  • wrote/presented six-part history of the British Empire for Channel 4 (2003)
  • documentary based on Colossus: The Rise and Fall of the American Empire, Channel 4 (2004)

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Awards/Honours: Paper and Iron: Hamburg Business and German Politics in the Era of Inflation 1897-1927 (Cambridge University Press, 1995), short-listed for the History Today Book of the Year award; The World’s Banker: The History of the House of Rothschild (Weidenfeld & Nicolson) won the Wadsworth Prize for Business History and was short-listed for the Jewish Quarterly/Wingate Literary Award as well as the American National Jewish Book Award


Other: Time magazine named him as one of the world’s hundred most influential people, 2004

Books & Debate:

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Latest work: Civilization: the west and the rest OCLC704199921, February 2011, review here by Dominic Lawson in The Sunday Times

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Speaking/Appearances: Centre for Policy Studies Ruttenberg Memorial Lecture: Conservatism and the Crisis: A Transatlantic Trilemma (download lecture here) - 24th March, 2009



  • No regular column

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Articles: 2008

  • An imaginary retrospective of 2009 - Few foresaw the credit crunch of 2008, when people finally gave up trying to predict what lay ahead. For the new year, Niall Ferguson offers his fictional review - 27th December 2008
  • The American Future - This historical rhapsody, which shares Kerouac’s almost inebriated eloquence, is a reflection on the essence of America with a bedrock of deep knowledge behind the bebop prose - 3rd October 2008
  • What price peace? - The Munich agreement, signed 70 years ago, delayed the war in Europe by handing Hitler a part of Czechoslovakia. In hindsight, a year’s peace and economic respite only boosted Germany - 26th September 2008
  • A long shadow - Alan Greenspan, that grandmaster of good timing, last week described the current financial crisis as “probably a once-in-a-century event” - 21st September 2008
  • Their struggle - The Nazi empire turned out to be the least successful piece of colonisation ever seen. Three Hitler biographies offer explanations for the Third Reich’s doom - 13th September 2008
  • How a local squall might become a global tempest - A new and colder front is crossing the macroeconomic weather map: the prospect of a global slowdown. Niall Ferguson considers the outlook - 7th August 2008
  • China’s war on nature - Rapid growth is generating conflicts that may prove hard to keep off the internet – yet the medium is proving as suited to nationalism as to dissent - 14th July 2008
  • Rebellion without a cause - The higher-education earthquake that reverberated across campuses 40 years ago articulated fundamental shifts in society and thinking. Niall Ferguson asks what 1968 has come to mean - 17th May 2008
  • West Village to West Bank - A new readable collection by an authority on sometimes unreadable intellectuals shows how the Left Bank looks from downtown Manhattan - 26th April 2008
  • When worlds collide - Are empires as dominant today as they have ever been? It’s an ambitious claim, but it’s easy to quibble with this work’s conclusions - 28th March 2008
  • Time travellers - Twenty scholars take an imaginary journey back in time and recreate the ambience of key periods in history - 22nd March 2008
  • Slow but sure - Has the democratic wave broken? Is the tide of political freedom now ebbing after the spectacular flow that began in 1989? - 25th January 2008
  • An Ottoman warning for indebted America - Future historians will look back on the current decade as a turning point comparable with that of the Seventies. No, not the 1970s - 1st January 2008

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