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Full name: Mark Kleinman

Area of interest: Business and Finance

Journals/Organisation: UK broadcast


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Website: Sky News: Kleiman |






Education: Eaglesfield School, London; BA in English Lit at the University of York, 1998

Career: 1998 reporter, Leisure Week; 1999 reporter, Precision Marketing; 2000 reporter, then chief reporter, Marketing; 2004 retail correspondent, Sunday Express; 2004 mergers and acquisitions correspondent, Sunday Times; 2006 Asia business editor, Daily and Sunday Telegraph; 2008 City editor, Sunday Telegraph; 2009 City editor, Sky News; 2010 Columnist Financial Times

  • "Mark Kleinman is Sky News’ City Editor. He was previously City Editor of The Sunday Telegraph and prior to that, he reported from Hong Kong on Asia's rapidly-evolving role in the global economy for the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph. He made his name as the mergers and acquisitions correspondent for The Sunday Times, where he broke a string of exclusive stories about major takeover deals." Sky New biography

Current position/role: Sky News: City Editor; Financial Times: columnist

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Viewpoints/Insight: Mark Kleinman: 'It’s all about being trusted’ - The new City editor of Sky News on the importance of schmoozing his contacts and why he's not the channel's answer to Robert Peston - The Guardian, 19th October 2009

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Awards/Honours: At the Sunday Express won ‘Best Scoop’ at the Business Journalist of the Year Awards (2006) - for story about the takeover of P&O, the British ports and ferries operator, by Dubai Ports World

Scoops: Takeover of Harrods by the Qatari royal family; the news of Tony Hayward’s resignation as chief executive of BP; decision of Liverpool FC’s owners to put the club up for sale; Prudential’s controversial £24bn bid for the Asian insurer AIA; Tate & Lyle’s sale of its historic British sugars business; the poaching of Marc Bolland to become the new boss of Marks & Spencer; and secret plans by a group of Manchester United supporters calling themselves the Red Knights to assemble an offer for the Premier League club.


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Column name: Kleinman

Remit/Info: Sky News blog focuses on breaking exclusive stories, as well as offering analysis of the biggest stories in the City and the world of business


Role: City editor



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Articles: 2009

  • New City tax on bonuses delights rivals - Officials in Frankfurt have been making an aggressive pitch to financial institutions to migrate business from London - 18th December
  • Dubai troubles cast doubt on future fundraising - Emirate's debt default rollercoaster is placing enormous uncertainty on future initial public offerings and other issues - 1st December
  • Wm Morrison seeks successor to Marc Bolland - Speculation grows about candidates for supermarket job, with Waitrose boss Mark Price said to be among the contenders - 24th November
  • Smith suffers double blow after reversal at Reed Elsevier - Ian Smith, former chief executive of Reed Elsevier, did not enjoy the best of weeks after being dumped by the publisher - 18th November
  • Forging G20 consensus is harder than it looks - As the politicians struggle to present a united front on banking taxes, can the banks themselves get their act together? - 10th November (writing in The Times)
  • High street bank competition needs sweeteners - As the Government prepares to open up the sector, it will have to do more to encourage a new generation of contenders - 3rd November (writing in The Times)
  • UK Financial Investments must decide if safe bet is price worth paying - Chief executive John Kingman's successor may be announced as early as today and, at the latest, by the end of the week - 27th October
  • No Ball, declare ITV's boardroom umpires - Britain's Got Talent. I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. Is the latest addition to ITV's autumn programme line-up Anyone but Ball? - 2nd August 2009
  • Spotters of economic green shoots need lessons in botany - The sharper-than-expected fall in UK economic output announced on Friday shocked those followers of the dismal science who had been expecting a gentler contraction - 26th July 2009
  • Walker's 39 steps to solving Lloyds mystery - In John Buchan's The Thirty-Nine Steps, Richard Hannay, the novel's protagonist, attempts to piece together a mysterious assassination plot that leads him to seek refuge in Scotland - 19th July 2009
  • City-bashers will find little solace in Walker - For those City-bashers hoping that Sir David Walker's report on remuneration and governance would represent a radical overhaul of boardroom practices in the country's banks, this Thursday will bring only bitter disappointment - 12th July 2009
  • Pay rows are damaging British business - When Tesco finds itself on the end of a substantial protest vote over executive rewards, it is a telling sign that relations between companies and the investment community are at breaking point - 5th July 2009
  • S&P warning shows Britain is out of credit - Demographics is destiny, or so they say. Baleful as the financial crisis has been, painful as is the impact on many households of the housing crash and the rise in unemployment, they still cannot rival the potential threat and impact of the pensions and ageing crisis facing us in the coming decades - 28th June 2009
  • 'Too big to fail' row exposes alarming divide - The Punch and Judy show that was last Wednesday's Mansion House dinner could hardly have exposed the divided thinking of the Bank of England Governor and the Chancellor of the Exchequer any more clearly - 21st June 2009
  • Barclays deal indicates turn may be close - One of the abiding stories that has consistently swirled around Barclays in recent years is the supposedly troubled relationship between executives at the top of the bank - 14th June 2009
  • Mining soap opera demands another scalp - It has not been a great 12 months for the boss of any global mining company, but it has been a particularly brutal period for Tom Albanese, the chief executive of Rio Tinto - 7th June 2009 (See: Mining: summary)
  • Make-or-break moment for Royal Mail sale - It is now almost six months since the Government announced plans to sell a minority stake in Royal Mail - 31st May 2009
  • Wave of pay rows is an urgent wake-up call - As if boardroom recruiters weren’t already finding it difficult enough to land their catches, this year’s round of investor pay rows looks certain to add another category to the list of City pariahs: the chairmen of remuneration committees - 24th May 2009
  • Blank exit is a sorry end to HBOS disaster - Sir Victor Blank's decision to fall on his sword at Lloyds Banking Group can either be read as the action of a cynic who is merely good at reading between the lines or an honourable businessman who does not want to become a distraction to the important work going on beneath him - 17th May 2009
  • Lloyds losing the battle for hearts and minds - In the peculiar part-Government, part-private sector world occupied by Lloyds Banking Group, there is obviously a parallel volume of the self-help manual written by Dale Carnegie back in the 1930s: Sir Victor Blank and Eric Daniels, respectively the bank's chairman and chief executive, must have been brushing up on their copies of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People - 10th May 2009
  • Activist investors must keep eye on the Ball - Few people outside the City have ever heard of Mark Burgess, the investment chief at Legal & General's fund management arm, but he is rapidly becoming one of the most notorious figures inside the boardrooms of blue-chip companies - 3rd May 2009
  • Caution still crucial after Budget debacle - Glancing at the newswires last Monday it was as if the world had been catapulted back three-and-a-half years into merger mania - 26th April 2009
  • Darling's next Budget is likely to be his last - The usual pre-Budget leaks suggest that Alistair Darling's efforts to include a string of eye-catching initiatives aimed at business will not amount to very much - 19th April 2009
  • John Varley faces stick-or-twist moment at Barclays - Big companies are too cumbersome to be truly entrepreneurial, we are constantly told. So it is worth looking at the business that Barclays agreed to sell last week to CVC Capital Partners for $4.2bn and at what it implies for the bank's board in the weeks ahead - 13th April 2009
  • BP and Yell haunted by the ghost of banking past - Many of the corporate governance pronouncements made by organisations such as Pirc amount to little more than sanctimonious hot air, but the lobby group's advice to vote against Peter Sutherland's re-election as chairman of BP, and the likelihood of a protest vote against Bob Scott's re-election as chairman of Yell, the directories group, are each worthy of careful consideration - 12th April 2009
  • I, for one, will be keeping my glass half full after this historic summit - So was the G20 a success? Will leaders have saved a single job or prevented one business from going under? - 5th April 2009
  • FTSE boards must tackle leadership vacuum - What do the following FTSE 100 companies have in common: Anglo American, BP, J Sainsbury, Legal & General and Standard Chartered? This quintet of the biggest blue-chip names in British business, are all searching for someone to fill their chairman's office - 5th April 2009
  • Tax proving taxing for ponderous Treasury - Royal & Sun Alliance is edging closer to joining the exodus of major companies moving overseas for tax reasons - 15th March 2009
  • The black horse is now a lame duck - I have no idea if Eric Daniels, chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group, likes classic Westerns, but I very much doubt that he will enjoy the sight of anyone riding off into the sunset this weekend - 8th March 2009
  • HSBC move points to depth of crisis - And then there were two. HSBC's decision to tap investors for about £12bn in a share issue to be announced tomorrow means the number of international banks which have stood unsupported since the start of the credit crisis will have diminished still further - 1st March 2009
  • Institutions fighting the wrong battles - What do Barclays, Premier Foods and Rio Tinto have in common? They operate in unrelated industries but each is in the process of finding out what happens when you dare to interfere with the fundamental tenets of City governance - 22nd February 2009
  • HBOS is fast becoming a black hole - Wednesday's Treasury Select Committee hearing was significant for what the bankers did not say - 15th February 2009
  • MPs are playing a dangerous game - Roll up! There's no doubt where the box office action is going to be this week. On Tuesday morning, the queue for space in the Thatcher Room of Portcullis House will stretch across Westminster - 8th February 2009
  • Little room for optimism in the snow - The 2,500 people who had shelled out a fortune to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos must have wondered why they bothered - 1st February 2009
  • Full nationalisation of British banks is not the answer - The unlikely combination of Jon Moulton and John McFall united last week to call for the immediate wholesale nationalisation of Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland - 26th January 2009
  • Toxic debt plan is the last throw of the dice - Mervyn Davies' first task as minister for trade is to devise a solution to this phase of the crisis which genuinely draws a line beneath the horrors on the banks' balance sheets - 19th January 2009
  • Facing up to the burdens of the boardroom - For the men and women who occupy multiple seats on the boards of major companies, 2009 will be a busier year than usual - 11th January 2009

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