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Full name: Madeleine Bunting

Area of interest: Politics, Work, Islam, Science and ethics, Development, Women’s issues, Social change, Religious issues, Channel Islands in World War Two

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian


Personal website:

Website: / Madeleine Bunting (profile)

Blog: Comment is free...

Representation: AP Watt


Education: Corpus Christi College, Cambridge: History BA (Hons); Harvard University: Politics (Knox fellowship postgraduate student)

Career: Worked for Brooks Productions, 1988/89; The Guardian: news reporter, leader writer, religious affairs editor, associate editor and columnist

  • appointed Director of Demos think tank, 2006 - returned to The Guardian as associate editor and columnist same year
  1. Demos press release: Madeleine Bunting Resigns as Director of Demos
  2. Stephen Brook: Bunting returns to the Guardian The Guardian, 19th October 2006

Current position/role: Associate Editor and Columnist

  • also writes/has written for:

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Controversy/Criticism: Heavily criticised Richard Dawkins TV documentary The Root of All Evil?, see: critical reception

  1. No wonder atheists are angry: they seem ready to believe anything The Guardian, 7th January 2007
  2. The New Atheists loathe religion far too much to plausibly challenge it The Guardian, 7th May 2007

Awards/Honours: The Muslim News, Awards for Excellence: Special Award for covering Muslim issues with objectivity and balance, 2002



Madeleine Bunting Willing Slaves.jpg
  • The model occupation: the Channel Islands under German rule 1940-1945 OCLC 32016882 , 1995
  • Willing slaves: how the overwork culture is ruling our lives OCLC 56095301 , 2004
  • Islam, race and being British OCLC137312537 , 2005

Latest work: Currently writing a book on the countryside and North Yorkshire, 'The Plot', to be published by Granta

Speaking/Appearances: Oliver James' Selfish Capitalism seminars, with Will Self and Stewart Wallis, January 2008

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Remit/Info: Politics, Work, Islam, Science and ethics, Development, Women’s issues, Social change, Religious issues

Section: Comment & Debate pages

Role: Associate editor / Columnist



Personal website:

Website: / Madeleine Bunting

Commissioning editor:

Day published: Monday, sometimes Tuesday or Thursday in addition

Regularity: Fortnightly on Monday

Column format:

Average length: Monday = 1200 words