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Area of interest: Politics; relationship between media and politics

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian


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"I have been a broadcast journalist most of my professional life and now contribute my thoughts as a political commentator on a regular basis, principally on the BBC but also on networks as diverse as Sky News and Al Jazeera. My most frequent appearances are on news, current affairs and documentary programmes including Today, Newsnight, Channel Four News and Panorama. I have also appeared as a panellist (the one at the end who nobody is quite sure if they recognise) on BBC1’s Question Time, and as a guest on Start the Week, Hardtalk and The Jeremy Vine Show. I enjoyed a cameo appearance on Louis Theroux talking about Ann Widdecombe’s rubber ducks, although frankly I have no idea what I was on about. I write regularly for a number of publications and contribute frequently to the Guardian's 'Comment is Free' on-line section. I have been a guest columnist in newspapers and magazines including the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Times, London Evening Standard, the New Statesman and GQ."

Education: Sackville School, E Grinstead, 1970/1977; Hertford College, Oxford: Philosophy, Politics and Economics, 1977/1980

Career: News Trainee, BBC, 1980/1982; Scriptwriter, BBC TV News, London, 1982; Reporter, BBC Belfast, 1982/1986; General News Reporter, BBC, 1986/1987; Foreign & Defence Correspondent, BBC, 1987/1989; Political Correspondent, BBC, 1989/1998; in 1998 left journalism to join the No.10 press office as special adviser working for Alastair Campbell. In 2000 became the Labour Party’s Director of Communications - helped plan and then run the 2001 General Election campaign. Since 2001, a freelance writer, broadcaster and commentator. In 2005, published two books: The Spin Doctor’s Diary and a novel, Time and Fate. And in 2010, Where Power Lies.

Current position/role: freelance writer and broadcaster - political commentator with frequent contributions to The Guardian's 'Comment is Free'

  • also writes/written for: guest columnist in newspapers and magazines including The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Mirror, The Sunday Times, London Evening Standard, the New Statesman and GQ.

Other roles/Main role: In September 2011, Price launched The Kaleidoscope Trust, a UK-based organisation that aims to improve LGBT rights overseas. Lectures in politics and journalism and sometimes gives media training.

Other activities: Travel photographer: his work has appeared in Rough Guides, Bradt Travel Guides and Berlitz Guides. co-author and principal photographer of the Berlitz Guide to Iceland.

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Controversy/Criticism: Gordon Brown's cage is rattled by Lance Price - The Daily Telegraph, 11th February 2010




Books & Debate:

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Latest work: Where Power Lies : Prime Ministers v the Media OCLC 458734188, 2010 (video: met the author Where Power Lies - Lance Price)

  • "The book looks at what has gone wrong in the relationship between politics and the media and how it has damaged the public's trust in what goes on at Westminster. It holds out hope of a better future with more honesty and transparency on both sides" - books
  • Antony Howard called it 'the best guide to the armed frontier between politics and journalism I have ever read', Jeremy Vine said it was a 'gripping read', and Matthew Parris called it 'entertaining, gripping and thorough'



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