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Full name: Katherine Butler

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Journals/Organisation: The Independent

Email: k.butler@independent.co.uk

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Networks: https://twitter.com/#!/ButlerKatherine




Career: The Independent: formerly foreign editor

Current position/role: The Independent: Head of Comment

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  • Iran has rarely been less likely to do favours for Western powers - David Miliband sounded positive as he expressed the hope last night that the detention of a yachtload of British sailors by Iran would be "resolved swiftly" - 1st December
  • Iran, Russia and the missile chess game - Did Barack Obama have a chat with Karpov and Kasparov before he announced last week that he was abandoning Bush-era plans to locate a missile shield in Eastern Europe? - 25th September
  • The terrible price of freedom - Sultan Munadi thought he had already seen the darkest hours. In a now poignant last entry to his New York Times blog, the 34-year-old Afghan "fixer" explained that no matter how bad things are now in Afghanistan, under the Taliban they were worse - 10th September
  • Afghan women now face new dangers - One reason for the widespread public support for the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan was genuine revulsion at the treatment of Afghan women under the Taliban - 7th September
  • 'Suffragettes' of Iran demand to be heard - If what unfolded over the past week was a Tehran "spring", then it was, at least partly, driven by the pent-up despair of women, who more than any other group, have waited in vain for more than 30 years to get back their social and political rights - 13th June (See: Iran: summary)
  • It will take more than poetry to heal the Iranian wounds - Why has Iran apparently dismissed Barack Obama's call for "a new beginning"? - 23rd March
  • So how do we know the aid stays in the right hands? - The BBC's objection to broadcasting the disputed Gaza aid appeal appears, at least partly, to be based on the fear that Gaza aid cannot be delivered effectively - 26th January

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