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Full name: Julian Borger

Area of interest: Foreign affairs (esp. U.S., Middle East, Balkans, South Africa)

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian

Email: julian.borger@guardian.co.uk

Personal website:

Website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/julianborger

Blog: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/julian-borger-global-security-blog


Networks: http://twitter.com/#!/julianborger | http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/julian-borger/9/85/41b



Education: Oxford University: BA (Hons. 1st class) Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Career: BBC World Service, African Service, 1986/1989; BBC, Zimbabwe correspondent, 1989/1990; Johannesburg correspondent, 1990/1991; The Guardian: European correspondent, 1991/1993; Balkans correspondent, 1994/1997; Middle East correspondent, 1997/1998; Washington correspondent, Washington bureau chief, 1998/2007

Current position/role: Diplomatic editor

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The Guardian:

Column name: *no column - regular Comment is free... blog*

Remit/Info: Foreign affairs


Role: Diplomatic editor


Email: julian.borger@guardian.co.uk

Website: Guardian.co / Julian Borger

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  • Ideology v diplomacy in Washington - The US's abstention in the ceasefire resolution shows its reflex in response to Israeli appeals for solidarity is as lively as ever - 9th January 2009
  • Obama owes a debt to Democrats' growing Hispanic base - If only white Americans had voted in this election, John McCain would be the next president - 5th November 2008
  • Beware the returning husband effect - Four years ago I was warned against celebrating a Kerry victory too early - working men vote late - 5th November 2008
  • Super-Sarko to the rescue? - The French leader's independent action has achieved a lot. But on the economic crisis, he must take his fellow leaders with him - 3rd October 2008
  • Gordon who? - Brown's 'endorsement' of Obama was easily dismissed by McCain. It shows just how far the PM's stock has fallen - 11th September 2008
  • Still frozen in Moscow - Despite Nicolas Sarkozy's efforts, Nato and the EU are powerless to prevent Russia staying on in Georgia - 9th September 2008
  • Miliband's mission - With the death-toll mounting in Afghanistan and Iraq, the foreign secretary's defence of humanitarian interventionism is a tough sell - 12th February 2008
  • Happy Christmas, Dick! - The NIE report on Iran is a kick in the teeth for Vice-President Cheney, but could be the answer to George Bush's prayers - 4th December 2007
  • Amid the wonkese - In among the buzzwords, the prime minister's Mansion House speech contained some ideas worth applauding - 13th November 2007
  • Unravelling the plot - Whether the threat was real or just hot air, there is no shortage of nations and groups with motives to upset Vladimir Putin's visit to Iran - 15th October 2007
  • Out of the frying pan - The good news from Petraeus is that US withdrawal from Iraq starts soon. The bad news is that this makes US military action against Iran more likely - 12th September 2007
  • How far will this Brownian motion go? - There is a definite shift in tone from No 10 on the 'special relationship', but the real crunch will come if the US decides to go to war with Iran - 13th july 2007
  • Rethinking the surge - 9th July 2007
  • The Kennebunkport fallout - While Russia and the US are jousting over influence in eastern Europe, the real issue of containing Iran's nuclear ambitions goes unresolved - 5th July 2007
  • Foreign policy comes full circle - The reappearance of Pauline Neville-Jones in the shadow cabinet implies a lack of fresh ideas over how Britain should act in the post-Iraq world - 3rd July 2007
  • Day one: a new foreign policy era - Brown's choice of David Miliband for foreign secretary bodes well for diplomatic relations, except perhaps in Washington - 28th June 2007
  • A poisoned chalice - Tony Blair is keen on the job as Middle East envoy. Does he see something no one else does? - 21st June 2007
  • Made of stronger stuff - The Iron Lady's popularity in America is set to outlast Tony Blair's, which has been tarnished by his involvement in Iraq and his loyalty to George Bush - 20th June 2007
  • Bush's euroscepticism - If you read the US press over the weekend, you came away with a much more sober assessment of George Bush's climate-change diplomacy - 11th June 2007
  • Troubled waters - The situation in Iran means Britain must now find diplomatic allies to show solidarity - as well as keeping open a face-saving way out for Tehran - 29th March 2007

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