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Full name: Jonathan Steele

Area of interest: International affairs

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian


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About: 'Jonathan Steele is a veteran foreign correspondent and author of widely acclaimed studies of international relations. He was the Guardian's bureau chief in Washington in the late 1970s, and its Moscow bureau chief during the collapse of communism.' [1]

Education: Cambridge University; Yale University: Economics (MA)

Career: The Guardian: reported since 1965; bureau chief in Washington 1975/1979 - in the 80s he reported from southern Africa, central America, Afghanistan, and Eastern Europe; Moscow 1988/1994 - in the 90s he covered Kosovo and the Balkans. Since 9/11 he has reported from Afghanistan and Iraq as well as on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

Current position/role: columnist, roving foreign correspondent, the Guardian's former Chief Foreign Correspondent

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Other roles/Main role: author

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Video: frequent broadcaster



  • International Reporter of the Year in the British Press Awards, 1981 and 1991
  • London Press Club's Scoop of the Year Award for being the only British or American reporter to get to Gorbachev's prison villa in the Crimea during the 1991 coup
  • James Cameron award, 1998 - for 'work as a journalist that combined moral vision and professional integrity'
  • Martha Gellhorn special award, 2006 - for 'consistently high-quality journalism'



Books & Debate:

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  • The South African connection: Western investment in apartheid (1972) OCLC 578444
  • Eastern Europe since Stalin (1974) OCLC 993929
  • Socialism with a German face: the state that came in from the cold (1977) OCLC 3375606
  • A critical phase-East-West relations in the 1980s (1981) OCLC 16563787
  • Superpowers in collision the cold war now (1982) OCLC 9075997
  • Soviet power: the Kremlin's foreign policy - Brezhnev to Andropov (1983) OCLC 9784055
  • Andropov in power: from Komsomol to Kremlin (1983) OCLC 10229921
  • The limits of Soviet power : the Kremlin's foreign policy - Brezhnev to Chernenko (1984) OCLC 59151860
  • Eternal Russia: Yeltsin, Gorbachev, and the mirage of democracy (1994) OCLC 30155490
  • Inside East Germany: the state that came in from the cold (1997) OCLC 3264167
  • Defeat: why they lost Iraq OCLC 170039475 (2007)

Latest work: Ghosts of Afghanistan OCLC 751744723, October 2011, Portobello


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Remit/Info: International affairs

Section: Comment

Role: Columnist



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  • Why we should be talking to Iran - The prospect of a nuclear deal and the end of sanctions has transformed Iran. Grasping that is in the west’s interests - 5th June 2015

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