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Full name: John Patterson

Area of interest: Film

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian


Personal website:

Website: John Patterson | John Patterson on film | If Only (archive)

Blog: guardianblogs/film







Current position/role: Los Angeles based film critic

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The Guardian:

Column name: 'On Film'

Remit/Info: "John Patterson riffs on the art and business of film-making"

Section: Film and Music




Website: on film

Commissioning editor:

Day published: Friday

Regularity: fortnightly

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  • The eye of the storm - Kim Rivers went out into hurricane-stricken New Orleans like a one-woman CNN, and got the kind of exciting stuff that nobody else could - 29th August 2008
  • Put this in your pipe and smoke it - Pineapple Express knows the essential truth about pothead movies: if you have to be stoned to enjoy them, then the battle's already lost - 15th August 2008
  • W will only fuel the myth surrounding Dubya - Is Oliver Stone's Bush biopic evidence of the media's liberal bias? No: Dubya's administration is the most fawningly filmed ever - 1st August 2008
  • End of the indie? - The last indie film generation has been co-opted by the studios, while the next still labours in digicam, mumblecore obscurity - 18th July 2008
  • Mr Will Smith goes to Washington - From reading box office patterns to analysing the political landscape, Will Smith and Barack Obama have more in common than big ears, says John Patterson - 4th July 2008
  • The watching cure - In 1938, the movies competed only with such distractions as booze, sex and God - there was no online video or plasma TVs, says John Patterson - 20th June 2008
  • The right way back - The 1960s are back in film fashion, but in two different ways: Mike Myers' tatty retread vs Godard's take on Maoism. Which is worse? - 6th June 2008
  • Don't beat around the Bush - The political Oliver Stone has been on hiatus for a while. It'll be interesting - and infuriating - to have him back, with his Bush biopic, says John Patterson - 23rd May 2008
  • The home front - You can bet that the war-movie boomlet has ended, and, as with Vietnam, the interesting films will arrive once the conflict is over - 9th May 2008
  • Return of the thing - For too long, it's been hidden behind the zip-like barrier of the NC-17 rating. Now the American penis is making its big comeback, says John Patterson - 25th April 2008
  • Two titans - John Patterson on two giants of the fifties screen: Charlton Heston and Richard Widmark - 11th April 2008
  • A step to the right - The actor Ben Stein has switched from TV comedy, where his talents really lie, to political apologias, where his talents simply die, says John Patterson - 28th March 2008
  • In a fix - Hollywood's most notorious private eye is on trial. The Pellican has a lot of dirt on a lot of big names - so let's hope he sings like a canary, says John Patterson - 14th March 2008
  • Back in black - It's Black History Month in the US - the perfect time to rerelease films that Hollywood considers too embarrassing to show for today, says John Patterson - 29th February 2008
  • And the losers are... - The five Oscar nominations of 1968 are emblematic of the slow-motion death rattle of the Hollywood gerontocratic establishment, says John Patterson - 15th February 2008
  • All the president's men - Political consultants go to the silver screen to find role models for their candidates. The trouble is, these people have lousy taste in movies, says John Patterson - 1st February 2008
  • Golden balls - Without pointless celebrities, the Golden Globes press conference looked like a prize-giving at the glummest Nova Scotia film festival - 18th January 2008
  • Winter of discontent - It seems Hollywood might at last be wising up to the joys of pessimism, says John Patterson - 4th January 2008

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