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Full name: Jeremy Warner

Area of interest: Business, economic and financial affairs

Journals/Organisation: The Daily Telegraph


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About: One of the UK's leading business and economics commentators


Career: Worked at The Independent since its inception in 1986. Moved to The Telegraph in July 2009

Current position/role: The Daily Telegraph's assistant editor

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Viewpoints/Insight: Journalists don't reveal their sources. Accept it - At worse, sources' lives are threatened. They may also get jailed, fired, sued, or all three - The Independent, 19th July 2003

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  • In 1988 he was fined £20,000 in a high profile case (brought to court under the 1986 Financial Services Act) for refusing to devulge sources in a story about purported insider trading by Department of Trade and Industry civil servants. He was asked by the judge if he thought he was “above the law” and replied: "Journalists do not stand outside the law. But they feel they must adopt the principle of confidentiality throughout their dealings with people and must suffer the consequences if, as a result, they are brought into conflict with the courts." (source: Press Gazette, back issues 20th Feb. 2003, see 'page of opinion')

Awards/Honours: Has won numerous awards, incuding (in 1996) a special award from the British Guild of Newspaper Editors for "an outstanding contribution in defence of the media" for his refusal to disclose sources in a high profile Government investigation

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Other: Grandson of the classicist Rex Warner

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Remit/Info: Business, economic and financial affairs

Section: Business





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Column name: *ceased contributing June 2009*

Remit/Info: Business, economic and financial affairs

Section: Business

Role: Business and City editor



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Day published: Tuesday through to Saturday

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News & updates:

  • Jeremy Warner leaves Independent to join Telegraph - Jeremy Warner has left The Independent after 23 years to become assistant editor of The Daily Telegraph - Press Gazette, 31st March 2009
  • Jeremy Warner of The Independent: "Jeremy Warner, the business editor of The Independent, has always been one of Sir Anthony O'Reilly's favourite journalists, which makes his decision this week to leave the newspaper to write columns for the The Daily Telegraph all the more significant. Warner was one of the few journalists still working at the title, now owned by Sir Anthony's Independent News & Media, since it was launched. His departure shows little confidence when Sir Anthony's grip is weak" - from The Times, 3rd April 2009