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Full name: James Bartholomew

Area of interest: Politics

Journals/Organisation: Daily Express

Email: info@thewelfarestatewerein.com - http://www.thewelfarestatewerein.com/contact

Personal website: TheWelfareStateWe'reIn.com


Blog: http://www.thewelfarestatewerein.com




About: http://www.thewelfarestatewerein.com/about


Career: extract from The Welfare State We're In website: About James Bartholomew

"JAMES BARTHOLOMEW trained as a banker in the City of London before moving into journalism with the Financial Times and the Far Eastern Economic Review, for whom he worked in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Returning to England on the Trans-Siberian Railway through communist China and the Soviet Union – an experience which influenced his political outlook – he subsequently became a leader writer on The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

He continues to write occasionally for both newspapers, as well as The Sunday Telegraph, the Mail on Sunday, the Daily Express and The Spectator on a freelance basis. But, for a year or two, much of his time is being taken up with home-educating his younger daughter.

He has made many appearances on radio and television, particularly since this book was published. Most notably, he put forward his arguments in a 45 minute BBC Radio 4 programme where he was opposed by four people including two professors of the London School of Economics and an MP. He has given talks on welfare state issues in America and Germany. He is currently the Earhart Foundation Senior Fellow in Social Policy at the Institute of Economic Affairs.

The Welfare State We're In was the winner of the Institute of Economic Affairs' 2005 Arthur Seldon Award for Excellence.

James Bartholomew's previous books were The Richest Man in the World: The Sultan of Brunei and Yew and Non-Yew. He lives in London."

Current position/role: freelance journalist/feature writer/political columnist

  • also writes/written for: The Daily Telegraph, including 'Diary of a private investor'

Other roles/Main role: Author

Other activities: Earhart Foundation senior fellow in social policy at the Institute of Economic Affairs


Viewpoints/Insight: State of decay - Deep down, the public knows that the welfare state is failing, says James Bartholomew - The Guardian, 17th May 2006

Broadcast media:



Awards/Honours: The Welfare State We're In - won the Institute of Economic Affairs 2005 Arthur Seldon Award for Excellence, and won the 2007 Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award



Books & Debate:

  • The richest man in the world: the Sultan of Brunei OCLC 59695059, 1989
  • Yew & non-yew: gardening for horticultural climbers OCLC 38994629 (a satirical look at gardening snobbery)
  • The Welfare State We're In (Politico's Publishing Ltd; 2nd Revised edition edition, 2006) ISBN 1842751611

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Speaking/Appearances: http://www.thersa.org/events/speakers-archive/b/james-bartholomew


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Column name: no column, occasional contributions

Remit/Info: Politics






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