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Full name: Isabel Hilton

Area of interest: International affairs, China, sustainable development, new media, climate change, environment

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian


Personal website:

Website: | / Isabel Hilton

Blog: Comments is free...

Representation: Aitken Alexander Associates

Networks:!/isabelhilton |


About: Commentator, print and broadcast journalist, author:

Education: Edinburgh University: Chinese MA (Hons), including two years study in China at Beijing Foreign Language & Culture University, and Fudan University, Shanghai

Career: joined Scottish Television as a reporter, 1976; Daily Express: feature writer, 1997; The Sunday Times: feature writer, news reporter, ‘insight’ reporter, special correspondent: China; Latin America editor, assistant foreign editor (incl. covering the Falklands War from Buenos Aires), 1997/1986; The Independent: Latin American editor, European affairs editor, 1986/1991, chief feature writer, 1991/1995; The Guardian: columnist, 1997-present. Edited openDemocracy 2005/2007.

Current position/role: Editor of

  • also writes/has written for: Regular contributor to the New Yorker, New Statesman, Time, New York Times Magazine, Literary Review, Financial Times, The Independent, The Observer and The Economist

Other roles/Main role: Editor of online environment publication Chinadialogue

Other activities: Lecturer on international relations


Viewpoints/Insight: New Humanist magazine (Vol.120 Issue 4): Serious intent: Laurie Taylor interviews Isabel Hilton July/August 2005

Broadcast media:

Video: Presented BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight 1995/1998; since 1999 has presented BBC Radio 3's Nightwaves (see for extended biography) Documentaries:

  • Petra And The General - an investigation of the life and death of Petra Kelly, BBC 1994
  • Kingdom Of The Lost Boy - account of the search for the 11th Panchen Lama, BBC 1996
  • City On The Edge - documentary about economic reforms in China, 1998
  • Condemned To Live - report on the after effects of mass rape and genocide in Rwanda, 1999
  • The Caravan Of Death - on the case against ex-President of Chile Augusto Pinochet

Controversy/Criticism: "...placed on MI5's "Christmas Tree" list, which prevented her from employment with the BBC in 1976" - see

Awards/Honours: Honorary doctorate (D Litt) Bradford University, for services to international understanding


Other: Married to Neal Ascherson

Books & Debate:

  • The Nazi legacy: Klaus Barbie and the international fascist connection OCLC 11029805 , 1984
  • The Search For The Panchen Lama OCLC 43728952 , 1999

Latest work:



The Guardian:

Column name: blog and irregular comment pieces

Remit/Info: International affairs, China, sustainable development, new media, climate change, environment

Section: Comment & debate pages

Role: Commentator



Personal website:

Website: / Isabel Hilton

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