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Full name: Ian Birrell (not to be confused with Ian Burrell, also of The Independent)

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Journals/Organisation: The Independent | Evening Standard | The Guardian

Email: http://www.ianbirrell.com/contact-me

Personal website: http://www.ianbirrell.com

Website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/ian-birrell | Evening Standard



Networks: https://twitter.com/#!/ianbirrell


About: Former deputy editor of The Independent, speechwriter for David Cameron during the 2010 election campaign - "Contributing editor of The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday, while writing columns regularly in several other papers"[1]



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Broadcast media: 'Frequent broadcaster on television and radio, including Newsnight, Channel 4 News, Dateline London, Today, PM, 5Live and The World Tonight.'[2]


Controversy/Criticism: Rwandan leader launches Twitter tirade against British journalist - Paul Kagame, the Rwandan leader and an avid tweeter, launched into a furious tirade on the social networking site after a British journalist labelled him "despotic and deluded" - Daily Telegraph, 16th May 2011

Awards/Honours: 'Winner of London Press Club’s prestigious Edgar Wallace Award (2014) for fine writing and reporting. Shortlisted as Columnist of the Year (2009), Political Journalist (2013) and Foreign Correspondent (2013) and highly commended as Foreign Correspondent (2011) and Feature Writer (2013) in the British Press Awards.'[3]



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  • No regular column

Articles: 2017

  • My Tory Brexit friends should hang their heads in shame - Liberal leavers such as Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Steve Hilton were party modernisers, but look at the horrors they have now helped unleash - 8th February
  • The NHS must cut out its cancer of cover-ups before it spreads further - The Morecambe Bay maternity scandal involved the deaths of 15 other babies and three mothers after what was officially dubbed a “lethal mix” of failures in a local system scarred by incompetence, denial and staff collusion. This only emerged, as so often, thanks to the heroic strength of a shattered family - 3rd February
  • Jeremy Corbyn's PMQs drubbing illustrates the woeful collapse of meaningful opposition in Britain - The goal could hardly have been more open. Theresa May came to the despatch box having lost a landmark court case on the central issue confronting her government, then forced to reveal a climbdown in face of rumblings of revolt by agreeing to a white paper on Brexit. Yet still the khaki-clad Labour leader managed to end up licking deep wounds of defeat after another pathetic performance at prime ministers questions - 26th January

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