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Full name: (Sir) Harold Matthew Evans

Area of interest: politics, society, world affairs

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian

Email: harry@sirharoldevans.com

Personal website: http://www.sirharoldevans.com

Website: Guardian.co / Harold Evans


Representation: Greater Talent Network (video)

Networks: http://twitter.com/#!/sirharryevans | http://www.facebook.com/SirHaroldEvans



Education: Durham University: (BA hons) politics and economics; Master of Arts - thesis on foreign policy; Harkness Fellowship for travel and study in the United States, 1956-57

Career: Started as junior reporter in Ashton under Lyne, age 16; served in the Royal Air Force before going to Durham University; Manchester Evening News: assistant editor; Northern Echo: editor; The Sunday Times: editor, 1967/1981; The Times: editor, 1981/1982; moved to U.S. 1984 - U.S. News & World Report: editorial director; Conde Nast Traveler magazine: founder; Random House trade group: President and Publisher, 1990/1997; U.S. News & World Report, the New York Daily News, The Atlantic Monthly: Editorial Director and Vice Chairman, 1997/1999 - resigned to concentrate on writing, 2000; The Week (magazine): Editor at Large; U.S. News & World Report: Contributing Editor; The Huffington Post, The Guardian: contributor

Current position/role: journalist and writer

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Broadcast media: Presented BBC Radio 4: A point of view July 2005; U.S. PBS website about the TV Series: They Made America

Video: http://uk.reuters.com/news/video/reuters-tv/sir-harold-evans - Reuters TV

Controversy/Criticism: Resigned editorship of The Times one year after its acquisition by Rupert Murdoch over issues relating to editorial independence

Awards/Honours: International Center of Photography Lifetime Achievement Award, 1999; The International Press Institute - named as one of fifty world press heroes in its celebration of 50 years of work defending the freedom of the press around the world, 2000; Knighted for services to journalism, 2004

Scoops: When editor of The Sunday Times set the investigative agenda for...

Other: Married to journalist and author Tina Brown

Books & Debate:

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  • Editing and design: a five-volume manual of English, typography and layout (1972-1978) OCLC 341148
  • Front Page History: Events of our century that shook the world OCLC 17548009, 1984
  • Good Times, Bad Times OCLC 10291845 , 1984
  • Pictures on a page: photo-journalism, graphics and picture editing OCLC 37778592, 1997
  • The American Century OCLC 34412877 , with Gail Buckland and Kevin Baker, 1998
  • War of Words: memoirs of a South African journalist by Benjamin Pogrund OCLC 38130600, 2000 (introduction by Harold Evans)
  • Essential English: For journalists, editors and writers OCLC 43342118, with Crawford Gillan, 2000
  • The Best American Magazine Writing 2001 (as editor) OCLC 70792849 , 2001
  • Shots in the Dark: true crime pictures OCLC 48951706 ,with Gail Buckland, 2001
  • BBC Reports: On America, its allies and enemies, and the counterattack on terrorism OCLC 48675650 , 2002
  • War Stories: Reporting in the time of conflict from the Crimea to Iraq OCLC 53151073 , 2003
  • They Made America OCLC 53814009 (Two centuries of innovators from the steam engine to the search engine), with Gail Buckland and David Lefer, 2004
  • We the People ISBN 0-316-27717-7 (US history, 19th century), 2005

Latest work: My paper chase: true stories of vanished times OCLC 318879231, 2009


Current debate:Science debate 2008: A Call for a Presidential Debate on Science and Technology

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