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Full name: Hamish McRae

Area of interest: Economics; Business futurology (esp. shift of power to economies of Asia; impact of new technologies on world economy)

Journals/Organisation: The Independent | The Independent on Sunday

Email: h.mcrae@independent.co.uk

Personal website:

Website: http://www.independent.co.uk/biography/hamish-mcrae


Representation: see 'Books & Debate' section for list of agencies




Education: Fettes College, Edinburgh; Trinity College, Dublin: Economics and Political Science (MA)

Career: The Banker: deputy editor; Euromoney: editor; The Guardian, 1975/1989: financial editor; The Independent: associate editor, 1989-

Current position/role: Associate Editor; Chief Economic Commentator

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Other roles/Main role: Author

Other activities:



Broadcast media:

Video: Regular broadcaster on BBC radio

Controversy/Criticism: *Ken Clarke misquoted me to support Tory propaganda - 24th April 2010

Awards/Honours: Financial Journalist of the Year, 1979; Amex Bank essay awards: special merit award, 1987; Periodical Publisher's Awards: Columnist of the Year, 1996; David Watt Prize for outstanding political journalism, 2005; British Press Awards: Business and Finance Journalist of the Year, 2006


Other: Married to Frances Cairncross, economist, journalist, and Rector of Exeter College, Oxford University

Books & Debate:

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Latest work: What works: Success in stressful times OCLC 435879404 Harper Press, 2010


Current debate:

The Independent/The Independent on Sunday:

Column name:

Remit/Info: Business and Finance; Economics; Business 'futurology'


Role: Principle Economic Commentator


Email: h.mcrae@independent.co.uk

Website: Independent.co / comment | Independent.co / business

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Day published: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday

Regularity: Three times a week

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