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Full name: Gregor Gall

Area of interest: Industrial relations, trade unionism

Journals/Organisation: Morning Star | The Guardian


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Blog: Comment is free...




About: 'Gregor was previously Professor of Industrial Relations, University of Stirling and Research Professor of Industrial Relations and Director of the Centre for Research in Employment Studies, University of Hertfordshire. He is also Visiting Lecturer, International Labour & Trade Union Studies, Ruskin College, Oxford, and Visiting Lecturer, Labor Education Program, School of Labor and Employment Relations, University of Illinois, Urbana.'[1]


Career: "The highlight of my career so far has been developing a reputation for my expertise and analysis amongst both academics and the trade union community, where this has taken the form of 'knowledge transfer' with the latter. In this I have worked with the Institute of Employment Rights, established a research service for trade unions, write regularly for the Morning Star and conducted research for unions like the FBU, PCS and RMT. I have also sought to engage with the wider union movement by identifying possible solutions to current challenges" - Gregor Gall, Professor of Industrial Relations, University of Hertfordshire: profile

see: Centre for Research in Employment Studies

Current position/role: Feature writer at the Morning Star; contributor to The Guardian Comment is free

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Meaning of Militancy?: Postal Workers and Industrial Relations, 2003 ISBN 0754619028; Union Organizing: Campaigning for Trade Union Recognition, 2003 ISBN 041526782X; Political Economy Of Scotland: Red Scotland? Radical Scotland?, 2006 ISBN 0708319440; Union Recognition: Organising And Bargaining Outcomes, 2005 ISBN 0415343364; Sex Worker Union Organizing: An International Study, 2006 ISBN 1403949255; The Meaning of Work in the New Economy, 2007 ISBN 140393407X

Latest work: Labour unionism in the financial services sector: fighting for rights and representation OCLC 234257189, 2008



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Remit/Info: Industrial relations, trade unionism


Role: Commentator / feature writer



Website: Morning Star

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Day published: Friday

Regularity: Weekly

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Average length: 1,000 words


  • A third way for strike action - There is good reason why Tony Blair called his new Labour ideology the "third way." According to him, it sat in between the polar opposites of state socialism and free market capitalism - 10th November 2011
  • Horses for courses - The effectiveness of any industrial action will depend to a large extent upon the tactics deployed and whether they increase leverage over the employers or government and whether they maintain or lose public support - 27th October 2011
  • Will the activist stand up and be counted - It's commonly acknowledged that the radical and socialist left in Britain is at its lowest ebb for a generation - 13th October 2011
  • Returning to the labour theory of value - Last week £64billion - yes, sixty four billion pounds - was wiped off the value of shares overnight as the money markets reacted to the impending ratcheting up of the current economic crisis - 29th september 2011
  • Cheering back at Tory HQ - Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be a top Tory strategist who advises No 10 Downing Street on how to deal with trade unions - 16th September 2011
  • What kind of action is best for the NHS? It is expected that current negotiations with the government over public-sector pension reform will fail by the autumn, with particular bones of contention being increasing both members' contributions and the retirement age - 1st September 2011
  • The new left for Scotland - The Jimmy Reid Foundation was launched last week, a year to the day of Reid's death - 19th August 2011
  • Journo's end? - The run-up to the co-ordinated PCS, NUT, ATL and UCU strikes on June 30 saw the media pumping out severely hostile coverage - 4th August 2011
  • A dangerous collaboration - Every step the British government takes on Libya is guaranteed to cause more problems for the Libyan people - -27th July 2011
  • Readying Libya for subjugation - The decision of the US-led so-called Contact Group to recognise the National Transitional Council (NTC) as Libya's legitimate authority is a provocative and cynically self-serving development - 17th July 2011
  • Our coalition against theirs - The co-ordinated strike on June 30 by members of the PCS, NUT, ATL and UCU unions was a success judged alone by the government's increasingly shrill tone in the week running up to the strike - 14th July 2011
  • Conflagration on the horizon? - After today's action, are we any nearer a general strike against the Con-Dem government? - 30th June 2011
  • A look behind the Scottish election figures - Now that the dust has settled in Scotland after the May 5 election, it's appropriate to ask whether the tectonic plates of Scottish politics underwent a further and decisive shift - 2nd June 2011
  • One battle at a time - Earlier this week the labour movement think-tank The Institute Of Employment Rights held a conference called Workers' Rights Versus Employers' Charter: What Now For Employment Law? - 19th May 2011
  • Socialist Worker is right behind us - The Socialist Worker website did us a great favour on March 31 by displaying a list of all the banners that its journalists and contributors noted down on the March 26 demonstration in London - 13th May 2011
  • In praise of the unsung heroes - Opening the Observer the other week I read an article about "Celebrity Activists." Ordinary people's political activity can and does shape society - 28th April 2011
  • Equation of anger, hope and action - The trade union movement should be rightly delighted that the March 26 demonstration mobilised between 250,000 and 500,000 people against the cuts - 7th April 2011
  • Taking lessons from the Irish elections - The breakthrough by the United Left Alliance (ULA) in the recent 2011 general election in the Republic of Ireland must bring radical socialists over this side of the Irish Sea a mixture of joy and sadness - 28th March 2011
  • The hot class war and the workers' revolt - A familiar sight among demonstrators in the last year has been banners and placards indicating words to the effect that "we won't pay for their crisis." - 10th March 2011
  • To lead or be led, is that the question? - The recent spate of centre left politicians - Jim Devine, David Chaytor and Eric Illsley - being jailed for matters related to them being significant political figures highlights two important aspects of politics that socialists seldom give much attention to - 24th February 2011
  • Building our own coalition against theirs - After all the huffing and puffing, this is it - 2011 will be make or break - 10th February 2011
  • How a revolt can turn into a revolution - Anybody on the left will have rightly welcomed not just the fall of the corrupt and authoritarian regime in Tunisia but also the fact that this came about as a result of a popular grass-roots revolt - 27th January 2011
  • Mail is on the brink of the unthinkable - The Postal Services Bill, which aims to privatise Royal Mail received its third reading in the House of Commons last week - 20th January 2011

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