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Full name: George Parker

Area of interest: Europe’s future, enlargement, political and economic issues

Journals/Organisation: Financial Times


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Blog: Brussels briefing - contributor






Career: Covered Westminster politics between 1990/1999 - for the Western Morning News then the FT (news editor)

Current position/role: Political Editor

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Remit/Info: Europe’s future, enlargement, political and economic issues

Section: FT.Com's Brussels briefing, insiders’ guide to what’s happening in Brussels; and Brussels blog and previous contributor to Westminster blog

Role: Political editor




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Day published: Varies

Regularity: Varies

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  • Year in a word: Edstone - The Labour party’s monument to political hubris - 31st December 2015
  • Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leadership hopeful - The radical MP surprised even himself by becoming bookies’ favourite - 1st August 2015
  • Chuka Umunna - Could the shadow business secretary be the British Barack Obama – or, more likely, the next Tony Blair? Perhaps so, but he also ruffles feathers, not least those of his fellow MPs - 20th July 2013
  • Cameron treads fine line with Thatcher - The prime minister knows that the sniping against his leadership by parts of the Tory right is only temporarily in abeyance and will resume soon after memories of Thatcher’s funeral subside - 17th April 2013
  • UK Budget: No Plan B for the economy - The chancellor and prime minister are convinced that they are on the right track - 15th March 2013
  • Europe: In search of a new deal for Britain - In his speech, David Cameron must appeal to Conservative hardliners and European leaders - 22nd January 2013
  • Nick Clegg: the fightback - After two years of criticism and abuse, the Lib Dem leader is about to attempt the most unlikely reconstruction of a political brand seen in British politics in recent years - 22nd September 2012
  • UK politics: Another side to show - The pressure on the prime minister is showing. But he has shown before that has a knack for changing tack - 20th July 2012
  • Man in the News: Ed Balls - George Parker on the rise of the shadow chancellor - 22nd January 2011
  • A fiscal focus - UK politics: Tuesday’s pre-Budget report looks likely to define the terms of next year’s general election – in particular the divide between the main parties on how best to reduce the national debt - 8th December 2009
  • His finest moment’ - The financial crisis: A year since America adopted the rescue plan first activated by Gordon Brown, his role is disputed by some but hailed by others - 15th October 2009
  • Britain faces Tory cuts vs Labour, erm, cuts - If he is elected, David Cameron will need to find cuts equivalent to scrapping all spending on the police, foreign office, transport and six more departments – just to match Labour’s secret plans - 19th September 2009
  • Choice cuts - With the dire state of Britain’s finances set to define next year’s general election, government and opposition are competing to portray themselves as the better axe-wielder - 14th September 2009
  • Casting around - Gordon Brown’s launch of a policy document both thin on original ideas and devoid of new money shows he is struggling to adjust to the end of a political and economic era - 6th July 2009
  • Leading man keeps low profile - Barely a year before an election must be held, Britain’s main economic choices are being framed by two pairs of men who each have much in common – but for both, tensions between leader and finance chief are being magnified by the crisis - 23rd April 2009 (with Jean Eaglesham)
  • The Seventies spectre - Barely a year before he must call an election, Brown is facing a power struggle within his party as well as a Tory ascendancy that could set it back a generation - 21st March 2009 (with Jim Pickard)
  • From bounce to bust - Britain: Gordon Brown initially drew strength from his handling of the financial crisis, but now finds himself struggling to defy political gravity as the economic news grows ever grimmer - 31st January 2009
  • Back to the workers’ banner: Labour is again beholden to the unions for cash - 18th July 2008 (with Andrew Taylor)
  • Centre prize: why UK political parties look more and more the same - 4th March 2008 (with Jim Pickard)
  • Mess, prime minister: From the shadows of his bunker emerges a battered Brown - 5th February 2008 (with Alex Barker)

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