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Full name: Geoffrey Wheatcroft

Area of interest: Politics, Society, Culture, Current affairs, Sport

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian | Financial Times | The Independent | Daily Mail


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Education: New College Oxford: History

Career: The Spectator: columnist, literary editor; Evening Standard: (first) editor of the "Londoner's Diary", opera critic; Daily Express: columnist; has most recently contributing columns to the Daily Mail, The Guardian - Comment is free, The Independent

Current position/role: Journalist

  • also writes/has written for: The Independent, Financial Times, The Sunday Telegraph, The Spectator, The Times Literary Supplement, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic monthly

Other roles/Main role: Author, historian

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Books & Debate:

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  • The Randlords (1985) OCLC 12420083
  • Absent Friends (1989) OCLC 20565905
  • The Controversy of Zion: Jewish nationalism, the Jewish state, and the unresolved Jewish dilemma (1996) OCLC 34705118 - won an American National Jewish Book Award, 1996)
  • The strange death of Tory England (2005) OCLC 59208118 - shortlisted for the Channel 4 Political Book of the Year Award
  • Le Tour: a history of the Tour de France (2007) OCLC 52285655

Latest work: Yo, Blair! (2007) OCLC 77541167


Previous debate: Geoffrey Wheatcroft vs. Carol Gould: Was Israel Born of Terrorism? George Mason University's History News Network, posted 29th September, 2006



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Remit/Info: Politics, Society, Culture, Current affairs, Sport

Section: Comment

Role: Columnist




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Day published: varies

Regularity: irregular

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  • A World in Denial of What It Knows - Could there be a single phrase that explains the woes of our time, this dismal age of political miscalculations and deceptions, of reckless and disastrous wars, of financial boom and bust and downright criminality? - The New york times - 31st December
  • NATO's Mission Creep - The New York Times - 15th November
  • Rethinking That ‘Special Relationship’ Between the U.S. and Britain - Every four years, as the American people embark on the task of electing a president, Europeans are reminded that they simply don’t understand America. At least I don’t, and I like to think that I know the United States better than many Englishmen - The New York Times - 28th October
  • Democracy and Its Discontents - Ninety years ago, Sir Eyre Crowe was permanent under-secretary of the British Foreign Office. That’s to say he was an unelected official who answered to a political head, in his case the foreign secretary - The New York Times - 3rd October
  • Who Needs NATO? - No European should be surprised at the resentful words spoken in Brussels last week by Robert Gates, the departing U.S. defense secretary. Americans have been grumbling about the failure of the European partners in NATO to pull their weight almost since the organization was founded in 1949 - The New York Times - 15th June
  • Just a Jolly Good Show? - The New York Times - “No one knows how to do pomp and circumstance like the Brits do.” An American woman was speaking, among the throng of more than a million in London on Friday morning, and it’s hard to argue with her - 1st May
  • America's Unraveling Power - We don't know what will happen. After the high drama of Tahrir Square and Hosni Mubarak's imminent departure we don't know what will come next - The New York Times - 11th February
  • American Radical: The Life and Times of IF Stone by DD Guttenplan – review - IF Stone's contrarian instincts landed him in trouble, but made him a giant of American journalism - The Guardian - 12th June 2011
  • A revolutionary republic embraces the royals - Americans are not only conscious that Kate Middleton is a commoner, but like her the more for it - Financial Times - 27th April
  • Domesday Book is a poor Tory template for AV - One of the redeeming qualities of conservatives ought to be a reverence for the past, based on some knowledge of it, but we seem to have acquired a right wing that doesn’t know any history - Financial Times - 7th April 2011

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