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Full name: Francesco Guerrera

Area of interest: Financial and corporate issues affecting US business, including: trade, politics, regulation and corporate governance

Journals/Organisation: The Wall Street Journal | Financial Times


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Networks:!/guerreraf72 |



Education: City University, London

Career: Worked on business pages of The Independen; joined FT in 2000, and has been E.U. correspondent, Asia financial correspondent, US business editor (from May 2006), U.S. Finance and Business editor (from March 2008); joined the The Wall Street Journal in May 2011

Current position/role: Money & investing editor

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Video: Appearances on BBC World, CNN and other cable news broadcasts



  • Foreign Correspondents’ Association award for (co-authored) investigation into 'conflict diamonds' - Fatal Attractions: An investigation into the illicit diamond trade
  • M&A International Media Awards 2007 – first place (general print press and news agencies category) for: ‘KKR and Blackstone jostle for top spot’, published in the Financial Times on 14th/16th May (written with James Politi, US Deals Reporter)


Other: Lifelong supporter of Inter Milan FC

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Remit/Info: Issues affecting corporate America

Section: Varies / Comment & analysis

Role: U.S. Business Editor



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  • Monsters that lurk in the shadows of Wall St - The real danger hiding in the financial system is ‘tail risk’ – the possibility that a hedge fund, or even an insurer, might become too big or too reckless - 8th March 2011
  • Inside Finance: Financial sector’s saviour - If financial groups can automate functions carried out by humans, their cost base will shrink, bolstering profits and pleasing investors - 24th February 2011
  • Is technology the saviour of finance? - 22nd February 2011
  • Finance: The hindered haircut - As Tim Geithner testifies on the AIG rescue, the full sums paid to banks that dealt with the insurer are coming under a harsher glare - 27th January (with Henry Sender and Gillian Tett)
  • Banking: Tripped up - An industry that thought it had done well to get back on its feet so soon is instead finding itself more of a target, as evidenced by the latest Obama plan - 25th January 2010 (with Megan Murphy)
  • Risky rewards - Finance: governments seeking to quell public anger by curbing pay at bailed-out banks face the dilemma that such moves might also harm their investments - 5th december 2009
  • A lost glister - Goldman Sachs: On course to pay out bumper bonuses, the bank is drawing sharp public criticism – with potential damage to its brand, if not future earnings - 19th November 2009 (with Tom Braithwaite)
  • Outside Edge: Fiat’s tiny new American road trip - Cinquecento brings fond memories for Francesco Guerrera - 7th November 2009
  • Guard of the fortress - Banking: As Jamie Dimon plans the expansion of a JPMorgan Chase whose strong balance sheet kept it profitable in the crisis, it will be time to clarify his strategy - 13th October (with Gillian Tett)
  • ‘I got a call at 5 o’clock ...’ - Lehman: One year on, a new financial order is emerging. While questions remain over Washington’s role, surviving banks are thriving in the new era - 15th September 2009 (with Michael Mackenzie)
  • Destination dustbin - Management: As recession persists, CEOs are overturning predecessors’ legacies to push through change – but what many see as an opportunity also carries daunting risks - 10th August 2009
  • Consumer debt: how the cards are cut - Consumer debt: As America’s banks suffer record defaults on loans, attention is turning to the UK, where households are even more highly geared - 27th July 2009 (with Patrick Jenkins and Saskia Scholtes)
  • A need to reconnect - The Future of Capitalism: With lavish executive pay, inadequate boardroom expertise and a short-term shareholder focus all blamed for bringing about the crisis, Anglo-Saxon business approaches are likely to face wrenching changes - 13th March 2009
  • Nationalisation is most likely way out of US banking mess - The main question for the US administration is how to nationalise the stricken banks, which have already turned into zombies - 21st February 2009
  • On Wall St: The battle to save the banks - “You can’t win them all” - 23rd January 2009
  • Flawed conception - The all-purpose global financial conglomerate Citigroup, formed a decade ago by the marriage of Citicorp and Travelers, has paid a heavy price for failing to integrate its businesses - 17th January 2009
  • Fear of falling - Executive pay: Amid growing anger at lavish compensation packages, Congress is preparing to legislate against the flawed incentives blamed for US corporate excess - 6th January 2009 (with Joanna Chung)
  • Washington should not fuel Detroit’s expensive folly - Federal aid for a merger of GM and Chrysler would simply shift the burden of redundancies and benefits to taxpayers - 31st October 2008
  • On Wall St: A little less conversation - The language is changing on Wall Street as the captains lose confidence - 3rd October 2008

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