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Full name: William Robert Ferdinand Mount

Area of interest: Politics, Society and Values

Journals/Organisation: The Daily Telegraph


Personal website:







Education: Eton College; Christ Church, Oxford


  • Prolific author, and also a Conservative politician: headed Margaret Thatcher's policy unit at 10 Downing Street, 1982/4; wrote the 1983 Conservative election manifesto
  • As a journalist and political columnist: edited The Times Literary Supplement, 1991/2003, literary editor of The Spectator, and columnist with The Daily Telegraph, The Times and Sunday Times, and most recently: Ferdinand Mount joins Telegraph

Current position/role: No regular column at present, writes intermittently for various papers

  • also writes/written for:

Other roles/Main role: Was vice-chairman of the Power Inquiry and Campaign for Democracy ref: The Independent, 28th February 2006. Now a member of the Conservative Party Democracy Taskforce, see also: At-a-glance: Cameron's camp (BBC News)

Other activities:



Broadcast media:





Other: Father of Harry Mount, and a close relation to David Cameron, the Conservative Party leader

Books & Debate:

  • Very Like a Whale (New York, Weybright and Talley, 1967) OCLC 1448422; The Theatre of Politics (New York, Schocken Books, 1972) OCLC 744814; The Man Who Rode Ampersand (London :Chatto and Windus, 1975) OCLC 2005531; The Clique: a novel of the sixties (London: Chatto & Windus, 1978) OCLC 4711862; The Subversive Family: An Alternative History of Love and Marriage (London: Unwin Paperbacks, 1983) OCLC 59807389; The Practice of Liberty (London: Conservative Political Centre, 1986) OCLC 60078796; The Selkirk Strip: a post-imperial tale (London: Hamish Hamilton, 1987) OCLC 59166096; Of Love and Asthma (William Heinemann, 1991) OCLC 24733466 - won the Hawthornden Prize, 1992; Communism: a TLS companion (editor) (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993) OCLC 27171742; The British Constitution Now: Recovery or Decline? (London: Heinemann, 1992) OCLC 27726994; The Recovery of the Constitution (London: Charter 88 Trust, 1992) OCLC 27770899; Umbrella: A Pacific Tale (London: Heinemann, 1994) OCLC 31170672; The Liquidator (London: Heinemann, 1995) OCLC 35865615; Jem (and Sam): A Revenger's Tale (London: Vintage, 1999) OCLC 41662009; Fairness (London: Chatto & Windus, 2001) OCLC 45337677; Mind the Gap: Class in Britain Now (London: Short, 2004) OCLC 36656815; Heads you Win: a chronicle of modern twilight (London: Chatto & Windus, 2004) OCLC 56660502; Private Life 21st Century (2006) WorldCat search; The Condor's Head (London: Chatto & Windus, 2007) OCLC 76798273; Cold Cream: My Early Life and Other Mistakes (2008) OCLC 190777288; Mind the gap 2010 (2010) OCLC 652087165; Full circle: how the classical world came back to us (2010) OCLC503647462

Latest work: The new few: a very British oligarchy OCLC769473109, Simon & Schuster, 2012




  • No regular column


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