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Area of interest: Business and Politics of India

Journals/Organisation: Financial Times

Email: joe.leahy@ft.com

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Website: FT.Com / Comment / Columnists / Engaging India





About: 'Engaging India', written by James Lamont, the Financial Times’ South Asia bureau chief, Joe Leahy, Mumbai correspondent, Amy Kazmin, New Delhi correspondent and occasional guest writers



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Fnancial Times: 'Engaging India'

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Remit/Info: Analysis of the issues, trends and forces behind the business and politics shaping India and its impact on the world




Email: joe.leahy@ft.com

Website: FT.Com / Comment / Columnists / Engaging India

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  • No English please - Mumbai’s ambitions to become an International Financial Centre are being thwarted by the nationalist local government, which has banned English as the working language of the administration - by Arush Chopra, 6th August 2008
  • The road to growth - For India to realise its ambitions, sound infrastructure is critical. But some factors are holding it back - by Deepak Parekh, 26th June 2008
  • Hard graft - India’s social problems persist not for lack of money in government coffers but because funds do not reach the needy - by Amy Yee, 12th June 2008
  • Cheerleader conservatives - The introduction of cheerleaders as part of India’s glitzy new cricket league has created a stir in a sport in which traditionally the only on-field show of bare flesh was the odd beer-bellied streaker - by Joe Leahy, 30th May 2008
  • Flush with success - A crusader in the field of public sanitation has found that if you build a better toilet, India will beat a path to your door - by Amy Yee, 15th May 2008
  • Cheerleader conservatives - The introduction of cheerleaders as part of India’s glitzy new cricket league has created a stir in a sport in which traditionally the only on-field show of bare flesh was the odd beer-bellied streaker - by Joe Leahy, 1st May 2008
  • Simple knowledge - Last year I took several trips into rural India on which I witnessed how seemingly simple knowledge can have a big impact on farming communities. I have puzzled ever since over why information-driven initiatives have not flourished - by Amy Yee, 17th April 2008
  • Public service incentives - Most visitors to India remember their first brush with the country’s labyrinthine bureaucracy - by Joe Leahy, 3rd April 2008
  • The Dalai Lama’s embrace - At the end of a two-hour press conference this week in northern India, the Dalai Lama amiably greeted the crowd of journalists before him. As he turned to me, his face lit up with interest. ”Chinese?” he asked. ”American,” I offered. He nodded with approval and then unexpectedly took my face in his hands and squeezed my cheeks like an affectionate grandfather - by Amy Yee, 20th March 2008
  • Just how safe is Goa? - Some friends and I were whiling away the early hours at one of the ubiquitous shacks serving beer and food on Goa’s Baga Beach one weekend recently, when a wasted-looking man wandered up to us looking for drugs or money, or both - by Joe Leahy, 13th March 2008
  • Competitive populism - As India’s politicians gear up for a general election, competitive populism is the only game in town - by Jo Johnson, 6th March 2008
  • Farming focus - With its new budget on Friday, India’s current administration will have its last crack at pushing an agenda geared toward aam admi – the common man – in the critical run-up to general elections in 2009 - by Amy Yee, 28th February 2008
  • Mumbai’s migrants - In Mumbai, it is that time of the year again. India’s information technology services industry, one of the main pillars of the country’s economy, is holding its annual global outsourcing conference - by Joe Leahy, 14th February 2008
  • Stars and smokes - India wants Bollywood to put out the smoke. In a recent interview on national news channel CNN-IBN, health minister Anbumani Ramadoss implored Bollywood icons Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan not to smoke on screen - by Amy Yee, 7th February 2008
  • Road to progress - Many had come to believe that they would never see this day. More than two years behind schedule, the expressway linking New Delhi to its airport and to Gurgaon, a fast-growing satellite city teeming with malls and call centres, has opened at last - by Jo Johnson, 31st January 2008
  • All in the name - It was India’s version of “Gone in 60 Seconds” – the Nicholas Cage film of eight years ago in which he played a character who has to steal 50 cars in 24 hours - by Joe Leahy, 17th January 2008
  • Mystifying malfunctions - Things break frequently in India, often in mystifying ways. My air conditioner melted down, nearly suffocating me with fumes. Electrical appliances frequently sputter sparks from their plugs - by Amy Yee, 10th January 2008

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