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Full name: Emily Bell

Area of interest: Media (esp. in connection with business, convergence, new media industry, advertising and broadcasting)

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian

Email: emily.bell@guardian.co.uk

Personal website:

Website: Guardian.co / Emily bell

Blog: http://emilybellwether.wordpress.com


Networks: https://twitter.com/#!/emilybell


About: http://emilybellwether.wordpress.com/about-2

Education: Oxford University: Law

Career: International Thomson Business Publishing: Trainee Reporter, 1987/1988; Campaign Magazine, 1988/1990; Business reporter, covering marketing, advertising and media, 1990/1995; The Observer: Media Business Editor, 1995/1997, Deputy Business Editor, 1997/1999; Business Editor, 1999/2000; MediaGuardian.co.uk: Editor, 2000; Guardian Unlimited: Editor-in-chief, 2001; appointed to GNL board as director of digital content, 2006/2010

Current position/role:

Other roles/Main role: Director of Tow Centre for Digital Journalism at Columbia J School

Other activities: writes regularly for Broadcast magazine



Broadcast media:

Video: Considerable radio and television experience


Awards/Honours: Observer Business Section won Financial Journal of the year in the Wincott Awards, 1998; Online Publishers Association editor of the year, 2003; Webby Award for Best Newspaper on the world wide web, 2005 and 2006

  • Scoops:

Other: Married to Ed Crooks, the Financial Times' Energy Editor

Books & Debate:

Latest work:


Current Debate: Comment is free - Andrew Keen v Emily Bell: Is today's internet killing our culture?, 10th August, 2007

The Guardian:

Column name:

Remit/Info: Media policy issues

Section: Media Guardian

Role: Commentator


Email: emily.bell@guardian.co.uk

Website: Guardian.co / Emily Bell: All articles | Media comment

Commissioning editor:

Day published: Monday

Regularity: Weekly

Column format: Print and Web

Average length: 600/650 words


Broadcast magazine:

Column name: Emily Bell

Remit/Info: Media

Section: Opinion and blogs

Role: Commentator


Email: emilybell@emap.com

Personal website:

Website: Broadcastnow.co / opinion & blogs

Commissioning editor:

Day published:


Column format:

Average length:


  • Time to cut the crap with kids - Why Blue Peter's decline was predictable and utterly avoidable - 11th February 2009
  • Moore power to the people - Could ex-Telegraph editor's licence fee rebellion become a mass act? - 29th January 2009
  • Questioning Ofcom's PSB role - Submissions to its PSB review are calling on Ofcom to get tough. The eye-straining business of reading the submissions to Ofcom on its upcoming review of public service broadcasting was not entirely a waste of Optrex. It was an exercise that rekindled my somewhat dormant faith in the wisdom of crowds - 14th January 2009
  • VoD future is a leap in the dark - Why the Kangaroo team will find life tough in the on-demand world - 10th December 2008
  • PSB - The regulator finds itself shackled to a policy of its own making, says Emily Bell - 24th September 2008
  • Archive of activity - Keating's new job as chief BBC archivist is no demotion in the in-demand world - 23rd July 2008
  • The regulation game - The new Ofcom chair must encourage innovation - and punish bad acting - 9th July 2008
  • Exploiting TV's riches - It's time for media companies to blow the dust off their archives - 11th June 2008
  • Novel ideas - What TV can learn from the Hay book festival about the distributed world - 27th May 2008
  • What's the outlook? Airey's return to Five is unlikely to change the odds of an ITV deal - 6th May 2008
  • The Abramsky legacy - The director of BBC Audio and Music has been a force to be reckoned with - 23rd April 2008
  • Joost desserts - Web TV is proving a tougher nut to crack than new providers expected - 8th April 2008
  • Changing the channel - Channel 4 needs to redefine itself before it's fit for public service - 18th March 2008
  • How to save ITV - Can Fincham and Grade come up with the wholesale reinvention ITV needs? - 4th March 2008
  • Emily Bell on the US writers' strike - Striking writers are wrong to think they should be paid more - 7th November 2007
  • ITV can't rewind values - The return of a trusted newsman will not restore the network’s former glory - 24th October 2007
  • Fakes and pains - The Nodding Yentob is not a TV crisis - but it still hurts the BBC's reputation, thinks Emily Bell - 13th September 2007
  • The regulation game - There is still a governance gap at the BBC - but Ofcom is not the answer, argues Emily Bell - 2nd August 2007
  • Calling Sky's box bluff - BSkyB's paid-for DTT service smells more like a diversion than a genuine plan - and the sooner Ofcom rules on it, the better for the industry - 22nd February 2007
  • Adapt and survive - The radio industry is coping better than television in the digital age because it views new technology as enabler, rather than threat - 8th February 2007
  • Uncharted waters ahead - The BBC may have a guaranteed income for six years but it faces political uncertainties its rivals don't have to worry about - 24th January 2007
  • Green eyed monsters - As Sky News' green week has an impact at home, Emily Bell imagines how the other broadcasters might want to save the planet - 11th January 2007

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