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Full name: Edwina Ings-Chambers

Area of interest: Beauty / Fashion

Journals/Organisation: The Sunday Times | Financial Times

Email: edwina.ings-chambers@ft.com

Personal website:

Website: FT.Com / Edwina Ings-Chambers



Networks: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/1/012/179




Career: Financial Times: deputy fashion editor, 2003 / July 2008

Current position/role: Sunday Times - Style: beauty director

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Other activities:



Broadcast media: has commented on fashion and style for BBC television and BBC Radio 4






Books & Debate:

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Financial Times:

Column name:

Remit/Info: Beauty and fashion

Section: FT Weekend / Style

Role: Columnist, deputy fashion editor, also features and book reviews


Email: edwina.ings-chambers@ft.com

Website: FT.Com / Edwina Ings-Chambers

Commissioning editor:

Day published: Saturday

Regularity: Weekly

Column format:

Average length: Varies

Articles: 2008

...has moved to The Sunday Times

  • Chanel’s latest take on No 5 - What makes a classic perfume? Edwina Ings-Chambers finds out it’s the ‘rose de Mai’ grown in south-eastern France and generally considered to be the benchmark for floral excellence - 4th October 2008
  • Return to the dressing table - Hennessy’s By Kilian fragrance range evokes in Edwina Ings-Chambers a mood to slow down her grooming ritual - 5th July 2008
  • Tuning up to the beat of the summer sandal - With the annual advent of the summer shoe fest, daily foot care – or at least the intention – becomes essential - 28th June 2008
  • Midsummer’s day dream - Do not try too hard to dress up this season. Edwina Ings-Chambers says simple elegance is the best dress code for summer’s events - 21st June 2008
  • Older, wiser, inspired - Edwina Ings-Chambers applauds cosmetics brands for promoting women of certain age and moving away from the idea that youth holds the answers to life - 7th June 2008
  • Powering up for a pedicure - Spas are tapping into the female corporate market by combining business brainstorming with a beauty treatment - 7th June 2008
  • The noses in the know - Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps,” as memorably sung by a love-befuddled Doris Day, could almost be Lancôme’s theme tune of the moment - 5th May 2008
  • Eye up the bright pop option - The beauty world appears to be experiencing its own little Abba flashback moment. At least that’s what I decided the other day when looking at a compact of Lancôme’s Ultra Pool electric-blue eyeshadow - 21st April 2008
  • When every cloud has a designer lining - “Drip, drip, drop, little April shower, what can compare to your beautiful sound?” So goes the chirpy refrain from Bambi about the joys of springtime precipitation. But the rest of us, living outside the world of Disney, have clothes to worry about - 21st April 2008
  • In the mood for brown - I’ve never visited a spa next to a polo field before. Ponds, waterfalls, oceans, yes, but never a fully fledged polo field. But then, I’ve never been to Dubai before either, the land where nothing is standard - 31st March 2008
  • When the west looks east - As fashion messages go, it was a strong one: last October Fendi held a catwalk show on the Great Wall of China. Clearly that country, and its potential market, is much in the minds of western brands - 29th March 2008
  • Foot fest - Feet. They’re like the underwear of beauty care; they’re what lies beneath – or at least at the bottom of – it all - 15th Marh 2008
  • In a stir over new cosmetics mixture - I’d like to have been present at the brainstorming session at Ladurée headquarters in Paris when the luxury cakes company decided it was a great idea to launch a beauty range - 8th March 2008
  • The Kate Moss cut and other fringe issues - Ask any hairdresser, they’ll all tell you the same thing. As soon as Kate Moss cut that fringe of hers, they were inundated with women following in her wake - 1st March 2008
  • Looking blue, feeling good - So it seems we beauty shoppers are a fairly hopeful and happy bunch. Or at least, according to Jean-Paul Agon, chief executive of L’Oréal, there’s no need in the beauty business to be worried about any economic slowdown; consumers will always buy cosmetics because they “are good for the mood” - 23rd February 2008
  • Flared, floppy and fashionable - Saffron Burrows is an actress who takes her work seriously. Not for her a simple slipping on of a costume - 23rd February 2008
  • Designers take gothic inspiration - It is just possible that when London’s designers were searching for inspiration for next winter they found themselves watching the gathering economic storm clouds on the horizon and decided their outlook should take account of any looming gloominess - 17th February 2008
  • Tempting fêtes - Oh, the celebrations! Oh, the controversies! Oh, the clothes! The clothes? In the sea of salacious and saturnalian events surrounding London fashion week the style message got a bit lost – though they were well worth a look, as you can see - 16th February 2008
  • Say it with a retro twist - Isn’t love about the unexpected? The allure of a promise. The pleasant surprises. The hurtful disappointments. The capacity for emotion that you can discover inside yourself on any given day. And, of course, the odd little trinket that says all the things you can find yourself too dumbstruck to say - 9th February 2008
  • Message in a perfume bottle - You may think that creating a new fragrance is all about smells. But you’d be wrong. In the $30bn global world of fragrance, you can’t just rely on a new juice tickling a woman’s nose, it has to tickle her other senses too, fire her desire on so many other levels. It’s a little like love – pheromones can break the ice but they’ll never be the whole story - 2nd February 2008
  • Valentino’s day - One of the great couturiers took his last bow this week. Valentino, the man who even has a shade of red named after him, rounded off 45 years at the head of his own atelier with an haute couture swansong - 26th January 2008
  • Brush with power - I know that it’s not what I was meant to be thinking as I sat watching Charlie Wilson’s War but I just couldn’t help it. Maybe, I mused, if instead of funding a covert war in Afghanistan, the Americans had simply bombarded the Russians with images of the hairstyle of Julia Roberts’ character, the Commies would have instantly rolled over and played dead - 19th January 2008
  • Reasons to be jolly in January - You can almost hear a collective sigh every January as countless numbers go into detox mode and give up the finer things in life. We claim it’s all about cleansing but, really , we just hope the excess pounds will simply drop off us like a melting polar ice cap - 12th January 2008
  • Preparing for a year of good basics - “Simplicity, good taste and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money.” So wrote Christian Dior way back in 1954 in Little Dictionary of Fashion, which has recently been republished (V&A Publications in the UK; Abrams in the US) - 5th January 2008

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