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Full name: Duncan Campbell (pls. note: sometimes confused with Duncan Campbell the investigative journalist)

Area of interest: Crime, law, security, justice, intelligence

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian

Email: duncan.campbell@guardian.co.uk

Personal website:

Website: Guardian.co / Duncan Campbell

Blog: Comment is free...

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Education: Edinburgh University

Career: Before a media career worked as a copywriter in London, Puerto Rico and Hong Kong and as a school-teacher in Natal, South Africa...

Current position/role: Senior correspondent

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How I found myself in India - His friends told him that, at 26, he was too old to go on the hippy trail to India, but in 1971 Duncan Campbell quit his job and headed for the subcontinent to see what would happen. He didn't know it, but he stumbled into a war and the opportunity to pursue a long-cherished dream - to become a journalist - 16th July 2008

Broadcast media:

Video: Presenter: Radio 5 Live's Crimedesk, What the Papers Say, Newsnight, various documentaries


Awards/Honours: Newspaper Journalist of the Year, Bar Council, 1992/3


Other: Married to actress Julie Christie

Books & Debate:

Duncan Campbell The Paradise Trail.jpeg
  • Billy Connolly: The authorised version, ed. Duncan Campbell OCLC 2965049 , 1976
  • That was business, this is personal: the changing face of professional crime OCLC82528913 , 1989
  • The underworld OCLC59982863 , 1994 (the story of modern British crime)
  • A stranger and afraid: The story of Caroline Beale OCLC39934184 , 1997
  • The paradise trail OCLC181422685 , 2008 (Duncan's first novel)

Duncan's page at Amazon✒

Latest work:If it bleeds, Headline, 2009



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Role: Senior correspondent



Website: Guardian.co / Duncan Campbell

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Articles: 2008

  • The real bank robbers - Ronnie Biggs and City financiers have so much in common - apart from the matter of punishment - 23rd December 2008
  • When travesty becomes tragedy - Trial by tabloid and police errors framed Colin Stagg for the murder of Rachel Nickell, while Robert Napper went free - 18th December 2008
  • A sentence of bitter irony - How else to describe a ruling that deprives the Chagossians of a right of return so the US can use Diego Garcia for 'renditions'? - 22nd october 2008
  • ‘It's a form of torture’ - In 1998, five Cuban men were arrested for infiltrating groups in the US that were plotting attacks on Cuba. They have not received a fair trial and two have not seen their families since. Duncan Campbell reports - 6th October 2008
  • Is it possible to live for a year without lying? - The philosopher Immanuel Kant believed that telling lies was always morally wrong. But is it possible to live without telling a single lie for a whole year? - 6th October 2008
  • Beyond experimentation - There'll soon be a former dope smoker in the White House. But will politicians ever grasp the nettle of drug reform? - 2nd October 2008
  • Our citizens, their law - It is time to assert the rights of British people to enjoy a fair trial, free from bogus security innuendo - 29th August 2008
  • Cops and bombers - Hugh Orde, the Northern Ireland police chief denounced for advocating talks with terrorists, is not backing down. Could he soon be running the Met? - 16th August 2008
  • Assume nothing - Barry George's acquittal reminds us that the days of miscarriages of justice are far from over - 4th August 2008
  • America's cracked code - US courts can guarantee little justice for a curious British hacker who now faces trial as a terrorist - 1st August 2008
  • The cost of curiosity - Gary McKinnon is no terrorist – he's a UFO nerd. And the US would be wise to give him a job - 31st July 2008
  • The ghosts of the past - The Chagos islanders' fight for justice could restore some ethics to Labour's foreign policy - 28th June 2008
  • Son of supergrass - The law lords are right: offering total anonymity to witnesses creates a serious legal hazard - 24th June 2008
  • A source for concern - This week's court case involving police demands for a journalist's notes is seen as the latest example of a threat to media freedom - 19th May 2008
  • Below the line - There is no evidence for the UN's statement that celebrity drug users are treated leniently, so why did they include it in an official report - 6th March 2008
  • The drug laws don't work - The real 'softies' are the politicians who refuse to engage in a sober debate on cannabis - 4th February 2008
  • A blind eye to terror - Violent acts committed by Cuban exiles prompted the 'Cuban Five' to travel to the US. Now they are in jail with little hope of release - 11th January 2008

Articles: 2007

  • Deadheads rule OK - Brown may have made mistakes since becoming PM, but his decision to appoint a Grateful Dead fan as head of security is to be applauded - 16th November 2007
  • Bad timing - Michael Mansfield believes the new forensic lead in the Lawrence inquiry was leaked to make the Met look good. But the theory doesn't stack up - 9th November 2007
  • Growing our own - Panic about a crime wave among migrants conveniently ignores our own shameful exports - 20th September 2007
  • Guns and poses - Young gang members are turning on each other with guns, but do they have any concept of what they are doing when they pull the trigger - 8th August 2007
  • Detention lessons - Post-charge questioning might have saved the Guildford Four from badly miscarried justice - 30th July 2007
  • Did Yates fly too close to the sun? - Once again the Met's assistant commisioner has been involved in a spactacular case that has collapsed, but he appears to have no regrets - 20th July 2007
  • Punishment or vengeance? - Mordechai Vanunu served a prison sentence of 18 years, emerging in 2004. So why is the Israeli government sending him back again? - 5th July 2007
  • To fry the smallest fish - A recent case suggests that the war on terror has been superseded by the war on embarrassment - 12th May 2007
  • Ultimate absurdity - Charging victims of miscarriages of justice for their board and lodging in prison is a gross insult - 17th March 2007
  • One-line genius - Is it the joke that's funny - or the way that you tell it? - There has been much coverage of the competing claims of biologist Richard Dawkins and comedian Peter Kay for this month's Galaxy British Book Awards. Dawkins has been nominated for The God Delusion, and Kay for The Sound of Laughter - 16th March 2007
  • The same old songs - There is a gaping hole for a new anti-war anthem that will capture the moment and the mood - 24th February 2007
  • Help with inquiries - The police and politicians often leak information when suspects are held, but we should be wary - 1st February 2007
  • In the heart of Babylon - For binge drinking, veiled women and bad behaviour, London has long been the capital - 6th January 2007

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