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Full name: David Wighton

Area of interest: Business

Journals/Organisation: The Times

Email: david.wighton@thetimes.co.uk

Personal website:

Website: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/public/profile/David-Wighton



Networks: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/david-wighton/21/b37/175 | http://twitter.com/#!/davidwighton


About: Associate Editor, Business and Politics at The Times and the newspaper’s Chief Business Commentator

Education: Politics, Philosophy and Economics at New College, Oxford

Career: Previously, he was Business and City Editor of The Times. He joined The Times in May 2008 from the Financial Times where he was New York Bureau Chief and US banking editor. In fourteen years with the FT, he also served as US News Editor, Financial News Editor and Chief Political Correspondent. He was editor of the Telegraph’s Questor column and City news editor

Current position/role: Columnist and chief business editor

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Email: david.wighton@thetimes.co.uk

Website: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/opinion/columnists/davidwighton

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Articles: 2013

  • The wrong kind of kick to big business - The reputation of British business has taken a battering since the financial crisis. Trust in banks has collapsed, but the problem goes much wider - 22nd July
  • Oil isn’t over a barrel this time - At last some good news for Britain’s big oil companies. The word is that the evidence uncovered by the Brussels inquiry into possible oil price manipulation is not as explosive as some had hoped - 8th July
  • High-speed link veers off the rails - There may have been little new news in the Government’s infrastructure announcements last week, but there was one surprise - 1st July
  • RBS is not within splitting distance - Has the Chancellor really changed his mind about breaking up Royal Bank of Scotland? - 24th June
  • Small changes but a big impact - This will be a very big week for British banking - 17th June
  • The ethics behind offshore investing - Tax havens are “sunny places for shady people”, Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary, declared. Efforts to shine a light into the darkness are paying off more quickly than even the most optimistic campaigners would have thought possible a few years ago - 10th June
  • Like it or not, tax reform is coming - If you want us to pay more tax in Britain, don’t lay a guilt trip on us, change the rules. That was the message from Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, to the politicians last week - 27th May
  • Drug prices guaranteed to bring headaches - Changing what the NHS pays for its medicines will harm both patients and the economy - 21st May
  • The truth about petrol prices - Every motorist “instinctively knows” something is wrong with how much we pay at the petrol pump, Quentin Willson, the fuel price campaigner, said recently. It may be that those instincts are right, given the news that BP and Shell are being investigated by European regulators about the potential manipulation of oil prices - 20th May
  • The struggle to find investors - Where is the growth going to come from? That is the question giving ministers sleepless nights, even after the more encouraging first-quarter GDP figures - 6th May
  • Life after aid begins with private investment - Entrepreneurs and foreign businesses are lifting the continent out of poverty - 30th April
  • More than one route to growth - The Cabinet Secretary and the Archbishop of Canterbury seem to have one thing in common. They believe our leaders can’t cope with anything too complicated - 27th April
  • George may cry, but he’s not turning - It has not been a great week for fans of fiscal austerity — or Excel spreadsheets. One of the key pieces of academic work supporting tough efforts to reduce governments deficits was a paper by Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff in 2010 - 20th April
  • We must learn from Tesco’s American retreat - The supermarket chain made basic errors but it’s vital for British businesses to conquer new overseas markets - 16th April
  • Coalition will need iron nerves - The debate over Baroness Thatcher’s legacy has inevitably seen a bit of exaggeration on both sides — together with some blatant misrepresentation - 13th April
  • Tokyo trick is hard act to follow - Poor Mark Carney. It now looks certain that the Canadian will prove a disappointment when he takes over as Governor of the Bank of England in July - 6th April
  • International aid can be a moneyspinner too - Our good works have built up a huge bank of goodwill towards Britain in Africa. It’s time for business to cash in - 3rd April
  • No more shambolic bailouts, please - In the end, it was Cyprus that blinked. Faced with the risk that eurozone leaders might force it out of the single currency, the Government agreed to the terms of a bailout that will virtually wipe out the island’s offshore banking industry and trigger a massive economic slump - 30th March
  • Cypriot stand-off leaves us all guessing - Talk about missing the elephant. Last week I suggested that the little-noticed losses suffered by depositors in one of Ireland’s failed banks set an unfortunate precedent for the struggling eurozone - 23rd March
  • Budget 2013: Big gamble to get Britain moving - George Osborne’s efforts to reduce the deficit are failing. The underlying deficit this year will be a massive £120 billion, roughly the same as last year - 23rd March
  • Look across the Atlantic for budget lessons - America’s growth is better than Britain’s, thanks to superior bank reform, business lending and monetary policy - 21st March
  • Pubs pay the price for David Cameron’s U-turn - It was not only the health lobby that was angry at David Cameron’s feeble ditching of the coalition’s promise to impose a minimum price for alcohol. The pub trade was also bitterly disappointed - 16th March
  • Bank holds the answer to shares puzzle - Construction industry figures yesterday were so bad that some economists said there was now a good chance that the economy would shrink in the first quarter, pushing Britain into a triple-dip recession. The stock market’s reaction was emphatic. Shares shot up to a new five-year high - 9th March
  • Britain is losing the battle to save the City - Defeat over bank bonuses is just the start. Europe is determined to keep London’s hands off euro business - 6th March
  • Return to private ownership, the sooner the better - It’s such a shame that in recent years Lloyds has put so much effort into selling the wrong products to the wrong customers. Otherwise it would now be making healthy profits, paying its long-suffering shareholders a dividend and looking forward to the sale of the Government’s shareholding - 2nd March
  • A cosy relationship that needs breaking up - it is no wonder that the Competition Commission has found that there is a lack of effective competition in the market for audit services to big companies - 23rd February
  • Dobbin rides to the butchers’ rescue - Soaring transport costs, rising Asian wages and the Japanese earthquake There have been many factors that have prompted Western companies to reassess their use of overseas suppliers. The horsemeat scandal may be the latest - 16th February
  • Don’t let the ‘quick buck’ brigade prosper - Short-termism is hurting our economy. We need new rules to curb greedy shareholders - 13th February
  • French hold aces in nuclear stand-off - If you are wondering why Britain’s energy strategy is teetering on the brink, take a look at the financial figures from EDF on Thursday - 9th February 2013
  • Import (foreigners and their money) or die - The NHS and universities could be moneyspinners if only we encourage overseas students and patients to come here - 5th February
  • No answer yet to banks’ bonus question - It would be great if MPs could stop dictating to bank boards what bonuses they should give to their top staff. But then it would be great if the banks could stop the constant flow of new evidence of their past bad behaviour - 2nd February
  • It’s all downhill from here for Osborne - George Osborne was beaming when he arrived at the late-night party given by Sir Martin Sorrell and Jimmy Wales at Davos this week - 26th January
  • Ring, ring ... ‘It’s all about the backbenchers’ - Ministers will be calling investors today to quell fears about Cameron’s Europe speech - 23rd January
  • Reasons for hope amid the wreckage - Has the pace of innovation slowed? Some prominent academics and investors argue that technological change in recent decades is having much less impact on the economy than it did in the first half of the 20th century. I bet it doesn’t feel like that if you work for HMV. Or Jessops. Or Blockbuster - 19th January
  • Remember shares? Worth another look . . . - Bonds are losing their lustre, property isn’t exactly great (unless it’s buy-to-let). Welcome to the new normal - 9th January

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