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Full name: Bronwen Maddox

Area of interest: World affairs

Journals/Organisation: Prospect | The Times

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About: Bronwen Maddox is the Editor and Chief Executive of Prospect Magazine, she also writes regular oped and business columns for The Times on world news and economics

Education: St Johns College, Oxford: Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Career: Media sector market analyst in the City and Wall Street; Director of Kleinwort Benson Securities; Financial Times: Investigative reporter, leader writer specialising in energy and microeconomics; The Times: Washington Bureau Chief and US Editor, 1996/99; Chief Foreign Commentator until December 2010, when she became editor of Prospect

Current position/role: Editor of Prospect magazine; Times' columnist

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Awards/Honours: Awards for investigations into Robert Maxwell's empire


Other: Daughter of the science writer Sir John Maddox and the journalist and biographer Brenda Maddox

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Remit/Info: World affairs - commentary on foreign news

Section: News

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  • Inheriting a minefield - Has Mario Draghi taken on a poisoned chalice? The incoming president of the European Central Bank will want to show that he is more German than the Germans - 10th October 2011
  • Obama catches new mood of realism - President Obama’s latest, $450 billion attempt to boost the economy and create jobs was inevitably scrappy, full of disconnected measures. It may not have much discernible effect on growth and jobs - 12th September 2011
  • Less will be more in Western help for Libya - In helping Libya to rebuild itself, only one country appears determined to repeat its approach in Iraq. China was among the first to declare an intention to help, with cash and repairs to the oil industry - 30th August 2011
  • Trouble is brewing in Uncle Sam’s backyard - America’s politicians should look south to a continent that poses great dangers and offers great opportunities - 16th August 2011
  • Union fraying at the edges - Serbia’s decision to hand over the last of its alleged war criminals to The Hague last week is a measure of the appeal that the European Union still holds for countries just outside its borders - 25th July 2011
  • The long term that can arrive very suddenly - It is impossible to brush aside the signs of weakness in the American economy. Friday’s employment data were a shock, suggesting that the recovery is faltering, despite flickers of news to the contrary - 12th July 2011
  • Hope flickers in the dark - The lights are dim in the corridors of Japan’s government ministries, to save electricity, and the towering walls of neon in the Akihabara electronics district have dark gaps in their façades - 27th June 2011
  • Doha-lite does have value - It might seem odd to see progress amid the wreckage of the Doha trade talks, which have been going on for a decade without resolution and now face a version of collapse - 6th June 2011
  • What now for America? - The preoccupation with Islamic terrorism has distracted the US from a host of global challenges from the financial crisis to the Arab spring - 9th May 2011
  • Accepting the inevitable and then planning for it - You can’t fault Angela Merkel on consistency. The German Chancellor maintains her determination to avoid a writedown of Greek debt, or that of other beleaguered eurozone countries, at least in the immediate future - 25th April 2011
  • The $14.3 trillion question: is America broken? - Don’t blame President Obama. The budget battle has exposed divisions that have persisted since the Civil War - 22nd April 2011
  • How long will Obama dance round the deficit? - If President Obama loses the 2012 election, it will be because he has failed to develop anything resembling an economic policy - 11th April 2011
  • Europe’s great divide - You can’t separate Europe’s failure to agree military action towards Libya from the failure on Friday to repair the eurozone - 28th March 2011
  • Hope amid disaster - It would be grotesque to say that Friday’s earthquake and tsunami are anything but a catastrophe for Japan - 14th March 2011
  • World need not fear oil apocalypse now - One of the curiosities of the past week has been American survivalists’ response to the turmoil in the Arab world. Their online sites, well decorated with ads for handguns, recommend that you start stockpiling food and petrol, for fear that Saudi Arabia might soon join the revolutions - 28th February 2011
  • Democracy will give power to Islamists, but. . . - That’s not a good enough reason for the US to object to the spread of free elections across the Middle East - 14th February 2011
  • Unemployed legions lay siege to Mubarak - The eruption in Egypt is partly the product of complacency, by the regime of President Hosni Mubarak and by a series of presidents of the United States - 30th January 2011
  • Economic view: Energy problems put leaders’ resolve to test - The share-swap that BP has announced with Rosneft, the Kremlin-controlled oil group, in order to press ahead with exploration in the Russian Arctic makes a familiar point with new sharpness - 17th January 2011
  • Battle is joined in cities - Questions about whether countries can go bust are still a pressing theme at the start of the year, but as a variation, there is now the drama about whether American cities will go bust - 4th January 2011

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  • Prospect of Bronwen Maddox, Maddox is preparing to replace David Goodhart at the helm of the British monthly magazine – and hopes to give it 'a clearer voice, at the argumentative centre of ideas', Maggie Brown, The Guardian, 1st November 2010